Hegelian Dialectic At Work?: Incompetent Response to Ebola Creates Need for Drastic Solutions Later


– 16 October 2014 –


Janus-smallObama activates the National Guard to prepare for deployment to West Africa.  Just when you think that the man can’t do anything more stupid or insidious, he upstages himself one more time.

President Obama has issued an executive order calling up ready reserve troops to combat the Ebola crisis in Africa.

Obama notified Congress of his order Thursday. It reads: “I hereby determine that it is necessary to augment the active Armed Forces of the United States for the effective conduct of Operation United Assistance, which is providing support to civilian-led humanitarian assistance and consequence management support related to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa.”

This move is so illogical that I can’t help but think that these weekend warriors are really being activated to maintain order here in the United States.

It makes no sense to send the National Guard to West Africa when we could send more active duty troops there if that’s what the idiots-in-charge want.  (Could our active duty forces really be so gutted that we would need to use reservists?)  The deployment of the National Guard also makes no sense as a token response to impress the public that Obama’s administration is doing all that it can to fight the disease.  All Obama would have to do to impress some of the public without sacrificing his open-borders policy is fire that Vulcan imbecile Frieden, whose stubborn (and illogical) condescension and backpedaling would be funny if it weren’t so potentially deadly.

Or maybe the Ebola outbreak will be quickly snuffed out, and Obama’s far-sighted deployment of American soldiers to West Africa can prove that he lives up to his preemptive Nobel Peace Prize.  But I doubt it.

While Ebola seems too slow-moving to pose a serious widespread threat (despite the fear-mongering of the 1-million-infections-by-January crowd), it is nonetheless a nasty and terrifying disease that could kill hundreds or even thousands here in the United States.  The spread of the disease in this country is the direct result of the policies of our government.  People are starting to panic over the infection of two people; how will they behave with dozens of people infected in different cities around the country, or when children start to die?  The under-reaction to the disease now creates justification for an over-reaction later.

The question remains: is the government infecting us because of their own idealogical stupidity or are they deliberately creating a panic so they can impose a subsequent clamp-down?

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  1. The idea of the PTB intentionally allowing a disaster so they have an excuse for martial law or something keeps coming up, but it never seems to happen. Though that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually.

    From what I’ve read, Ebola is fairly hard to catch if you stay away from infected people. I doubt we’ll see ‘with dozens of people infected in different cities around the country’ and if we do they’ll look alot like those infected in West Africa.

    Like bird flu and swine flu (and whatever other potential “pandemics” of the last decade) I expect this will blow over in a month or so. I think its just something for a sensationalist media that has to have a new story every 24 hours.


    • You might be right, Roger. Probability is on your side, although the times of late seem to be stretching the rules of probability.

      So often it seems inconceivable that such fools could be running our country. The only things that make sense of their actions are conspiracies, but this might give the PTB too much credit. Probability suggests that our corrupt and incompetent leadership is simply reflecting the collective vice and stupidity of the whole country.

      But a significant part of me can’t quite believe that simple explanation.


      • I have to beware of normalcy bias!

        Maybe the PTB are Machiavellian conspirators who also reflect the collective vice and stupidity of all of us? Keystone Cop conspirators?


      • Keystone Cop conspirators, maybe so. Let’s hope that our conspirators-in-charge are getting as vain, dull, and short-sighted as the rest of society. Those of us who must resist them will at least have a chance to survive.

        It makes you wonder if that’s how great empires fall. Maybe the people and their leaders grow so fat and stupid that the barbarians end up outsmarting them at every turn, to the surprise of the latter as much as the former.

        Don’t we all have a normalcy bias to some extent?


      • The barbarians have the drive that the civilised have lost. Have you read Glubb’s Fate of Empires? Its pretty interesting.


        As for normalcy bias, its what makes sleeping possible!


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