Republican Damsels Fret Over Nominee Suiters for 2016


– 31 January 2015 –


Patulcius-sqIn the aftermath of Mitt Romney’s announcement that he won’t run for president in 2016 (probably), it’s funny to listen lately to the earnest Republican callers on the various conservative talk radio shows.

Some dork calls into the show—it doesn’t matter if it’s Limbaugh or Hannity or Beck or that especially awful Mark Levin, or some other clone—and he expresses his unthreatening frustration with the likes of Jeb Bush or Chris Christie as the 2016 Republican nominee, then he whimsically dreams over the prospects of Ted Cruz, or more recently of Scott Walker, or of the hallowed Ben Carson.  These earnest callers sound like teenaged maidens swooning in fantasy over their distant wedding days. Oh dear! From which of her many smiling suitors will she have to choose for that glorious day?

This brand of caller speaks with particular hushed reverence for retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.  Ben Carson is definitely an accomplished man in his field, though if he were a white man he would only have won respectful acclaim rather than lively adoration.  Ben Carson gave one speech at a National Prayer Breakfast in which he expressed some very typical, even prosaic, conservative thoughts on various subjects in the presence of Barrack Obama, and from that time he’s been the darling of the Republican right.  But, similar to Herman Cain before him, his accomplishments and experience are too meager to qualify him for the presidency.

White conservatives have this dream of an accomplished black man who believes in everything that white conservatives believe.  Such conservative black men, when they can be found, prove to white conservatives the lofty white ideal that race is only skin deep, a mere superficiality.  These conservative black men generate enthusiasm and excitement among white conservatives for the expression of thoughts and viewpoints that, were they expressed by another white man, would hardly win any attention at all.  Sincere as most black conservatives may be, they overpopulate conservative editorials and serve as keynote speakers for nearly all-white conservative events.  White conservatives blindly support these black conservatives to prove to themselves and to others—if only subconsciously—that they are not racist at all, but in their overcompensation they fail to see that race is their primary consideration.


“What do you call a black guy at a conservative convention? The keynote speaker.”

Ted Cruz is also a universal favorite among the conservative damsels of talk radio, both among the callers and of the blabbering hosts.  Cruz consistently expresses viewpoints that are in line with the right side of the Republican Party, to the infatuated delight of the Republican faithful, although he’s sometimes weak on immigration, perhaps owing to his Cuban ancestry.  But this funny-faced, weak-voiced two-year Senator hardly stands a chance of winning the approval of the overall electorate, let alone the Establishment who really decides the nominees.  And if somehow he does win the primary or even the presidency, he’s still just a conservative.  Conservative politicians are dead weight, something to slow down the egalitarian agenda rather than tear it up.  Would a President Cruz really have the vision and the will to lead a restoration of even a constitutional government with states’ rights and traditional values? Or would he merely promote the globalist interests of the Establishment just as every president of the last twenty-five years has done?

The damsels of the Republican Party may hold their breath, but it is all in vain.  Their suitors don’t really love them, they only want the money and the power.

What strikes me is the sincere faith of these callers that their votes will really matter, that the government can be fixed.  The party leaders owe their allegiance to the Establishment, and the Establishment won’t let anyone rock their boat if they can help it.


Clusivius-sqIf conservatives act in vain through their faith in the electoral system, then at worst they do no harm, and at best they, through their organization, unite themselves against their enemies.

And if the system isn’t totally rigged, these faithful conservatives may do some good in the government and for society.  The corruption of a civilization isn’t always a linear process. Sometimes periods of corruption are followed by periods of restoration and reform.

Too much pessimism breeds paralysis of action and bitterness of spirit.

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  1. The GOP would love nothing more than to grow their plantation to rival the Dems.

    Good article, I will once again abstain from voting for pres.



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