The Decline of Clusivius

– 11 August 2014 –


Janus-smallFor the past two months or so, the long battle inside my head between Patulcius and Clusivius has reached a new and perhaps unprecedented state. After dominating the two sides for years, Patulcius has begun to overwhelm.  Frequently I, as Janus, am reaching a consensus without much input from my Clusivius side at all. Naturally this somewhat changes the structure of this website, and I will more frequently post as Janus, and these posts will more strongly represent the unchallenged thoughts of my Patulcius side.

There was a time long ago when Clusivius overwhelmed the two halves, with Patulcius largely silent. When I was a young man, I despised authority and wanted to be left alone, and I thought that society would be much better off with a “live and let live” legal and social system.  If someone wanted to screw up his life or the lives of his family, then it was no business of the government or society or mine.  Those who would impose their beliefs on others were the enemies of freedom, I believed.

But like many young men, I got married and raised a family, and my views began to change. I started to care about the influences of society upon my children, and about what kind of country and world my children and grandchildren would live in.  I wanted them to value the foundations that I had grown up with (which I had before rejected). Responsibility had caused me to grow up.  Inside my mind, Patulcius challenged Clusivius more often, till I could sometimes find very little peace.

This battle has been useful sometimes in that it has helped me to see different angles of an issue. But as I’ve gotten older, Patulcius has gradually won issue by issue until now Clusivius dominates only a few areas, and then sometimes weakly.

The trouble is, “live and let live” only works if everyone follows similar cultural and moral values, which is impossible. “Live and let live” ultimately violates human nature.  There are always people who strive to control others, and those who accept control.  And there are always those who think that the rules shouldn’t apply to them.  Shepherds and sheep, wolves and rats.  “Live and let live” is a recipe for the unraveling of civilization.

Today we have a world where the establishment has succeeded in the subversion of every one of our foundations and now begins to openly attack those who try to adhere to the old order.  I see now that there is no place for “live and let live” libertarianism.  Christianity and Western Civilization are under attack, and cries of tolerance and equality can’t stand against forces who use raw power and revolution.

The beliefs of Clusivius helped to destroy Western civilization and hurt Christiandom, and now even Clusivius recognizes that. It is Clusivius who has chosen to provide less input rather than any choice by myself to ignore him. While we will continue to hear Clusivius’ voice, it will be sadly less frequent.

At least until Clusivius eventually finds a new way to express his differences with Patulcius.

– 12 August 2014 –


Clusivius-sqI have a feeling that the tide will shift.

It is true that I can no longer justify a libertarian political system, which in the past I tended to support.  When governing themselves without check, people will gradually subvert and corrupt themselves into dysfunction, as we have seen.  America’s founding fathers generally recognized this to be true, including Jefferson.  I support a republic rather than a democracy.  I do not consider myself to be a libertarian but a Jeffersonian.  And even in today’s ruthless culture war where the egalitarians have the upper hand, there is a place for individual liberty in political thought.

As far as the dominance of Patulcius, I consider it to be temporary.  Zeal and righteousness against wickedness can be a good and constructive force during a crisis, but such rigor can turn into hubris.  I intend to form a check against the potential excesses of Patulcius so that Janus can find a balance.

It is true, for now, that I have taken a back seat while Janus deals with a nasty and aggressive enemy.  It is also true that my own views on the universe have changed somewhat in recent months.  But fundamentally I continue to oppose large concentrations of Earthly power wherever they arise.

I’m down, but not out.

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  1. If only more libertarians would have kids!


    • It’s amazing what responsibility for the lives of others can do for people, so long as they take those responsibilities seriously.

      It’s no coincidence that a disproportionate number of libertarians and liberals have never had children, and that the most conservative areas of the country tend to have a larger white birthrate.


  1. The Cure For libertarianism: Kids | NC Links

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