New York City Bans Cigarettes Sales to Children Under 21



It’s hard for an American traditionalist not to feel some irritation with the New York city council for its ban on cigarettes sales to people under the age of 21, among other restrictions.

During a brief ceremony at City Hall, Bloomberg said raising the legal purchase age from 18 to 21 will help prevent young people from experimenting with tobacco at the age when they are most likely to become addicted. City health officials say 80 percent of smokers start before age 21.

The mayor, a former smoker, also signed legislation setting a minimum price for all cigarettes sold in the city: $10.50 per pack. The same new law bans retailers from offering coupons, 2-for-1 specials, or other discounts.

As a supporter of the self-determination of local governments for social and economic policies, I can only say that the people of New York have elected a city council and mayor who reflect the majority of their values.  If New York wants to ban cigarettes sales for those under 21, or ban them completely for everyone, then that’s New York’s business.

Of course, this ban will not work.  Already New York City has a black market for cheaper cigarettes, or people leave the city to buy them more cheaply.  Will the city create checkpoints to screen cigarette smugglers?  Should people really go to jail for selling cheap cigarettes?

Hopefully these types of regulations will attract more people who think the way these New Yorkers do.    If only everyone in the US who supported this type of nanny state would move to the New York metro area and forget about the rest of the country!

The country could function as a single entity if states and local governments could legislate for their areas without interference from the national government when national interests are not directly at stake.  It’s time for the government to remember that the 10th Amendment is still the law of the land.


Unfortunately these progressive know-it-alls won’t all move to New York, and they won’t be happy until they control all of the rest of the country (and then they’ll find something else to be unhappy about).  Even though Clusivius wrote in jest of his hope for liberals to move to New York, there is a serious side to this issue.  The New York policies (not just smoking) are more likely to send liberal New Yorkers into other, more conservative states where they will transform their new homes into the very places from which they fled.  This has already happened in places like Florida and Colorado.

And we don’t live in a dream world where everyone will live in his state and keep out of the affairs of his neighbor, or where corrupt states won’t try to corrupt others. The saying about the spoiling effects of one bad apple on its surrounding whole bunch is absolutely true, and another trite saying is likewise true that no man is an island.

This is why libertarian thought doesn’t work in a densely-populated, heterogeneous society.  It is a utopian ideology not unlike Marxism in its willful ignorance of human nature.  People by nature don’t live and let live, just like they don’t sacrifice themselves for the benefit of all.

People like Mayor Bloomberg believe that they represent the cutting edge of what government can do to “improve” the lives of its citizens.  They consciously set the precedent for others to follow around the country, and other progressives do take inspiration from their actions.

Traditionalists should oppose progressive liberals and socialists whenever and wherever they threaten American sovereignty, liberty, and traditions.


Modern international progressives will not tolerate active and vocal traditionalists in their midst, but they will gladly use libertarians to corrode the resolve of the conservative side.  (The recent governor’s race in Virginia is a miniature example.)  While the 10th Amendment, decentralist cause is laudable,  it is not practical in the current political climate.

A permissive attitude to progressive social and economic policies, even in other states, will only strengthen their ability to impose their agendas everywhere else at a later date.

When abuses of American sovereignty and Constitutionally-recognized liberties occur around the country—be they at the local, state, or federal level—traditionalists should fight against them.  Force the progressive side to take aggressive action and come out in the open.  Their unmasking will awaken even more of the people.

That is the wonderful thing about Mayor Bloomberg and the New York city council.  They are openly acting upon their beliefs, showing the country what progressive liberals really stand for, and they are angering liberty-loving people throughout the land.  Their hubris serves as a warning to American conservatives to wake up and take action now while we still can!

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