Dilemma for the Syrian Rebels: Assad and ISIL are Squeezing Them Out


– 13 August 2014 –


Patulcius-sqNurtured by the West, the poor Syrian rebels, so-called moderates, worry that they cannot hold out much longer against Assad and ISIL, who are squeezing against their stronghold of Aleppo.

From Fox News:

Rebel commanders in Aleppo told the Journal that they are stocking up on food and other supplies to prevent the type of starvation-inducing siege that forced them to surrender the city of Homs earlier this year, and warn that losing Aleppo could be the death blow to the revolt against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that began in 2011.

“We’re about to lose Aleppo and no one cares,” Hussam Almarie, a FSA spokesman, told The Wall Street Journal. “We won’t be able to recover the revolution if this happens. And we’ll lose the moderates in Syria.”

“And we’ll lose the moderates in Syria.”  I suppose a spokesman for the FSA would want to keep his organization’s Western suppliers assured that they are the only moderate force in Syria.  Moderates who want to simply overthrow the ruling government.  Isn’t revolution one of the more typical programs of moderate reformers?

Western governments love the idea of a moderate Muslim government, those peace-loving, secular Muslims who crave Western-style democracy and social liberalism.  Like the token Republican Black conservatives in the US, such Muslims aren’t taken seriously by their peers and they are usually held in contempt.


State of Syrian Civil War as of 8 August: Assad forces in Pink, the Rebels in Green, and ISIS in Gray. Aleppo is at the top of Syria towards the northwest.

If we wanted moderate leadership in Syria and Iraq, we should have left Saddam Hussein in power and supported the Assad regime in Syria.  It is the monarchies in the Middle East that have managed to moderate the excesses of their fanatical populations.  Every time we’ve encouraged one of these tyrannies to fall in the name of democracy, the local people have willfully chosen a Jihadist government.  We should have just left the Ottomans in power 100 years ago.

If we’re going to meddle in the Middle East, let us support monarchs and dictators who will keep their people in check.

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  1. “let us support monarchs and dictators who will keep their people in check.”

    True and don’t forget Gaddafi, he was actually a pretty good ruler.


    • You’re right. Once Gaddafi settled down, he became a decent leader for his people and no threat to the West.

      Several (if not all) of the other victims of the Arab Spring were better for their people than their replacements.

      Of course, the socialists can’t fix the world if it they don’t break it first.



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