Feral Youth, Toxic Culture, and Violent Crime in the United States


– 31 October 2015 –


Janus-smallThe culture in the United States has grown increasingly toxic over the past five decades, and this is a key factor in most of the senseless violence that we see in this country, particularly our notorious mass shootings.

I see this rot when my extended family meets at Thanksgiving. Female cousins bring their children of various fathers, accompanied by new silent boyfriends crouched over their phones, boyfriends who will probably never return.  Male cousins sometimes bring their sluts of the month. Older members of my family get married, divorce, then remarry again, but the younger ones don’t even bother. The younger members are increasingly fat and androgynous, homosexual, interracial, drug-users, pierced and tattooed. Hideous. The mothers working, driving their unemployed or underemployed man around. Living like stray cats in the gutters.

I love my extended family, but so many of them are lost. And I’m thankful that they at least show up for the holidays. Many extended families don’t even bother with that anymore.

Society has lost its bearings, and many people live their lives without a strong social/psychological framework or moral/philosophical foundation that would help them to cope with reality when it hits them.  Society in the United States has rejected or forgotten its Christian foundations and civilized virtues.

They want wealth but don’t want to work for it. They want power without experience, knowledge, or responsibility. They want people to love them but they don’t want to sacrifice.

Most of these lost souls haven’t degenerated to violent crime, but such crime becomes increasingly common as people increasingly become the centers of their own universe.

What is the purpose of life in the U.S. if one’s only social structure is the possession of wealth, fame, status, and pleasure? Materialism not only makes people shallow, it makes people regard other people as objects. Such shallowness often leads to depression and unrealistic expectations. And when someone’s weak social structure starts to collapse, it is time to make people pay.  It leads to husbands slaughtering their entire families when the wife wants a divorce, or lunatics murdering their former co-workers after they are fired.


Maybe this is a fine upstanding young man these days, but his look is typical of today’s feral male loser who expects great things for himself without sacrificing his precious time, energy, or individual expression.  He only needs a smartphone in hand to complete the picture.

Individualism has evolved from individual responsibility to individual solipsism. A large group of people believe that they are the stars in their own personal movie, and other people are bit players at best or movie-set-crashers at worst. The solipsist’s only responsibility is to his own satisfaction, but he expects others to satisfy him as well. And the solipsist grows irritated when reality fails to conform to his fantasies. The star of a movie doesn’t just sit back and let things happen to him; he is the one who makes things happen. Why not make those set-crashers pay for their arrogance?

The opulent wealth of this country has disconnected many people from reality. People live in little bubbles, driving in their soundproof, insulated cars; watching the world through their rose-colored screens. From the time of childhood, we have no connection to the basis of our survival, and it’s very easy to believe that nothing should hurt us or stand in the way of our desires. When pain does come, physical or psychological, people have never learned how to deal with it, and they overreact. No one else’s pain can compare to theirs. Sometimes they try to mask the pain with drugs that only make them numb. When the pain does come, they strike out at whom they perceive to be the source with disproportionate force.

When corrupted guardians alternately neglect and indulge their children, this only contributes to the feral quality of life for people growing up. These children lack structure both outward and inward, and they grow up both spoiled and impoverished. When this kind of child-rearing environment is combined with narcissistic individualism, opulent materialism in a culture that worships fame, and a near total disconnection from reality thanks to technology, antipsychotic drugs, and social isolation, we are going to see more violent crime and rampage killings in the United States whether guns are ever banned or not.

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