Britain More Concerned With Protecting Native Red Squirrels From Invasive Grays Than Protecting Native Britons from Invasive Immigrants


– 12 September 2015 –


Patulcius-sqBritish authorities are concerned that the invasive gray squirrel from North America will take over one of the last remaining red squirrel habitats in England, in Northumberland’s Kielder Forest on the border with Scotland.  Yet somehow the British see no parallel between the invasive gray squirrels and the invasive immigrants who are rapidly displacing native Britons from their aboriginal lands.  From the Telegraph:

Nick Mason, project manager for Red Squirrels Northern England, said until now Kielder had been a “very safe place for red squirrels”, with only “occasional sightings” of greys here and there near the forest.

The recent spate of sightings was “worrying”, he said, and conservationists are stepping up their efforts to try to protect the safe haven.

They have so far captured and killed all the greys that have been spotted in the forest and are expecting to secure new funding to bolster the defences as part of a £1.2 million grant announced on Friday from the Heritage Lottery Fund for red squirrel conservation nationwide.

Mr Mason said they planned to use the new cash next year to install 40 new motion-activated camera traps in remote parts of the woodland to detect squirrel movements as part of an “early warning system”.

They also plan to recruit up to 50 new volunteers to monitor the cameras for the grey infiltrators and either alert them when an animal is spotted or “find and kill it” themselves.

Mr Mason said volunteers were trained to kill the greys humanely, without using firearms. The main method used is live capture using cage traps.

“We decant the animal to a hessian sack and the animal is knocked on the head with a ‘priest’ – a little stick”, he explained.

That’s quite a bit of vigilance to protect a few thousand squirrels.

I don’t disapprove; unwanted invasive species ought to be eliminated if they threaten native species.  That’s not even a controversial statement.

What is controversial, for some reason, is the desire of white nations to preserve their national integrity and heritage from invasive movements of people.  These migrants should be treated humanely, but it must be made clear that we won’t let them move freely in our societies nor shall they stay for the long term.

Too bad the British don’t possess the will to make even half of the effort to save themselves as a distinct people that they have invested to thwart the spread of gray squirrels.  Cameron’s feeble attempts to stave off bringing more than 20,000 refugees, for instance, is a token resistance that will likely crumble in the face of weak British resolve.

Too many Britons somehow have yet to see immigration as a threat.  “We’re all just one human family, you know!”

Who knows if our peoples will ever wake up? If a tsunami of immigrants won’t do it, nothing will.

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  2. I have actually seen an article very similar to this a few months ago. I’ve been trying to find it because the comments were classic!


    • I wonder if somebody isn’t quietly signalling…


      • I had thought to show an edited version of the article with “gray squirrels” changed to “illegal immigrants” and “red squirrels” to “Britons”, but I wondered if this might go too far: “Mr Mason said volunteers were trained to kill the illegals humanely, without using firearms. The main method used is live capture using cage traps.
        “We decant the illegal immigrant to a hessian sack and the immigrant is knocked on the head with a ‘priest’ – a little stick”, he explained.”

        It’s hard to say about signalling. But it’s easy to believe the British liberals see no irony here.

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      • I’m as anti-illegal alien as they come, but that’s a bit harsh even for me!

        Kill them humanely WITHOUT USING A FIREARM. Why is it so important not to use a firearm? What could be more humane than a .22 in the brain?


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