Sneaking the United States into the Trans-Pacific Partnership



WikiLeaks on Wednesday released a draft of the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership, an agreement that would establish free trade rules among its twelve nations (the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, and Australia).

Admittedly this is the first that I’ve heard of this “partnership”.  Apparently this news has buzzed around left-wing anti-globalist circles for the past few years, groups which are often at odds with right-wing anti-globalist groups, so this could also explain why I’ve embarrassingly missed this information.   (I really must expand my news sources.)  Divide and conquer, I suppose.

Judson Philips of the Washington Times offers some insights:

One of the most disturbing parts of this proposed Trans Pacific treaty is the secrecy in which it is being negotiated. The only real news Americans or for that matter Members of Congress can get, is from leaks.

Barack Obama is asking for fast track authority for the Trans Pacific Partnership. Consider that to be another version of “you have to pass this to see what is in it.”  With fast track authority, there will be no hearings on this treaty. It will be negotiated then sent to the Senate for a simple up or down vote. The Senate will not be able to provide advice and consent because they cannot offer amendments under fast track.

Less than one fifth of the Trans Pacific Partnership deals with trade. The remainder of the treaty governs a myriad of things, including regulating the price of medicines. A few months ago, a mix of conservative and liberal groups stopped the “Stop Online Piracy Act” or SOPA. Most of the provisions of SOPA are included in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Under the proposals of the TPP, American sovereignty would be eroded. American courts would be inferior to foreign trade courts and disputes between American citizens and foreign corporations would not be litigated in American courts but in these trade tribunals.

From a left-wing and Canadian perspective, Sunny Freeman and Daniel Tesser also bring insights at the Canadian version of the Huffington Post:

Internet freedom organizations, including Canada’s, have criticized the TPP’s intellectual property provisions, saying proposals in the agreement would restrict innovation and force internet service providers to police copyright.

WikiLeaks says provisions in the deal would create “supranational” courts that could override member nations’ judicial systems. The courts “have no human rights safeguards,” WikiLeaks stated.

This agreement would further empower globalist elites in government and business at the expense of individuals, families, religions, local government, and nations.  Supra-national governments merely add another smothering layer of rule on top of the multiple layers that already exist, and this one, being further removed from the people, is correspondingly less accountable to our interests and wishes.

The fact that this “partnership” treaty is negotiated in secret demonstrates by itself that it presents a real threat to the common people.

I predict that the treaty will pass in the United States with little attention or fanfare, just as the Free Trade Agreement between South Korea and the US passed in 2011.  But let us loudly oppose this nasty business anyhow.

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  2. Global government whether we like it or not. “They” have been pushing for world government at least since the League of Nations was formed. Remember the Trans Texas Corridor? It spawned it’s own watch dog group.

    They destroyed true nations with the nation state (proposition nation) and now they have to destroy the nation state through “free trade” which is just a step in destroying sovereign borders.


  3. I meant to add that proposition nations are really just small empires. Multiple nations ruled by a single oligarchy.



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