When I Said Politics Was the Same as Professional Wrestling, I Didn’t Mean Literally


– 31 August 2015 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkA few weeks ago I told you that politics was no different than professional wrestling!  Now the proof begins to reveal itself from the impenetrable depths of the pudding!

Both Jesse Ventura and now Hulk Hogan have recently expressed their fondest desires that Donald Trump would select one of them as his running mate.  They must see in Trump’s showmanship something familiar from their WWF heydays.  Of course, neither one of them has a chance to be picked.  Because behind the scenes Trump’s people have been meeting with Tito Santana‘s people to discuss the possibility of a Vice President “El Matador“.  Certainly Santana would help Trump reach those elusive but all-important Hispanic voters!


Patulcius-sqIt’s the media that wants the public to associate Donald Trump with the hijinks of professional wrestling.  Ventura offered his candidacy in an offhand way on his internet talk show.  Hogan conveniently did so during an obscure interview, seemingly a set up.  The establishment media is blowing this out of proportion.  Notice all of the wrestling articles about Trump?

Now that Donald Trump is taking off as a serious threat, the media is getting into high-gear demolition mode to destroy Trump just like they did to Sarah Palin in 2008.

Many in the public, especially in the mushy middle, will gradually alter their opinions in the face of a continuous media barrage because they believe they are smart and educated people, but the only way they can maintain that high opinion of themselves is through continuous reinforcement from other intelligent and credentialed people, which, for these SWPL mid-wits, includes journalists and celebrities.

But the more the media hates Trump and attacks him, the more that disgruntled white voters will actually turn out to vote for him.  This might explain why more whites turned out in 2008 than in 2012.  The non-voting, disgruntled types turned out because of Palin.

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  1. I’m with Patulcius, the wrestling thing seems to be an attempted smear, though in Ventura was governor of Minn so he has more political experience than Trump.

    I’d vote for Trump if he got on the ticket, but I’m a single issue voter and Trump is right on that issue. I wonder how he fares if/when he has to debate other topics.


    • Your right that Ventura would make a marginally more sensible choice for running mate, but his selection wouldn’t attract any different demographics to vote for him, and by that I don’t really mean race or gender-based, but someone who would balance him out. I have no guesses on who that could be.

      I go into the voting booth half expecting the whole game to be rigged, and am not sure if I’ll go for Trump if he’s available. I suspect you have doubts as well, but what is there to lose at this point? Trump talks a good talk on the immigration issue, and the longer he runs, the more he damages the PC game. His presidency might be fun to watch in any case. Better than that bastard we have now.


      • Trump vs Putin might be fun.

        I don’t know about the larger electorate, but Pat Buchanan would add some foreign policy and general political experience and I’d vote for him. He’s not interested as far as I can tell and I think he has some health issues.

        Speaking of Jesse Ventura, Predator was on last night and I was thinking, ‘wow, this movie has 2 governors in it!’

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  1. Of Politics & Wrestling | Brittius

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