Controlled Opposition?


Are these people serious? Do they really believe they are helping their cause, dressed like utter trash?

– 18 July 2015 –


Janus-smallWhen the South Carolina legislature first began arguing to remove the Confederate battle flag from their state capital, it looked like Nikki Haley’s side had little chance to succeed.  Both houses had to reach a two-thirds majority to remove the flag, and many legislators were lukewarm to the idea of alienating their conservative white electorates.

Then the KKK conveniently decided to schedule a protest at the capital building.  I certainly don’t know the details here, but why would the KKK schedule a rally when their leaders should know that their presence would only drive supporters of the flag to shun them and any cause that they claim to represent, especially after the Charleston shootings?

The Republican majorities in both South Carolina houses could not face whatever backlash they feared would come from the shrieking Leftist opposition and any potential claims that they agreed with these KKK freaks, and they caved, voting overwhelmingly to remove the flag to a museum.

Nevertheless, the KKK held their rally today. They had to discredit Southern heritage in other places throughout America after all.  The momentum of the Jacobins was starting to dwindle.  And look at these fine examples of white pride: shirtless or in ratty T-shirts or undershirts, or in goofy quasi-Nazi uniforms. They conform to every stereotype of the white racist redneck.

It becomes a little harder to publicly support the Confederate flag while the KKK is screaming “White power!” and flipping off the anti-racist freaks who counter-rally their every appearance.

I thought that perhaps the media was simply showcasing the worst examples that the KKK had on display, and that they might have some decent-looking, normal supporters.  Not really.  Just the worst that the white race has to offer, plus a few wearing KKK hoods, which is a slight improvement.  Many normal-looking white people in the audience had Confederate flags, but in interviews that I saw they distanced themselves from the Klan.  Don’t these poor dupes see that they’re hurting their cause by even attending this KKK rally?

It is possible that the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan leaders don’t have a clue and they just unwittingly played into the hands of the Leftists so well. But I cannot help to suspect that someone paid them to schedule this rally and make such a miserable, counter-productive case for the Confederate flag.

This isn’t out of the question: the government sends so many moles and agents-provocateur to join or even run white power groups that any of their moves has to be questioned as potentially part of the controlled opposition.

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  1. Apparently you are unaware of the common knowledge regarding the Klan: they are ALL undercover government agents. At least, that’s what I always heard growing up.


    • I guess that any organization whose basis is hate of something rather than love of something is bound to attract the lowest of the low, and it’s no surprise that many of them would possess such low characters that they would betray their own stated cause for pay-offs, or through blackmail, from the government or NGO’s.

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