The Past Was Terrible! Consumerist Denounces Innocent 80’s Telephone Ad



Patulcius-sqThe past was just terrible! The Consumerist shows us this example of the grotesque sexism that prevailed in the 1980’s:

Every advertisement tells a story. The story that this advertisement tells is that ladies can’t even exercise without yapping on the phone, and that FaceTime was invented sometime before 1984.

“Let’s show two women connecting over the phone over an undetermined distance,” someone must have said. “We want people to make long-distance phone calls while they do other things, so maybe show them in skintight leotard and tights ensembles, in a yoga pose that pulls all focus to their crotches.”

So which world is better? That of 1980’s women chatting on the phone while they exercise or today’s chubby bearded child-men taking orders from their smug mom-wives?

The Consumerist has created a “The Past Was Terrible” header to repeatedly ridicule and berate the supposed ignorance and oppression of the past.  These lessons must be drilled into our heads!

People in the past, no doubt in their gross ignorance, dared to make assumptions about the public based on the patterns seen from observed social reality, which in those days included the widely prevalent traditional gender roles that are so despised and inapplicable today.

But which is the greater ignorance: making assumptions based on observed reality, or willfully refusing to observe the common patterns of human behavior because we are told that stereotypes are wrong and that everyone is unique?

Most people, despite their lip service to equality, recognize that groups of people are different in predictable ways.  Men who work as stylists at hair salons are probably homosexuals, and large groups of black men seen roaming the streets at night are probably best avoided.  The knowledge of these stereotypes can keep a person out of trouble.

But more people now make a show of being offended when someone actually speaks these forbidden truths out loud, and the violators must be ostracized!  Even if very few regular people find these common utterances offensive, they still don’t want to end up like Donald Sterling, Brendan Eich, or Paula Deen.  Best to keep one’s head down and stay quiet.

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  1. Long time no read!


    • Yes, I was brown-nosing for the past four or five months at work to get promoted, but (barely) failed. Then I tried to get a different job somewhere else and failed at that, too. So now that I am hopelessly stuck at a job that grows increasingly dull, I can hopefully devote more time during the slow periods at work to writing. So long as other distractions can be avoided.

      And hey, you seem to have taken a little break for a while yourself!


      • I’m working, too. Also, the deja vu of following the news too closely has turned me off.


      • Too high of a dose of news for too long is toxic to the system. Sometimes a little break is necessary.


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