Refugee Crisis: The EU is the Problem, Not the Solution

A sailor from HMS BULWARK hands out water to rescued individuals on a Royal Navy Landing Craft.

– 28 August 2015 –


Patulcius-sqThousands of refugees are reaching Europe every day, by land or by sea, a problem caused in part by policies imposed by the European Union.  The UN helpfully suggests that the solution to Europe’s problem is more power to the European Union:

One of the approaches the UNHCR has been championing has been funding and rolling out a land version of Mare Nostrum, a year-long naval and air operation set up by Italy in 2013 to tackle the increased immigration to Europe. 150,000 migrants were rescued during the operation.

“Now we have a coordinated response by Europe to rescue people at sea and it has successfully saved most of the people that landed in Italy. That is a success story and a way that shows that Europe can act together but as a mayor of an Italian town told me: “We need a Mare Nostrum for land too,” Spindler said.

The refugee agency is also advocating that European countries have a “more equal share of the responsibility” when it comes to receiving and accommodating migrants and refugees.

“At the moment, some countries are receiving very large numbers of refugees and migrants, while others are receiving very few. We would like more to be done, otherwise it creates situations where people or countries feel that they are being unfairly treated or not helped enough,” Spindler added.

The equal distribution of the refugee burden throughout Europe won’t help with the refugee crisis; that only manages the symptoms of the problem.

If there is any benefit to such a policy, it is that no citizen of a EU country can remain neutral to the idiocy of European Union policy with regard to refugees, a policy that has guaranteed the current refugee crisis:

Asylum is granted to people fleeing persecution or serious harm in their own country and therefore in need of international protection. Asylum is a fundamental right; granting it is an international obligation, first recognised in the 1951 Geneva Convention on the protection of refugees . In the EU, an area of open borders and freedom of movement, countries share the same fundamental values and States need to have a joint approach to guarantee high standards of protection for refugees. Procedures must at the same time be fair and effective throughout the EU and impervious to abuse. With this in mind, the EU States have committed to establishing a Common European Asylum System.

The refugee crisis in Europe arises from two general issues:

The first is the push factor.  The abysmal policies of the United States and NATO in dealing with ISIS, which in turn stems from foolish operations in Iraq and Syria that allowed ISIS to flourish, have contributed to the majority of the refugees that are fleeing to Europe from their war-torn homelands.

The second, and more important, issue is the pull factor.  Refugees aren’t fleeing to India or Russia; they are seeking the European Union’s suicidal policy on refugees.  Europe takes excellent care of refugees and only rarely sends them back.

If families who live in a shanty town see that the mansion a few miles away will feed and clothe them, and take care of them for life, if only they can hop the wall, is it any surprise that these poor families would do so?  Never mind that the resources of the mansion’s owners, great as they may be, will be quickly exhausted by the newcomers to their household.  Never mind that the newcomers, when they become sufficiently large and ungrateful, will take over the mansion and turn it into the shanty town that they left.


If the European Union no longer serves the interests of its constituent nations, then it deserves to collapse like the Tower of Babel, which their Parliament resembles. Ironically, just as Babel fell because of the confounding of language, so might the EU collapse from the confounding of foreigners.

One of the main tasks of a country is the enforcement of its borders and the protection of its citizens.  The EU fails miserably on both accounts.  What is the point of EU membership for its constituent nations?  A supposedly better economy?  If the refugees keep pouring in, even that debatable premise will fall apart.

If the European Union wants to prove its worth, it should build up its militaries, militarily and financially support Bashar al-Assad in Syria and King Abdullah II in Jordan, as well as the Iraqi authorities (such as they are) and possibly the Kurds, and eradicate the cockroach ISIS army.

Then the EU should expel all of these Middle Eastern refugees from Europe back to their homelands, including populations that have lived there for decades.

And if the lands in North Africa are so terrible for their citizens, Europe should assert its dominance there as well, establishing strong leaders who will keep their unruly peoples in line and who will remain friendly to European interests.  Or not.  But the refugees should be deported there as well.

In any case, Europe must stop accepting these refugees and providing cushy lives for them.  When the boats pick them up, they should drop the refugees off where they departed.  If the Turks and Moroccans don’t like it, let them try to do something about it.

Those refugees who the Europeans decide to keep, for whatever reason, should be considered wards of the state and put to work until such a time that they can be removed.  They must not be allowed to live and work or move freely in EU territory.  I understand and agree that these are fellow human beings who should be treated with respect, but they came to Europe and must expect to serve European interests so long as they are present.

Do these recommendations sound like the policies of a fascist?  This is the bed that Europe has made.  If Europe wants to survive as Europe, the time has long passed for faint-of-heart, passive-aggressive measures from disconnected committee bureaucrats.  The times are too desperate now for genteel parliamentary debates and orderly public discourse.

The question is: do Europeans have the will to survive anymore as a distinct civilization of nations?

Not yet, but the presence of savages at every doorstep, along with economic chaos, might drive the average European to act—with or without the European Union—whether the sissies in charge like it or not.

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  1. Hungary is apparently moving to secure its borders:


  2. Like stroke victims relearning to walk, Europeans are slowly recovering from the past fifty years of egalitarian stupidity. They’ve got quite a while yet, but in the end I think there’s a pretty good chance for a full recovery. If there’s a silver lining in this whole ISIS thing, the flood of refugees has forced changes too rapid for the good Leftists to ignore.



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