It Sucks to be Poland



Poland endures humiliation from Russia after its riots on Monday:

Russia demanded an apology from Poland on Tuesday after far-right rioters threw firecrackers at the Russian embassy in Warsaw, reviving tension between countries that have long been at odds.

The Polish ambassador in Moscow was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry and told that Russia wanted an official apology and compensation for damage done to the embassy in Monday’s violence, which followed a nationalist march.

Russia also asked Poland to take steps to punish those responsible, protect Russian diplomatic buildings and “prevent a repeat of such provocations in the future,” the ministry said.”

Poland has faced domination by either Russia or Western Europe, or both, since the late 1700’s.

Fearful of Russia, Poland ran into the arms of the West after the fall of Communism, seeking protection by joining NATO in 1999 and the EU in 2004.

I suppose that Poland had no choice but to choose a side. Too bad that NATO and the EU don’t seem to provide much of a deterrent to Russia these days.

Unfortunately Poland, as so many times before, will play the pawn with its peoples’ blood when the two sides eventually clash.


And what choice do the Polish people have? Every time they stand up on their own they are swatted back down by one side or the other.  It is best to choose a side, preferably the one that will harm Polish culture and identity the least.  Between Russia and the EU that is a difficult choice.

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  2. Living in Warsaw, I don’t feel so endangered by Russia now, despite funny humiliating tint in their complaints 😉 Worse with our own fellow – citizens, who chose such rather violent way of celebrating national anniversaries 🙂


    • Russia may not be much to worry about for now, but I can see the threat rising in the future. Hopefully I’m wrong about the possibility of war, but human nature sometimes drives people to settle matters with force, even when it seems crazy, especially when nobody can remember the last wars.

      Poland is one of my favorite countries in the world, and I greatly enjoy Polish history. It is a joy to hear from someone from Poland! Many thanks!


      • Wonder if you lived in there you would also enjoy 😉 Well, to some extend, yes, there is a lot of dramatism in my family stories 🙂

        Russia is a bankrupt, interested in cooperation with the west of Europe. It is like to live near an extinct volcano, not scary any more, but still visible on the horizon.
        My war – fear for today is internal war: Poland starts to burst, divided into two fractions, getting more aggressive with each year…


      • That’s a good point. It seems that the internal war, the polarization of people within a nation, is definitely getting more heated in many countries around the world.

        Thank you for your thoughts, stonka. I enjoy hearing from you!


      • Yes, global warming of emotions 😉 Thank you 🙂


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