Jamaican Official: Racism Thrives Because Black Nations Fail

President Yoweri Museveni (standing right) during the 19th African-Union General Assembly at the New African Headquarters in Addis-Ababa on Sunday 15th July 2012. PPU photo

– 21 September 2015 –


Janus-smallDr. Franklin Johnston, a Jamaican strategist, project manager, and adviser to the Jamaican minister of education, correctly observes that blacks won’t have any respect around the world until they can run a strong, modern-day nation.  He encourages black nations to stand on their own through hard work, education, and determination.  Via DailyKenn.com which itself refers to an older article in the Jamaica Observer:

Racism exists wherever there are black people. Why? In Jos, Nigeria, blacks just killed 42 blacks and we do not blink, yet we’re rabid when police kill one black youth in the USA. Recall 300 virgins taken a year ago? Silence! Is it that we expect savagery of blacks but not whites? You racist!

It was a liberal dream that, with education, laws, and cultural exchange racism would die. But it did not. They love our jazz, ladies, entertainers, athletes, tennis aces, yet racism is as in days of Jim Crow or Enoch Powell’s “river of blood” speech. Mixed marriages, integrated schools, black MPs, black president, did racism die? No way!

So, let’s go back to first principles. Is racism normal? Are species wired to prefer their own? Are blacks fighting a losing battle? So let’s deconstruct racism. . . .

. . . Racism is about power not race. Black power was good, but misguided. One black man’s success is no use as racism is not about personal power. Racism is about nation power. The day one black nation has top military, space and nuclear capability, racism goes into immediate remission. We can then dump goody-goody projects, empowerment seminars and basket weaving. Blacks will have power and get respect!


Johnston: “Prosperity and an equal capability for terror by one black nation anywhere will sound the death knell of racism everywhere.”  It sounds frightening, but he’s right.

No black nation colonised a white one or other — not ever! They had no power. Many black nations exist, but none prospers. That slavery is the root of racism or the cause of black poverty is a cleverly crafted subterfuge by lazy-brained blacks; rip-off reparations and back-to-Africa scams. Racism against “Gooks” died with Japan’s prosperity; the Chinese blew it away with cash and WMDs. India (remember we dissed Coolie man?) is gone clear with technology, space and nuclear arms. African is the only major population to be universally disrespected, even here; why? They have no prosperous, potential menacing nation. Others ask: Can they make the grade? Maybe, but with no proof of concept, let’s stick it to blacks! . . .

. . . Racism is not of slavery and rich blacks can’t stanch racism as it’s not personal it’s national. Whites are powerful for eons; other races got there later. Blacks are powerless victims and purveyors of racism. Black power was good but misguided. To riot in white man’s country can’t help us as it is still his land; riot in your own and build it fool! Only a prosperous black country with the fearsome trappings of WMDs can halt racism. When China was communist — known for laundries and food; and it was dissed — it built economic success, WMDs and got respect. Other races ordered their folks, scientists invented, stole or borrowed technology and got to a point where they could destroy the world — welcome to the head table! Every black nation is a satrapy. Ours, with the best brand, shames the new world negro; rich, big Nigeria shames itself and black people everywhere! Blacks can end racism but we will not apply ourselves!

Black nations produce few goods, mainly services — wrong move! They live off nature’s bounty — tourism, beach, jungle, wild animals; to sing, dance, run, preen on a stage is what we do. Blacks do not produce basics — sanitary napkin, car, gun, ship, toilet paper — yet use them with impunity. Blacks do not pull their weight globally, even in farming, and lag on all metrics — innovation, hard work, sacrifice, production, prosperity. They suffer for their performance deficits and use it to blackmail white people for aid. Prosperity and an equal capability for terror by one black nation anywhere will sound the death knell of racism everywhere. Over to you, black chiefs, kings and politicians — do it! Stay conscious, my friend!

Will black nations ever become first-rate powers?  Civilized people have asked that question for at least the past two hundred years, and so far the answer is no.

However, black nations in Africa have generally shown significant progress in achieving stability and order in the past fifty years, particularly in those nations that have embraced Christianity.  Many of their governments are showing a resilience against the rot that has infected nations of the West, particularly against laws promoting homosexuality.  Christian leaders from Africa, such as those in the Anglican and Pentecostal Churches, have vehemently resisted calls to liberalize their churches.

Just like the barbarians of Europe gradually, over centuries, evolved from primitive chaos to civilized order while the empires of the Orient stagnated, it’s not inconceivable that black nations, in four or five hundred years, might not rise to dominate the globe.  Is it likely? Probably not.  But God can do anything to show His glory.

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  2. Rabab

     /  30 June 2016

    I hope your children get strangled to death


    • That’s what a chimp thinks when we see him in the zoo. He can think of nothing else but the people looking in at him.

      But chimps in the wild don’t care about my children.

      Return to the wild, my friend, where you belong, and forget about the white man. Only then will you be free.



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