Those Who Lead the Cultural Rot



Cultural diversity and “vibrancy” are just the gaseous cultural waste emitted from our society from bacterial parasites like Larry Rudolph:

Just as Larry Rudolph helped [Britney] Spears achieve her goal, he has reportedly been hired to manage Cyrus and resurrect the career of the 20-year-old child star-turned-twerking queen.

According to industry experts, the writing was on the wall from the moment the Wrecking Ball hitmaker fired her team and put Rudolph at the helm.

Rudolph, best known for presiding over Spears’ transformation from wholesome role model to sex kitten at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, started working with Cyrus in March, co-managing the young star with her mother, Tish.

Creatures like Larry Rudolph are responsible for the modern-day rot that society calls “entertainment”. They seduce their victims, exploiting the weakness and corruption inherent in every human, both among their “stars” and among the general public who buys their filth and imitates it. They enrich themselves at the expense of civilization.

And what is the product of their work?  These single-celled vermin have left behind them a trail of broken, washed-up entertainers, used and thrown away like dried-up husks once the money stops flowing. In a single lifetime they have perverted a working civilization into a hedonistic, self-obsessed society of shattered souls.

A healthy civilization would have prevented this infection from setting in years ago.

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