US Supreme Court Rejects Privacy Appeal Against the NSA


Should anyone be surprised that the US Supreme Court has rejected an appeal for privacy against the NSA?

The justices without comment Monday rejected an appeal from a privacy rights group, which claimed a secret federal court improperly authorized the government to collect the electronic records.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed its petition directly with the high court, bypassing the usual step of going to the lower federal courts first. Such a move made it much harder for the justices to intervene at this stage, but EPIC officials argued “exceptional ramifications” demanded immediate final judicial review. There was no immediate reaction to the court’s order from the public interest group, or from the Justice Department.

The NSA has publicly acknowledged it received secret court approval to collect vast amounts of so-called metadata from telecom giant Verizon and leading Internet companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

The Supreme Court has lately developed a taste for rejecting controversial cases without comment.  Perhaps American conservatives should be thankful for this.  Should the justices choose to actively take these cases, they would likely rule in favor of the Establishment position, as they did with Obamacare and the Arizona immigration law.

But even if the Supreme Court had ruled to end the NSA spying, there is no chance that the NSA would really dismantle its enormous surveillance systems and cease its spying on every phone call, every e-mail and web transaction, and ultimately every electronic communication throughout the world.  They’ve got too much invested and have too little accountability.

This is all a farcical reaction to the exposure of the NSA by Edward Snowden.  The Establishment won’t seriously back down.

The American people must learn to live with a government that keeps a constant eye on its citizens (and on non-citizens in foreign countries).  Like pets or livestock, the people must be tagged, tracked, fenced-in, and hand-fed for our own protection and well-being.  We, as a people, have certainly come a long way in just a few years towards the acceptance of police state intrusions and hand-outs from our benevolent masters.

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Predicated only upon the Court believing people are incapable of their own safety and protection. As an infant will only want to suckle the teat, solid food consumption is an acquired necessity. Self defense, defense of family, defense of nation, all are threads of security and safe in a greater fabric of American society. An all mighty government will only lead to all mighty corruption and tyranny.


    • You’re absolutely correct, Brittius. The question is: are there enough people who don’t want to live under the smothering teat of government to make a difference in the near future? 🙂

      People are waking up more and more, so there is still plenty of reason to hope.

      Thanks again, Brittius!



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