Ebola Was No Threat to U.S. Till Now. . .


– 18 September 2013 –


Obama, the gift that keeps on giving. . .

America said on Tuesday that it would send 3,000 US troops to help fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which President Barack Obama called “a potential threat to global security”.

Following criticism by aid agencies that the international response had so far been “lethally inadequate”, Washington said it would despatch the soldiers to Liberia, the worst-affected of the countries so far hit by Ebola.

The mission, led by a US general, is the biggest US deployment to Africa since the ill-fated humanitarian mission to Somalia in 1993. It will help provide logistical support to a country whose health service has effectively been destroyed by the outbreak, with hundreds of doctors and health workers infected.

Our largest mission to Africa since Somalia in 1993.  We failed to defeat Aidid and end the Somali Civil War in 1993, and we will fail to defeat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

We thankfully fled Somalia after the disaster of Black Hawk Dawn, and were lucky to suffer no long-term consequences from our mistake.  And the Somali civil war continues, with that land still the most lawless country on Earth.

We might not be so lucky when we flee West Africa.  Will we quarantine our soldiers after they risk their lives for this humanitarian mistake?  Symptoms of Ebola can take up to three weeks to appear.

I suspect that even if we do quarantine these troops for the necessary month, they would be returned to the states to do so, as infected missionaries were already brought here.  How competently can we expect our government wards to isolate 3,000 soldiers?

Generally speaking, the purpose of a nation’s military is to thwart threats to its national security.  In this case, the operation of our military in West Africa unnecessarily endangers our national security while it provides no redeeming benefit to us, and little if any benefit to West Africa.  Surely a few more hospitals in these countries will do nothing to hinder the spread of the disease.

One would think that Obama wants to deliberately infect the US population with Ebola.

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  1. 3000 troops to combat Ebola in Africa, but none to stop illegal aliens with TB and polio from crossing our Southern border. I expect this is a ploy to generate more “refugees” which will be brought here, of course.



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