CVS to Become First Major US Drugstore to Drop Cigarettes

CVS pharmacy istock


Clusivius-sqCVS to become first major US drugstore to drop cigarettes

On Wednesday, CVS Caremark Corp announced that its 7,600 stores would stop selling all tobacco products by October — making the company the first U.S. drugstore chain to remove cigarettes from its shelves.

Public health experts called the decision by the No. 2 U.S. drugstore chain a precedent-setting step that could pressure other stores to follow suit.

They’ve got to make room for the medical marijuana.

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    It will mean an additional $2Bil for other small businesses that do sell tobacco products and residual business that will result. I just do not understand how smoking is bad but smoking pot is good. Even eCigarettes have been under attack, some do not have nicotine. I am smoking since 1965 and have no ailments whatsoever. Maybe science should look into that, but it would be too intelligent for them.


    • I’m a regular cigar smoker myself, but I do think tobacco can be unhealthy when it’s consumed heavily (like just about everything else that’s fun). But as you also seem to be saying, that isn’t the point.

      In particular I dislike the cultural disdain for tobacco smokers that is expressed by our oh-so-progressive society. Many a progressive anti-smoking zealot has no problem with people smoking marijuana. But even the “terrible smell” of cigarette smoke on someone’s clothes is enough to send the SWPL crowd into fits of righteous disgust.

      It all boils down to one’s culture rather than any logic. Marijuana fits the accepted liberal culture, and tobacco smokers fit the unacceptable 1950’s culture that they perceive to have been comprised of wife-beaters and racists.

      That’s why I take particular delight every time I light up one of my cheap cigarillos.


  2. I’m with brittius, why is tobacco bad but pot good? Bob Marley died from cancer, ya know.

    I own a business, I might look into selling cigarettes. All of my employees smoke so I have that guaranteed market.


    • It would be interesting to see if you can have in-house cigarette vending machines so long as they’re not available to the general public. If they’re going to smoke, they might as well buy them from you.


  3. Let a person see facts and then they can decide what is best for themselves. I also drink Everclear 190-Proof (95% Alcohol) when I feel like having a drink. That is my choice. People make faces and want wine spritzers, I never say a word against them. It always comes down to someone wanting to try legal Shine that is bonded and no dead raccoon in the vat. They say to give them more than the teaspoon size taste I give them first and tell them they can always come back for more. Most do not, except a few immigrant Irish who enjoy it in moderation.
    I also drive a Hummer…



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