A New Low in Obama’s America: A Christian Jailed for Her Beliefs


– 5 September 2015 –


Patulcius-sqObama’s America has fallen to another new low this week, having imprisoned a Christian for living out her beliefs. Somehow, while it is okay for Obama to refuse to enforce a number of laws established by Congress, and it’s acceptable for a number of states to legalize marijuana in defiance of federal law, or for cities to refuse to comply with immigration laws, one lowly elected official in Kentucky must sit in federal prison until she agrees to comply with the Supreme Court’s arbitrary ruling on homosexual marriage.

We live in a time when the laws aren’t connected to nature or God but to the power and agendas of the few.  If someone belongs to the wealthy and powerful elite, or possesses the correct political beliefs, especially if they belong to the protected minority and/or deviant groups, then the laws only loosely apply.  For those who belong to the old order, the laws can be enforced with arbitrary strictness.  The IRS can destroy Tea Party groups; the courts and the Attorney General overturn state laws concerning voter ID, abortion, and illegal immigration; bakers and florists are persecuted from their businesses for not bowing to the homosexual agenda.

Conservatives normally have insisted more than anyone that society comply with the law simply because it’s the law.  It was what good Christians did.  But younger Christians in America don’t have such a clear-cut case these days.  We will have to follow the examples of thousands of martyrs before us in deciding which laws belong to Caesar and which to the Lord.


The great Constitutionalist, Judge David Bunning, throws the book at Kim Davis for her refusal to abandon God’s law in favor of the arbitrary whims of human law.

Back to the Kim Davis case, maybe it’s a good thing that Judge David Bunning of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky has over-extended his authority:

“The court doesn’t do this lightly, ma’am,” Bunning told Davis as he found her in contempt. “You don’t strike me as someone who is contentious or combative.

“In this country, we live in a society of laws. Our system of justice requires citizens — and significantly, elected officials — to follow the rules of the courts.”

Later in the day, after Bunning established that five of Davis’ deputy clerks were willing to issue marriage licenses, Davis’ lawyers asked the judge to reconsider sending her to jail. If the people of Rowan County can get a marriage license from the clerk’s office, even if it’s over Davis’ objections, then surely the judge’s order is satisfied, the lawyers said.

But Davis scotched that effort by informing Bunning, from a courthouse holding cell, that she would not agree to let her deputies obey the judge’s order if she is released. With a shrug, Bunning said Davis would remain incarcerated for at least a week, until he can review how her office operates in her absence. She was taken to the Carter County jail but can free herself by agreeing to comply with his order, Bunning said.

Turning back to the deputy clerks, Bunning warned them that he would be unhappy if he learned of “shenanigans” at the clerk’s office, like more refusals of service or a sign on the door Friday saying “Closed for computer repairs.”

“I do expect compliance,” the judge told the deputy clerks.

The Rowan County couples suing Davis asked Bunning on Wednesday to find her in contempt, although they recommended he levy stiff fines against her, as opposed to incarcerating her.

Bunning rejected the possibility of fines Thursday after Davis testified that Liberty Counsel, the religious advocacy group providing her with lawyers, also is collecting money on her behalf from her supporters nationally. Additionally, Davis and her lawyers insisted that fines would not compel her to obey the court order, which is supposed to be the point of a contempt penalty.

Bunning is unintentionally waking those Christians in America who are still trying to live with their heads down and have it both ways. More and more Christians are seeing that we will soon have to make a choice: to live and sacrifice for our faith or to embrace the earthly powers of Mammon and Moloch.  The Left is willing to throw us in prison to ensure compliance.

Of course, the usual suspects triumphantly condemn Kim Davis:

On September 2, Steven R. Shapiro, legal director of the ACLU, said: “The law is clear and the courts have spoken. The duty of public officials is to enforce the law, not place themselves above it.”

steven r. shapiro2

“The law is for thee but not for me!”

On September 3, the Anti-Defamation League commented:

“No one should question or challenge Ms. Davis’s religious beliefs. The fact that some news articles and commentators have criticized Davis’s beliefs as inconsistent or hypocritical is beside the point. The bottom line is that she has no right, constitutional or otherwise, to refuse to do the job the state of Kentucky pays her to do. … If Ms. Davis or others feel that they cannot fulfill the duties they were selected to perform, they should step aside and allow others to serve the community.”

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin and others have compared Davis’ refusal to follow court orders to Alabama Governor George Wallace’s 1963 segregationist Stand in the Schoolhouse Door incident.

It’s interesting how all of these supposedly liberty-minded Jews demand full compliance with the letter of the law.  But how would they comply if the letter of the law demanded their mass expulsion from the United States?  Once again the law is for “thee but not for me.”

And to all those conservatives like Michael Reagan who say that Davis should simply resign if she can’t conduct her job in good conscience, just what are you conserving anyway?  You will conserve the societal drag marks that show how far the Left has pulled your dead weight for the past one hundred years!  You can take your balanced budgets and tax reforms and your failed wars for Muslim democracy and shove them up your asses!

Judge Bunning has made a martyr of Kim Davis, and the longer she sits behind bars for her faith the stronger that the Christian cause in America against our heathen government will grow.  Davis refuses to resign, God bless her, thereby forcing the Left to play their hands to the last card, something that they’re not accustomed to doing.

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  1. Kim Davis is an elected official and a democrat(!) I have to assume she believes her constituents will support her. And refusing to resign is a smart step. I don’t know where I found this, either you posted it or somebody else did:


    On a related topic, I have noticed the joos being mentioned here more frequently. It seems you have noticed That Which Should Not be Noticed! Just don’t call it a conspiracy, because conspiracy, by definition, requires secrecy:



    • I never saw the SJW Survival Guide in pdf form, but I think it was also part of a post on Vox Popoli, but I don’t think you heard of it from me.

      I have puzzled over Kim Davis’s status as a Democrat. How could a practicing, bible-believing Christian (admittedly a recent convert) who is even half aware still consider herself a Democrat? I can only assume she wasn’t aware at all. I know some local union troop Democrats that are only political insofar as how they perceive it affects their own paycheck. Maybe that’s her. I gather she might be a little more informed these days.

      Yes, I have more frequently referred to the overwhelming Jewish manipulation of our society. It’s not that I have only lately discovered this fact. I have known about this issue since the last years of William Pierce and largely owe him and the National Alliance for my “awakening”. I normally prefer to avoid race-baiting, but lately I’m just a little more annoyed with Jewish influence and arrogance than usual.

      I’m not one to harp on Jews all of the time like some, though it’s easy to do. For one thing, repetitious attacks on Jewish influence causes even very conservative people to shut off their brains and leave in disgust, right or wrong. Plus, attacks on Jewish influence get monotonous, even crude, and I can’t help but consider blaming the Jews to be a simplistic argument for our troubles. I don’t believe that the majority of the Jewish people are deliberately involved in our destruction, but there is no question that Jews form a closed, outside group who generally manipulate against our nationhood to major ill effect. Probably the United States would be better off if they had never arrived en masse more than 100 years ago.

      I plan in the very near future, probably this week, to detail my views on Jewish influence, Zionism, and Jews as a people in general. In fact, I’ve been planning to make a whole series of posts that describe various nations and sub-nations that exist within at least the United States, if not the West in general. I want to expand on the concept of organic nationhood.

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