Voting Won’t Help Us Now

Nimrata Randhawa Haley-2

“They finally love us!” South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley puts on her most winning fake smile as she receives a staged hug from Rev. Norvel Goff. Meanwhile the irrelevant, chubby white man stands in the background with his dopey smile.

– 11 July 2015 –


Patulcius-sqThe conservative backbone of America voted last November and managed to win Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, but what was the point? Rather than stand up to Obama and put him on the defensive, the Republican country club seeks to find common ground with the usurper on his terms.

Since taking the majority last January, the Republicans have voted for Obama’s “fast-track authority” on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other sovereignty-stealing trade treaties. They sat silently while the Supreme Court issued its decree on homosexual marriage, and you can bet that they will remain silent as the homosexual agenda advances in the future. They’ve sold out their Southern white base by going out of their way to oppose the symbol of white Southern heritage because the blacks and liberals—none of whom will ever vote for them—have politicized the deaths in Charleston. The Republicans have condemned Donald Trump for his “offensive and inaccurate” remarks about illegal aliens, people who do indeed disproportionately commit violent crimes. Untrustworthy huckster that Trump may be, he at least stands up to the shrieking leftists, something that must seem shocking to the ever-cowering Republicans who, like it or not, represent the dying remnant of white, Christian America.

My local Congressman appeared on a radio talk show recently, peddling the Republican’s budget plans for the year. On and on he prattled, like it’s business as usual in the good ol’ U. S. of A. and—aww, shucks—he’s standing up for the good folks back home.  Does anybody really give a damn about the budget anymore? Maybe five years ago, buddy, but this country’s got bigger fish to fry these days than your measly and futile attempts at “fiscal responsibility” and whether or not there will be another government shutdown.

There is no question now that the Left is seeking to destroy white, Christian America. They don’t want to live in tolerance with us, and they’re not content to simply silence us. They will not stop until every symbol of our heritage, every expression of our faith and culture, are either stamped out or twisted beyond recognition.

Right now white Christians in America are flopping around in shock, continually wondering what has happened. They voted and they voted, and they wrote to their Congressman, and they even marched in the streets sometimes, and they did everything that Hannity and Limbaugh and Beck told them to do, but somehow the enemy continues to advance while the conservatives keep getting kicked in their shriveled, impotent gonads.

Well, white Christians, I’ll tell you what happened. Our side is still trying to work within the system while the system has been hijacked against us! A tiny group of harpies calls the shots for the diversity-ridden corporate behemoths, who believe that their businesses can only benefit from rainbows in their corporate logos; they have nothing to fear from angry and exasperated white Christians. The courts have proven that they no longer care about the law, as several Christian bakers, U.S. states, the Washington Redskins, and all of us in the whole stinking country, have been discovering lately. The Republicans care more about their corporate sponsors than they do about our tired little vote. They know we’ll turn out just to keep out those vile Democrats!

Should we still vote? Sure, it can’t really hurt. After all, the government just might even accurately count our electronic ballots. Maybe. And the Democrats have to at least step over the prostrate Republicans to push their agendas, right?

How about a third party? I personally do vote for third parties most of the time (usually not the libertarians), and I encourage anyone else to do the same (the more times the merrier!).  But the fact is, none of the third parties is really a going concern. The trouble with most third-parties is that they concentrate on the presidential race, running unqualified candidates, rather than on building their movement philosophically and from the ground up. (With the libertarians excepted, to some extent.) Certainly I’d like to see a serious third-party alternative, but I’m not sure that we can vote our way out of a corrupt and fallen society anymore.

So what can we do? First of all, forget about being fair and well-liked. As Vox Day has suggested, don’t be afraid to exclude someone from work or social events for purely ideological reasons, though in most cases it will be prudent to avoid barring them explicitly. And when some liberal expresses some trite and disagreeable Leftist swipe, don’t let him get away with it. Either force him on the defensive or cut him out of your life. This can be done politely, but courtesy doesn’t mean living like a doormat. Shunning does work. It purifies one’s social group and often leads the shunned to reevaluate their positions.

And never apologize for pushing your agenda. Stand by your beliefs. And if the enemy pressures you to resign, force them to fire you.  Would you take your executioner’s gun and kill yourself if that was what he ordered you to do?

Another thing the average white Christian can do is get out of the liberal mass media and avoid the liberal culture. Stop reading, watching, and listening to the utter filth that infests our society. Find something else to read, watch, and listen to.  For those who are addicted to the cultural poison, this can be done gradually. Personally, I am gradually applying aspects of William S. Lind’s retroculture.

Simplify your life and become less dependent on society. Cut out those things that stand between yourself and God. Do you really need so many gadgets? Do you really need a new car right now, or all of the junk in the back of your closet? It’s amazing how clearly one begins to think when the distractions of modern life are pushed away, when one is closer to the land, when we produce something.

Most of us could stand to take our religion more seriously; I know that I could. Prayer has power, especially in groups. Let us become pillars in our churches. Reading and studying the Word of God will make us strong. We must root out any wickedness that has grown in our lives.

The country that we used to have is gone; it no longer belongs to us. The wicked herd has made its choice and will get what it deserves. This doesn’t mean that we should accept what we cannot change as the Republican swines would have us do.  We can and should continue to resist the Leftist agenda, but it is time that we stop trying to herd all of society and instead work on separating, defending, upholding, and advancing our own flock before we fall off the societal cliff with the rest of them.

Sooner or later, their corruption will catch up to them and they will overplay their hand. We must be prepared for that time.

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  2. Clear as a bell, very well put sir. Christianity has been under attack for some time and even as thousands are systematically slaughtered around the globe and almost completly silenced at home, people continue to be lulled into submission by the Marxist media. The Retroculture idea is totally refreshing. A larger dose of God, family, health and hardwork would probably reset many people’s frame of reference as to what is important, where this country came from and should be going. Thanks for the great post!


    • Thanks, beezernoid! I’m glad you found Lind’s retroculture as interesting as I did. He seemed to advocate a literal dressing up for a given pre-1960’s year, but I personally have adopted a hodge-podge of past practices, from safety-razors to hand-crank drills. I try to dress simply but don’t want to wear a costume. Each change, I figure, ought to have a utilitarian value.

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  3. Its been a while! I always enjoy your posts.

    I am flabbergasted that no third party has become viable considering the abject failure of the GOP to stand up for its constituents. Even at the state level, no real challenger has emerged. Unbelievable!

    ‘Simplify your life and become less dependent on society. Cut out those things that stand between yourself and God.’

    My life is pretty simple, but not independent enough. I would add that Christian whites need to work on becoming more financially and materially independent since its conceivable that we could be barred from employment at some time. My goal is to get a business up and running and scrape together enough for a small homestead and at least be able to feed my family. Of course, I guess we could be barred from owning land, too.

    I think violence is in our future ( do you read Selko’s SHTFSchool blog? scary stuff.) and an economic step down from where we are, but I’m an optimist!

    Some info on Governor Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley:

    ‘Haley was born and raised as a Sikh. On September 6, 1996, she married Michael Haley in both a Methodist church ceremony and a Sikh gurdwara.[75] Haley identifies herself today as a Christian,[76] but attends both Sikh and Methodist services.[77][78] She sits on the board for Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church.’

    Unequally yoked?


    • Thanks; it’s good to be back and refreshed.

      Concerning Haley, as Vox Day said a few days ago, a second generation immigrant has no heritage to defend. She’s an Indian-Sikh posing as an American white much like white Rachel Dolezal poses as an American black. The only difference is that Haley is open about it. She may be a decent governor in several other respects, but she’s got no blood in this game. I’m not a fan. Hopefully the good people of South Carolina are now aware of their error and won’t repeat this mistake.

      On the simplification of life and self-sufficiency, I’m continually working on that, too, but it’s a gradual process. Certainly it will never be perfect. But the nice thing about losing our jobs and even losing our land is that we’d have little else to lose but our lives and families, and we would have no choice but to defend them. That’s easier than this nasty attrition. Good luck on your business!

      On third parties, the Republicans formed out of the ashes of the Whigs, but people back then believed in their respective causes enough to split the party. They would no longer compromise on slavery or the tariff. Do today’s Christians have the mettle to stop compromising and break the Republicans in half and give the Democrats ten years of unfettered power? I’m ready, and you’re ready, but with the manipulations of money and the media, it’s very doubtful that enough of the rest of them are ready. But it’s not impossible.

      Another factor that causes this frustrating apathy, at least among evangelical Christians, is an attitude that God will simply take care of it. But in the Bible the early Israelites at least had to show up on the battlefield before God miraculously delivered them.


      • Unfortunately, a lot of the good people of South Carolina were previously the good people of Pennsylvania and New York! 😉


    • And yes, I do regularly read Selko’s SHTF site thanks to you. Sometimes I think about signing up, but I’m sure most of what he teaches can be deduced from his public posts, kind of like whether it’s worth it to buy Dave Ramsey’s training package versus just listening to him say “Beans and Rice” over and over on his radio show.



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