Dear White People: “You Owe Us Black People a Tremendous Debt – Still Unpaid,” Says Angry South African


– 10 September 2015 –


Janus-smallMogomotsi Sebaetse is a South African “Street Psychologist”, “Pan-Africanist”, and “Humanist” Blogger with an IQ of 139.  And he has had quite enough of white people complaining about blacks who “‘think the world owes them something, and when they don’t get it, everyone who refused them is immediately labeled a racist.’ ”  So he wrote an open letter to white people to remind us of our guilt:

The life you enjoy today is also made easier by the fact that you were born with a White skin in a country where having White skin has brought meaningful, unearned advantages for hundreds of years.  And yet so many White people think racism is gone, over, a moot point, or a tiresome topic.  Especially Good White People.  They point to all the progress they’ve made and how much better things are.  Yes, they’ve made progress and things are better – but this was just as much (or more) due to Black peoples’ efforts as theirs.  Yes you still owe us a tremendous balance.

White people!  YOU are the problem.  YOU stand in the way of progress, of ending racism. . . .

. . . I think it’s almost funny when White people say Black people need to “get over” racism already.  How about we tell Jews to “get over” the Holocaust?  How about we tell Americans to “get over” 9/11? Can you imagine the uproar?  Keep in mind that 9/11 only occurred once, and while it justifiably traumatized millions of people, it only really happened to a few thousand.  What if you – and every Afrikaaner — experienced 9/11 every month for 500 years?  How easy would that be to just “get over”?  How cruel to say such a thing.  How dare YOU!


Just imagine the horrific experience of a 9/11 every month for five hundred years. That’s what slavery was like to black people. So get ready to pay.

Here’s the real question – what are you White people afraid of?  Are you afraid of Black people taking over?  Afraid they’re coming to collect their debt of centuries of oppression?  How dare you think that Black people wanting – demanding – to be treated with the same fairness and dignity as White people is taking anything away from you.  Even if it were, it’s high time you started paying your debt.

Or maybe you’re afraid that Black people are telling the truth – that their experience is real.  Then maybe you aren’t who you say you are.  Maybe you aren’t who we think you are.

Why isn’t Black people’s experience enough evidence in itself that you – all of you whiteys – have a problem?  Do you not believe Black South Africans because their experience isn’t yours?  Because you think they’re making it up?  Because it’s unflattering?  Inconvenient?  Wow, that’s awful – almost as bad as slavery!   Maybe you’re not hearing us because we’re Black?

How terrified you must be.  This fear is further evidence that you know you owe us a debt.  When people test their unconscious biases, they usually carry negative unconscious biases against Black people.  We know that Black people aren’t given a fair shake or treated equally.  And yet you’re unwilling to give anything to balance it out, crying unfairness.  How dare YOU!

White people!  Your voices are the voices of history.  Either you speak and act consistent with the historical forces of oppress or the forces of progress.   When you say Black people are “entitled” you’re really saying Black people are “uppity n—rs.”  When you say “Police Lives Matter” you’re really saying “Police Lives Matter More Than Black Lives.”

Good White People!  It’s time for action. History has been steadily moving in a clear direction – towards more freedom, justice and equality.  Change is coming – with you, without you, or in spite of you.  Which side of history will you be on? Will you act from fear, or from love – powerful love that insists on justice? How will the future judge your goodness and morality?  Will you be the movie characters that inspire shame and horror in White viewers 50 – 150 years from now? Or will you be the ones that inspire cheers and pride? . . .

. . . Only Blacks (and other people of color) experience racism: the systematic distribution of resources, power and opportunity in our society to the benefit of people who are white and the exclusion of people of color.

The chickens have come home to roost, Good White People.  Now is the reckoning.  You’ve been paying the debt down, but you still owe us.  Now is the time that you pay in full.  The fact you didn’t incur this debt and you aren’t personally guilty for slavery and Jim Crow is irrelevant. Your system isn’t built on that principal.  If my grandfather dies and leaves behind an outstanding debt, it doesn’t just go away, my father gets it.  If he doesn’t pay it off, I inherit the debt. Someone always pays for debts, and you being beneficiaries of slavery and racism makes you co-signers.  Bummer.

Nothing in White people’s experience comes close to the suffering of Black people, and you White people owe Black people a tremendous debt – still unpaid.  You’ve inherited this debt. Here’s how you pay it down:

You must apologize.  Because of Mandela you got forgiven without you ever apologizing. Mandela is dead now. We reconciled alone. We “forced” you into this “rainbow nation”.

You must ensure legislation designed to even the playing field stays in place and is improved.  And it’s way too soon to dismantle Affirmative Action.  You can talk about everyone being treated fairly regardless of color once you’ve made that a reality by correcting the tilt in the playing field.

You must hold your own accountable.  It’s not really your job as a White person to call out a Black person’s self-hatred, internalized oppression, “playing the race card”, or “race baiting”.  I trust Black people can self regulate and help their own come correct..  To not hold your own accountable damages your integrity and your cause.  And so it’s your job to hold White people, especially elected officials and public servants accountable for what they say and don’t say, what they do and don’t do, and what policies and programs they get behind.

You must look slavery and racism squarely in the eye.  Use your unearned privilege, built on the bedrock of millions of slaves you have yet to acknowledge, much less thank, to insist on true and complete equity for those who need it most, and the descendants of those your ancestors abused.  You don’t need Afriforums, you don’t need to dismantle programs or policies that give Africans a leg up – you got a 500+ year head start on us!


“Granted privileges we don’t even realize.” Is it really fair that the marker is only readable on pale skin?

You must address the triple threat that Martin Luther King identified – racism, poverty and militarization.  You are part of the problem.

That’s your debt, your bill due and payable.  Sound difficult?  Scary?  Unfair?  How dare you!  Nothing in White people’s experience comes close to the suffering of Black people.  Nothing. And you inflicted this suffering upon us.  These actions are the very least you can do.

Tired of hearing about race and racism?  Then make it stop goddamnit.

I quoted from the unedited version here, which was posted as a comment to a news story about perceived white racism in South Africa’s Potchefstroom campus of the North-West University, a mainly white Afrikaner school.  The version at the Daily Vox was edited for length, supposedly, but was also toned down slightly.

Despite his likely brilliance in so many fields, and some degree of elegance to his writing, Mr. Sebaetse falls into the tiresome trap of so many black people: he demands that someone else take care of him and his people.  That is what we white people don’t like.  We believe black people should stand on their own feet after we relinquish our power.  This is true equality.  But somehow blacks have a difficult time when they try to run things themselves.

And the only thing we fear from your people, Mr. Sebaetse, is the destruction and death from when you come to take away or destroy everything that we haven’t already given.

It is interesting that Mogomotsi Sebaetse makes use of several terms and events from the culture of oppression of American blacks.  American culture is so pervasive in the world, whether other nations want to admit it or not, that a South African uses the language of the downtrodden American black, terms like “Jim Crow” and “lunch counters” and references to Martin Luther King.

Oddly enough, the spread of American black victimhood is the modern-day version of the revolutionary “shot heard round the world”, with the concept spreading from America’s shores to every supposedly oppressed people of the world, and expressed almost exclusively against white people everywhere.  This is one of the push factors in the current European invasion.  It drives Barrack Obama and #blacklivesmatter.  And it is one of the forces that has created the rising angst against whites in South Africa.

It’s easy to dismiss Sebaetse’s rage, but as he warns in his open letter, whether we are ready or not, whether we try to appease them or not, this force of retribution will come for our lands and our wealth because they believe we owe it to them.  Theirs is the mindless force of envy, desperation, and destruction, a new barbarian invasion that threatens to engulf much of the world in a new dark age.  If we fail to drive back these hordes and keep them out, if too many of us keep buying into the notion of white guilt, we will be swept beneath the demographic tide, and the primitive descendants of today’s “migrants” will be left to tell campfire stories of the age when white wizards ruled the earth.

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  2. I thought of penning a response to you utterances Janus but then I thought, what’s the point? I respond you respond I respond you respond he responds she responds yadayada. Yawn. In theory ignorance should be defeated by education but not true with you and your kind. Or maybe its just one of those white supremacy strategies? Argue them(blacks) to death and confuse them.

    I’m done talking. Don’t you just wish you knew what we planning for your kind right now? Watch the trends. Oh by the way I use African American terms and suffering as I relate to them and suffering. What you and most of the black America don’t understand yet is we are a great ally to one another. As for those “migrant” you mentioned how about you refer to them with their true identity. Atleast show my intelligence some respect. There are no “migrants” dying as they try to reach Europe. Thou there are REFUGEES seeking political asylum from europe. Why would they need to? Oh let me see, oh yeah because EU with the help of America bombed their countries and armed extremists in order to create a chaotic distraction so no one sees where the oil and raw minerals are really going.

    You might think we playing victims now. You might really deep down believe it too. But nothing lasts forever. Remember that.

    Oops I did respond after all. Guess my monkey brain fell in your trap


    • It is an honor and a surprise, Mr. Sebaetse, to receive a reply from you, even if you fell into my diabolical white supremacist trap. But I hope that you will not consider your efforts wasted by doing so.

      Yes, we are enemies, and there is little that we can do to change that. Neither one of us is what most people would call ignorant or uneducated. But education and knowledge are just building blocks to assemble a useful and sensible worldview, and probably you and I see the world too differently to find many common blocks between us. We are equivalent opposites, I suppose.

      However, it is a pleasure to talk with thoughtful, rational people who are nonetheless opposed to my goals just as I oppose theirs. And I don’t want to argue anyone to death in a futile attempt to ‘win’ (you’re right, it’s boring). But it’s interesting to see how other people think and why.

      To directly respond to what you’ve said: I’m not worried about what you’re supposedly planning, but history is a good guide.

      South Africa is poised for a spiritual awakening that will probably lead to much suffering on both sides while failing to address the issues at hand. I see a great move to demand a cultural and societal reformation from all of the nations of South Africa, both black and white (the English possibly excluded). Unfortunately, in history these awakenings usually fail to reach their incompatible and political goals and they just lead to chaos for a time. The whites who can flee will do so, and I suspect those who cannot will either die or carve out a new territory of their own, possibly in Namibia or Botswana.

      Outside of South Africa, there is great trouble brewing over the horizon. The people of the entire world are being dragged, sometimes willingly, over a cliff of world war. The cards are going to be reshuffled and it’s difficult to see the hands that the people will be dealt in this conflict and the aftermath.

      The Muslims and the blacks (and everyone else, really) see the comic weakness of the European peoples, and these REFUGEES (invaders 😀 ) are ready to take the spoils and gleefully rule over their former oppressors. In America, the U.S. and Canada face revolts much like the ones that destroyed Tsarist Russia in 1917. The elites of the world (which exclude all but a tiny number of us privileged whites but include a good many non-whites, even in South Africa) hope to create a globalist system out of the destruction and chaos of the war, imposing total order on you and me alike. But who knows, with so much chaos, maybe the white peoples will come out on top again? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

      Concerning the Middle East and much of the world, I mostly agree with you that Western governments, particularly the U.S., have deliberately sowed the chaos that we now see, though sub-Saharan Africa isn’t one of those places (and I know I’ll never convince you of that).

      But it’s not about oil or resources. Why would we want destabilized, unruly countries to supply our resources when such instability threatens the supply? It’s about geo-political games with other nations or power-blocs, the rule of the world, and the common people on the ground, as usual, are the pawns who get sacrificed.

      Just for the spirit of clarification and mutual exchange of worldviews, I am not exactly a white supremacist, though I am certainly a racist. Here is the world that I would like to see:

      Ideally, I propose that every nation on the earth, great or small, be respected for its right to at least internal self-determination. No people should be the slave or exploited servant of another. Every nation has the right to exist, to live according to its traditions, to maintain its bloodlines and territorial integrity.

      I understand that this is not entirely practical, and that human nature will lead nations to struggle and fight one another, and that nations will continue to rise and fall, to be born and to die, to rule over others and be ruled by others in turn.

      Countries like South Africa ought to become federalized according to nation, which is almost the case, and white Afrikaners ought to have their own distinct territory. In the white nations of Europe and America, I would like to see most of the foreign presence restored to their home nations.

      What do you hope your nation and people will achieve? What do you envision for your people in the coming decades, even centuries? I’m not asking this for rhetorical purposes, just genuine curiosity. Also, again out of curiosity, and off topic: is “Sebaetse” a Tswana surname?

      Thanks for having replied, and many regards.


  3. This is either proof that IQ does not guarantee the ability to think or that political beliefs are genetic.

    He doesn’t want us to treat blacks equal to whites, he wants us to put blacks into the positions of power, positions created by white people, in the modern countries that white people created. The slave doesn’t want freedom, he wants to hold the whip.


    • This guy is a decent thinker, but in his world the white man controls or affects everything, for good or ill. In some ways he’s right; the white man in South Africa does still have enormous influence because of economic power. And wherever the whites relinquish power, things go poorly for the blacks. He believes that whites cause this failure by deliberately sabotaging the blacks. Therefore, because of the problems with black rule (caused by whites), and the horrible racist crimes of the sickening past, that the white man must perpetually work to pay off the blacks. He wants black power as well as insurance from failure.

      It’s like a kid who moves out of his parents house. He hates his parents for having used him to perform their chores and for ordering him around like a child. But after he lives on his own, he finds that he can’t immediately achieve the lifestyle of his parents, and he believes his parents still owe him for the hardships they imposed upon him in childhood, and that they are causing more problems by continuing to meddle in his affairs. He won’t allow himself to become truly free, economically and emotionally, from his parents. He won’t take responsibility and become a man.

      I fear that this spoiled kid will simply kill his parents and take their things, then complain that he still can’t maintain their old lifestyle.

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  4. Rabab

     /  30 June 2016

    Kill yourself..white cunt


    • That sounds like a cry from a pitiful child. Did Whitey hurt you once, long ago, Rababy?

      Your identity is tied to nothing but the white man and your hate of him. Racists and racism. “Boo hoo! The white man was mean to us!”

      But where are YOU, Messay?

      Go pout in your corner and think about building your own people into something worth a damn.


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