The Difference Between International Politics and Professional Wrestling


– 19 August 2015 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkHere’s the difference between international politics and professional wrestling: in professional wresting, big, hairy wrestlers can accidentally hurt each other, but they don’t destroy the lives of real people. In international politics, the pompous leaders and sneering bankers don’t get hurt but it’s the people who suffer and die! Intentionally!

But both international politics and professional wrestling are staged theatrical performances! Someone else is calling the shots behind those dramatic and riveting scenes. And while the WWE has Vince McMahan to direct the show, the directors of the world theatre are harder to pinpoint.

I’m guessing that after the toppling of the world’s monarchies in World War I, the elites behind the scenes—be they Freemasons, Illuminati, Zionists, Communists, or lizard people from the center of the earth—set up a system where they could use money and debt to promote their own moles and traitors to keep national governments in line to their will, at least in the West. Gradually they assassinated uncooperative leaders or toppled wayward regimes, like they did to JFK or Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Meanwhile, the elites have warped and corrupted the values and cultures of the so-called Free World in order to break down any form of allegiance that the people might have had to something besides their own pleasure.

Instead of Monday Night Raws, international elites like to generate wars to take down pre-planned losers. Angry speeches between political opponents are nothing more than stage drama between paid actors.

Getting Their Candidates Elected by Hook or By Crook

Votes in elections may or may not really be counted, but the result is a foregone conclusion. Elections are manipulated by donations, media coverage, corrupt campaign managers, and the mis-counting of votes in key swing constituencies. The fate of the 2000 election turned on just a few counties in Florida. The same was the case in 2004 in Ohio.


If the elections can’t be manipulated through fundraising and the media, election fraud in a handful of key swing-state districts will do the trick just fine!

Obama clearly won for real in 2008, but amazingly Obama won every single swing state in 2012 except North Carolina despite losing the white vote 40% to 60%. Why would 2 million fewer Republicans vote in 2012 than in 2008, and more particularly why would 1.7 million more black people, out of a total population of 37.6 million, turn out for Obama in 2012 than they did for the oh-so-historic 2008 election of the first black president, with so many districts in key states voting 100% for Obama without a single dissenter?  It was stolen!

When I was a kid in high school, several of my friends gave fake campaign speeches for various class offices, where, for instance, the candidate for treasurer pretended to be a pirate and the wannabe class president promised a date for every geek. Several kids told me that they voted for these guys, which may or may not be true. But one of the girls who worked in the school office later told me that the vice principal ordered the worried students who were counting the votes to throw away those that weren’t for serious candidates. Similarly, I have no doubt that the powers-that-be won’t allow anti-establishment candidates to upset their high-stakes senior proms.

And for 2016, it’s hard to say what game they’re playing. I would have thought they’d stick their boy Jeb Bush in there, but it seems increasingly possible that They might have another game planned.

Staging and Manipulating the Next World War


Macho Czar “Mad Vlad” Putin: “Keep your meddling manicured fingers out of my Ukraine, Breathtaking Barry, before I give you a fat purple lip!” Breathtaking Barry “Sweet Lips” Obama: “If you’re man enough to find me, you big bad macho man, I’ll be waiting for you in my favorite Chicago bathhouse!”

See, in addition to Monday Night Raws and Summer Slams and Royal Rumbles, the hucksters who pull the strings run the occasional world-wide Wrestlemania. They like the chaos and devastation of a world war. Changes that would take fifty years in peacetime can be crammed into a single year during a world war.

Hitler came to power in Germany aided by massive international loans, including from many American institutions. While a broken Germany was eventually allowed to build its army and navy, the allied forces kept their militaries small. Hitler and his other goofy, comic-book dictators launched World War II with all of its horrors. But why did Hitler stand down for Dunkirk where thousands of British troops, trapped between German armies and sea, were allowed to escape to England to fight another day? Because it would have ended the war too early with the designated loser winning the belt. Why did Hitler declare war on the United States after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor? It doesn’t make any sense unless you realize that Hitler himself was a mole for the world elites.

The main-event contenders in the upcoming horrific tag team to the death: The US and Israel in one corner, and Russia and China in the other. Undercard matches include major bouts for the European Union, North Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Middle East. But just about every other little piss-ant country will have their roles.


Well, there’s maybe one good thing about World War III.

The coming world war will result in colossal death tolls that will finally achieve the elite’s longtime goal of world depopulation. Economies and livelihoods will suffer so terribly that former die-hard patriots in the United States will beg to trade in their guns for food. A world government will have to be set up, they’ll say, to reunite people to their smart phones and their manicures and their Chipotle restaurantes.

Setting the Stage

But this all has to be set up ahead of time, with world events and world players dressed and ready to play their parts.

Just like the lead up to Wrestlemania, there is a great deal of drama and bluster, even surprise, dirty matches in the ring, that raise the tension just before the main event. Putin is sending clandestine soldiers in a Ukrainian civil war. Greece is ready to topple in economic meltdown! China and Japan are hurling threats over armaments and the South China Sea. ISIS is lopping off heads all over the Middle East. Iran could go nuclear at any time! And we can’t forget young Kim in North Korea promising doomsday for the United States. Exciting times are leading up to a main event that will really light ’em up! Stay tuned!

Russia has its crazy conservative leader in Putin. Why shouldn’t the United States have a crazy leader of our own in someone like Donald Trump? Such cartoonish monsters would really highlight the so-called evils of nativist, Christian bigots just like Hitler was a caricature of the racist white anti-democratic nationalist. And just as Hitler is used to discredit and guilt-trip those who love their own race and nation, the conservative buffoons who started World War III will discredit Christian conservatives and traditionalists who believe in national and cultural sovereignty. Such people, it will be said, cause hatred and wars. The scapegoat might not be Donald Trump, but he could certainly pass the audition.


After World War II, Leftists have used Hitler as a bogeyman to discredit everything he seemed to stand for: race and nationhood, militarism and intolerance for Marxism. After World War III, Putin and whoever leads the US might well be used to discredit Christianity, patriotism, traditional gender roles, and capitalism. And of course race and nationhood.

The end-game for the elites is total and open control of every man, woman, and child in the world, a dystopia that makes 1984 and Brave New World look like play-school puppet shows. In order to get there, they have to keep duping and manipulating the common people of the world until the time comes when the people are so desperate that they won’t care when the wrestling masks come off.

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  1. Freemasonry is not involved in any mass or petty conspiracy. When leadership of nations includes Freemasons, it serves as a seal of integrity. Other organizations, I would reserve comment as agendas appear valid in allegations though too, unsubstantiated.


    • Thanks, Brittius, for your comments. I encourage you and everyone else who stumbles across this site to express your disagreements or corrections to me, and I especially enjoy a thoughtful retort like this one.

      The farther up the hierarchy of society, the less I really know about its inner workings and agendas. The van Niekerk article lists several of the shadowy elite puppet-masters of the world whom the conspiracy crowds tend to blame for the sad and strange state of today’s world. Probably it could have included organized Jewry, the Papacy, and the Fabian Socialists, too. The Freemasons, due to their inner secrecy and history of leadership, are probably the most common targets of all. Personally, I’ll admit that I am suspicious of the upper-level Masons but have no trustworthy data to work with. I’m at least suspicious of all the elite groups, though not too worried about the lizard people.

      From what I can personally deduce, there do exist some type of elites in the world who are deliberately, and often secretly, engineering society towards global governance, reverse morality, and away from organized religion (particularly Christianity), traditional values, and nationhood among other things. It is clear from viewing the media that these processes are orchestrated by people in high places, though I can’t tell if they’re united or not. Personally, I believe Satan himself is involved and working through various human groups. Who these human groups are, I can’t be entirely sure, but some groups do stand out from others.

      Perhaps I should explain these van Niekerk articles. Each of the contributors at Fines et Initia is a facet of my own mind, almost a distinct personality. One might call it a form of of functional madness. With the other main contributors such as the Janus group or Barzillai, I try to avoid wild speculations, but with van Niekerk I loosen those restrictions to a sometimes irresponsible level. You might compare it to owning several vehicles, most of which stay on the road for responsible driving, but van Niekerk is one of my off-road vehicles that I don’t mind banging up.

      Sometimes it’s fun to speculate and see where the thoughts take you. Probably I’ll piss off and confuse some people in the process, but it keeps me from getting bored with the writing, and keeps my audience—small as it may be—wondering what kind of post will appear next.

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  2. Interesting post, I’m tempted to copy the Hitler part and post it an a comment section I read frequently and maybe generate some traffic for your site. That traffic would be a mixed bag; if they came you might regret it.

    I tend to think ‘They’ are various groups pursuing their own goals in competition with each other. Sometimes this group align with that one and they seem to be a larger conspiracy, but its really multiple small groups after power and wealth and power and wealth.


    • It’s hard to tell about the groups. I hope you’re correct, actually, as it gives some hope that the future can be something like the past, with various elites and nations rising and falling.

      I can’t help but think that’s not the case. Maybe it’s all of those End Times Pentecostal Sunday School lessons from my childhood, but I think we’re heading for an endgame. Not with the world war necessarily, but the aftermath.

      Technology just about demands it, as we are heading towards a post-human global totalitarianism the likes of which humanity will not recover without divine intervention. Genetic, nanotechnical, and computational technologies will cause us to lose our ability to reproduce on our own, to possess un-engineered genetics, and even to lose our free wills. Maybe I am over-reacting, but I doubt we can escape this outcome without a divine bail-out (or maybe a new dark age).

      Anyhow, I leave it to your judgment about whether to repost parts of my articles and where. There are advantages to peace and quiet, but it can be mentally stimulating to answer comments from a wide range of thought.

      Plus I have a feeling that the rowdiest types would get bored here.


      • Somebody said, evil can never win in the long run because it can’t cooperate.


      • Corruption will ultimately undo them, as the true believers of an unGodly cause will abandon what brought them success, and they will resort to selfishness. The Soviet Union is a fine example.

        It is human nature, fallen as it is.

        But imagine a genetically-modified, nano-engineered human with a micro-chip-controlled brain through a worldwide computer network. Such a human would be incapable of corruption, independent reason, or thought. They will have lost their human nature.

        This might sound inconceivable, but advances in the last ten years or so in mind-control, computer-mind interfaces, nanotechnology, and gene tailoring all suggest the possibility. The demand to use these technologies for total power is definitely present among our leadership; they are gradually implementing it and conditioning us now.

        I know that these elites lose in the end, but I think it is very likely to come within the next thirty or forty years.


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