Is World War III a Sham?



ConcorditasThe theaters of war are being prepared all over the earth, much like the pagan blood alters of ages past. While the next World War isn’t likely to break out this year or the next, we are accelerating down a road that could put a final end to a decrepit but still dominant Western civilization.

In Europe, Russia is playing the increasingly cartoonish role of the aggressive tyrant while America and the EU are playing the passive-aggressive incompetents, serving a function similar to Britain’s Chamberlain before World War II. The lesser power is tempted to make a bold move against the seemingly weakened stronger one.

Meanwhile, the ongoing election in India suggests that their new government will take a harder line against Pakistan, while Japan under Shinzo Abe is arming itself against an increasingly bold China. And the ever-festering wounds between North and South Korea, and of Israel and its neighbors, are always waiting for the opportunity to tear themselves open again.

Who stands to gain in the aftermath of a new World War? Certainly not the people on the ground who, in incalculable millions, will sacrifice and die with selfless loyalty, frequent heroism, and patriotic devotion.

Mass Insanity


A feminist mob assaults steadfast Catholic men in Argentina

From city streets to the halls of government a mass insanity infects the public. Each side of the respective divide increasingly sees itself as a crusader against the opposing forces of evil. Rather than live and let live, people push to impose their worldviews upon those who increasingly appear to them as enemies, the more so because those with the other viewpoint would impose their ways upon them.

This zeal shows itself from day-to-day interactions in the workplace (e.g. the forced resignation of Brendan Eich from Mozilla), to domestic politics (the rise of nationalist parties across Europe, such as Greece’s Golden Dawn, Austria’s Freedom Party, and Hungary’s Jobbik, or the far-left governments in Latin America, like those in Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia—and Obama’s United States), to geopolitics (China and Japan squabbling over tiny islands in the East China Sea, the meddling of East and West in embattled Ukraine and Syria).

What drives this impatience and aggression that would seem to grow worse by the day? Is it just the faltering world economy?

Generational Dynamics


Since the 1990’s, Strauss and Howe have predicted the upcoming conflict.

The generational theories of Strauss and Howe see a pattern in generational behaviors that could account for some of this irrationality.

In its simplest form, the theory works like this: a nation endures a large-scale calamity, usually (but not necessarily) a war. In the aftermath, society establishes a new order to rebuild/transform society and to prevent the troubles of the previous calamity. Meanwhile, a new generation is born in this post-calamity society, and this generation grows up with no memory of the previous horrors and little understanding of the current establishment. The new generation rebels against the soul-less post-calamity establishment and eventually sets the new moral tone for society. When the old calamity generations die or retire, the zealots of the new post-calamity generation take over, and they drive their nation into a new calamity having forgotten the lessons of the old. Thus the cycle repeats.

If World War II was the last great calamity to face most of the world, then the generation born in its aftermath, the Baby Boomers, are the zealots who are driving us to war today. The old generations who can remember the last great war (the so-called Greatest Generation and the Silent Generation) have either died or retired and can no longer restrain the hot-heads. A fourth generation type, those of Generation X, act as the unloved minions of the Boomers, while the Millennials will sacrifice themselves as fodder in the coming war, but will gain the satisfaction of rebuilding what’s left of society afterward.

Could this generational system, assuming that it’s real, serve as a hard-wired aspect of the human mind that’s meant to keep our populations in check and to clean out the gene pool once in while?

We humans like to think of ourselves as rational beings, but instead we are rationalizing beings. We use our brains to justify the irrational drives and passions that stir from within. “A man always has two reasons for what he does—a good one, and the real one.” (J. P. Morgan). And even those who know their history are still doomed to repeat it.

Is World War III a Sham?


To what extent are world leaders just puppets of an international elite?

While the common people clamor for intolerance and war, the spidery elites deal with their inter-generational urges in a methodical manner, constructing a grand web that will manipulate the passions of the masses while setting the stage for the next conflict that ensures an outcome that will leave them better off than before it began.

What better way for an elite to hedge its bets than to cultivate the ruling elites of the enemy? There are plenty of signs that this happened with Hitler before World War II. We have seen this since at least the 1990’s with the United States sending technology and industry to China. We have also sent quite a bit of money and military hardware to the governments of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. (This cultivation is admittedly less clear with Vladimir Putin’s rise to power.) Those on the receiving end of this generosity may or may not be aware of the ruse, but what choice do they have? Those who haven’t played along have suffered the fates of Milošević, Saddam Hussein, and Gaddafi.

Meanwhile the West in general, and the United States in particular, has drastically cut its military power even as world tensions grow. Further cuts, of course, provoke greater boldness of the enemy. The aggressive threats by the United States barking-dog-in-chief only fan the flames.

Despite such cultivation, the elites could still perish in a major war; history is riddled with the monuments of fallen aristocracies. The common people may provide the cannon fodder, but at least the new conquerers typically prefer to keep them around for labor if nothing else. The former elites are usually hunted and slaughtered en masse. No amount of preparation can completely predetermine the outcome of a large-scale war.

Is it a sham? Probably so in the sense that the conflict has been set up and manipulated, but to everyone but a few at the top, war will taste and smell the same.


Clusivius-sqLittle do the common people know that the impending war is not so much a struggle between our countries against aggressive foreign powers, but of our own governments against what remains of our independence!

The common people pose a threat to the existence of the ruling order so long as we can freely bear arms and raise our own children, and so long as we can speak our minds and maintain our privacy, and practice and share our faiths, and generally live our lives without depending upon their system.

The war will provide an excuse to impose order. Those who resist will be labelled as traitors, but very few are likely to resist during a large-scale war against a foreign power (especially one that has nuked our people). And when the war is over at devastating cost, the power of independent nations will be blamed and they will say that a world government must be established to prevent sovereign nations from ever threatening the world with their ambitions, their bigotry, and their oppression of others. The people will meekly accept or tolerate almost anything that the world government demands as the price of peace and the restoration of some level of prosperity.

That seems to be the plan anyhow.

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  2. There are two types of people in the world.
    Those who walk with both eyes open and
    Those who chose to walk with both eyes shut. (aka sheeple).
    Sad bit about it is the majority voting and supporting the warmongers live with both eyes FIRMLY shut.


    • It’s a pity that when the blind herd wanders off the range that those of us who don’t go along are rounded up or shot!



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