Will the Colorado Baker Stand by His Convictions or Fall in Line?



Patulcius-sqNow that Colorado has declared illegal his refusal to bake a homosexual wedding cake, what will baker/criminal Jack Phillips do next?  Will he stand firm?

When asked yesterday on Fox News’ Fox and Friends whether he would go to jail for his religious beliefs, he guessed that he would.  See the video at 2 minutes, 41 seconds:

I wish Jack Phillips well, and I have no reason to doubt his convictions, but he doesn’t seem to be very firm in his determination to go to jail for his beliefs on this issue.  Maybe he’ll just flee the state and find some other place to open his business where there aren’t as many homosexuals.  But I’d expect the merciless homosexuals would track down his new business.  (It’s not like they have to worry about finding babysitters for their children.)

But he has already stood up for a year and a half, facing a great deal of pressure to cave to this ever-so-tolerant minority:

A Lakewood gay couple may end up having a masterpiece of a wedding, but they won’t have a “Masterpiece” cake to go along with it.

Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, told the couple they have their sexual orientation to thank for that. It’s an event that occurred on the afternoon of July 19, and it’s sparking national attention, a petition and a boycott of the local bakery…

…While this incident has brought about several death threats – the cake shop was forced to call the police Sunday – Phillips said the boom in publicity hasn’t hurt business. Just the opposite, in fact.

“(On Monday) we had about twice as much business as normal,” Phillips said. “There are people coming in to support us.”

So far his convictions haven’t hurt him very much.  But what will he do when the police pay him a visit or when his wife is crying at night?  I hope and pray that Mr. Phillips stands firm.

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  1. Even if he chooses to compromise on his beliefs I wouldn’t judge him. It’s a terrible burden to bear, to become a symbol of inspiration. But I wish him well and I pray that he stands firm.

    This is truly naked persecution.


    • I don’t mean to sound harsh towards this man. He certainly didn’t ask for any of this and has shown perhaps remarkable conviction already. Maybe I’m making this man out to be a microcosm of modern Christians.

      It is naked persecution, and we should stand by him with our full support.


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  3. The question for the baker, and all businesses, is, “are you in business to make a living or make a statement?” Some things are beyond tolerance and must be resisted even at the expense of personal well being, but sometimes so little can be accomplished that it isn’t worth making a stand.

    At Thermopylae, 300 Spartans (plus several thousand slaves and the Athenian navy) made a stand to buy time for the rest of Greece to mobilise. It was a profitable sacrifice. Had the rest of Greece not been willing to resist the Persians, had they in fact been rooting for the Persians, the stand at Thernopylae would have been a waste.

    I’m with Dota. If he stands firm, though, he will need to make a lot of noise and become a symbol which will mean giving up his privacy and raising money for leagal battles, etc.


    • So, pick your battles, eh? So as not to waste honorable men in fruitless ventures. Or in this case, fruity.

      Makes sense.

      When the battle came to Mr. Phillips, he took his stand and we can thank him for it. If he doesn’t want to have to stand again and become a martyr, perhaps a wasted martyr, then he should probably flee his state and hope this blows over. There is no dishonor in that.

      You are right, if we have to resist, we should resist wisely.


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