Satanists at Harvard? What’s the Surprise?



Patulcius-sqThe Satanist performance of a Black Mass will proceed at Harvard this evening over the protests of the Catholic Church and other conservative groups.  This is just one more sign that Western society is no longer Christian and is becoming increasingly anti-Christian.  But we shouldn’t be surprised when a dog eats his own vomit, and we shouldn’t be surprised when our decrepit universities host Satanic rituals.

Many Christians rightfully question whether Harvard would allow students to similarly desecrate sacred practices of the Muslim or Jewish faiths, or denounce society’s precious homosexuals.

In all fairness, I looked for examples of such censorship on the part of Harvard in the past, and while I did find examples where Harvard has restricted or removed staff or curriculum that violated the sacred tenets of egalitarianism, I did not find any cases where Harvard has barred students from holding controversial activities, conservative or liberal or otherwise (unless the speech specifically targeted an individual or, oddly enough, was delivered by electronic communication).  (Of course, I didn’t find any non-PC events being held at Harvard one way or another, so who knows how the school’s officials would react?)

The Satanists supposedly accepted an invitation by the Harvard Cultural Studies Club, who said, “The performance is designed to be educational and is preceded by a lecture that provides the history, context and origin of the black mass.”  Fifty years ago, would the school have correctly stopped this Satanic ritual on the basis that it serves no constructive, educational purpose, or would they too have allowed it?  Maybe such an abomination wouldn’t have interested the Harvard student body of 1964.


Would a Satanic Mass have even interested the Harvard students of 50 years ago?

In any case, the main issue isn’t whether or not Harvard should bar this Satanic ritual.  The problem with America and the West, in this case, is that the people have grown so wicked that such Black Masses can be publicly held without serious protest, and that people would actually attend such a ritual.

The previously dominant Christian society allowed its own tolerance and empathy to provide cover for its enemies to grow and take over like weeds in a lawn; when such weeds were not immediately cut down or destroyed, they grew until they smothered the grass and gardens and cracked the foundations of society.

Freedom works when the people share the same morals and beliefs, but idealogical freedom disarms society from cutting down its enemies.  The enemies of Christian society understand this concept; that is why they have such little tolerance for us.

Many Christians cling to the notion that society is still ours and we belong to it.  They believe that we should fight to defend institutions that are no longer Christian.  Instead, we should recognize that these parts of society no longer belong to us and take the offensive.  We must gradually take over society by advancing Christianity in the peculiar way that Christians have historically done: by purifying our own lives and by caring for the sick, the broken, the weak and lonely, and living our social lives exclusively within our own Christian communities.

I approve of the measures that the Catholic Church has taken to counter this menace.  While working nobly but in vain to cancel the Satanic service, they are holding a prayer ceremony at St. Paul’s Church in Cambridge to counter the Black Mass.

Additionally, in the aftermath of this insult to Christianity, the Catholics should follow up with a test of Harvard’s expressed tolerance by holding a prayer service or anti-abortion rally on the university’s campus, and do so regularly.  But I expect that they will have trouble finding a student organization to host them.

Christianity must resist evil, and to do so we must first realize that we no longer belong to the wider society.

[Update at 10:32 PM: The Harvard Cultural Studies Club has cancelled its Black Mass:

The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club had decided to move the event off campus after widespread objections, and no other location was willing to host it, according to an e-mailed statement from the group.

“Given that no other location has been willing to intercede, we will no longer be sponsoring this black mass,” the group said in the statement.

Prayer does work! It’s one battle won in a war with precious few such victories so far.

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  1. I think the Amish might be on to something, not so much with the no technology, but with the separation from the main stream and self sufficiency.


    • I very much agree with you about the Amish, though I think the limited technology aspect is also very useful and healthy.

      The little extra work roots a people more firmly into reality and improves survival skills, and the lack of television/radio/internet cuts off much of the toxic mass media. It’s more about simplicity and self-sufficiency than about anti-technology.


      • I was watching a documentary on the Amish from the 70s and their kids are out working beside the adults as soon as they can walk. There were kids who looked about 7 driving teams of horses!

        The Amish are having trouble lately, though, with the high price of land. They have too many kids to just pass on the farm through inheritance and its hard to afford enough land to support a family, let alone make a living. Many are working in factories now, even factories owned by “English.” Their main issue with this is less the exposure to modernity than taking the father and older sons out of the house for the day.


      • I assume the documentary covered the Lancaster, PA area where this is a particular problem, but this is also happening to a lesser extent in Indiana where I live.

        Many Amish families are colonizing places like Kentucky, MIssouri, and Iowa where the land is cheaper. This seems like a better strategy than staying in populous areas.


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