Up to 20 Britons ‘killed fighting in Syria’


Now that they’ve won their trophy, are these dapper fellows going to join the rebel armies in Syria?


What could possess merry ol’ Englishmen to leave their home country and fight in some alien war in Syria?  What interest could they possibly have?

Government estimates suggest as many as 300 Britons have joined the campaign to topple President Bashar al-Assad, elements of which have fallen under the influence of Islamic extremists.

Three of the Britons, believed to be from London, were killed fighting pro-Assad forces near Aleppo while a fourth was shot a fortnight later.

I suppose that these Britons are terribly concerned about the humanitarian injustices being committed in Syria, and they desperately want to make that country a safer place for the innocent.  Such noble British spirits!

Great Britain needs more men just like these!

And with their “biggest baby boom in 40 years“, they are well on their merry way to cultivating a promising young crop of fine, heroic Britons.

Let us drink to the bright and rosy future of Great Britain and its Britons!


Britons! Hmph!

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  2. Proposition Britons? BINOs?



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