Situation Getting Desperate for Syrian Rebels? Time for the West to Impose Peace Talks


America’s allies in Syria.


As the recent loyalist offensive has resulted in the capture of several rebel strongholds during the past few weeks, the rebels seem increasingly pathetic:

Watchdog the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) put out an urgent bulletin on Tuesday.

It called on “all brigades and Muslims to arms to face off against the enemy which is attacking Islamic territory”.

“Those with a valid excuse not to fight must supply weapons and money,” added the communique, which acknowledged “many losses in fighting for Base 80, Khanasser and Sfeira”.

According to the Guardian, a left-wing paper that would seem to disfavor the Assad government, Syrian troops and their foreign allies have made some recent gains:

Syrian troops captured a contested suburb of Damascus on Wednesday as the government of Bashar al-Assad forged ahead with a military offensive that has already taken four other opposition strongholds south of the capital, state media said.

For more than a year, much of the belt of neighbourhoods and towns just south of Damascus has been a rebel bastion and a key arms conduit for the opposition. But Assad forces – bolstered by fighters from Lebanon’s Shia militant group Hezbollah and Shia militants from Iraq – have made significant headway in the area in recent weeks.

With the foreign-sponsored rebels pleading for help in the face of an effective government offensive, the Western elites will likely take this as a cue to try to force the Syrian government into peace talks. Or, if Assad refuses to cooperate in this ruse, then they’ll have to manufacture another atrocity to justify Western military intervention if they want to overthrow Assad and replace him with a useful Jihadist state.

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    It might also boomerang the al-Qaeda rebels into nations of Europe and America. Must be extremely careful and in all probability, let the Syrian government work out their own problems. Do not support the al-Qaeda rebels.


  2. We should get out of the way and let the musselmen sort themselves out. Should be a lot less of ’em when its over.


    • I agree that we should leave them alone. The tragedy of the issue is that parts of the Western establishment fanned this rebellion from the start. It never would have happened without Western encouragement. (Edit: Well, maybe not “never“.)

      The Assad monarchy seems like the best situation that can be hoped for in a multi-ethnic, poly-religious country like Syria, carved as it was artificially from the French mandate of the conquered Ottoman Empire.



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