Aleksandr Dugin Gives Fascinating Assessment of Russia’s Current Geopolitical Situation


– 3 November 2015 –


Janus-smallAleksandr Dugin is a Russian nationalist who openly calls for the restoration of some form of Greater Russia that would dominate an even greater alliance of nations called Eurasia.  His views have influenced Russia to a significant, if debatable, extent. While he is supposedly part of Putin’s circle of advisers, he has openly expressed his anger and frustration with Putin’s foreign policy, saying it isn’t aggressive enough.

Neocons warn us that Dugin is a fascist or imperialist, saying that he wants to restore Russian influence over the former Soviet Union, that he is the evil mastermind behind the rise of the new Hitler—Vladimir Putin—who will start World War III. Perhaps the Neocons are right in some ways, though the Neocons act as though the West is simply an innocent princess working for peace and freedom rather than another contestant in a world power game.

One thing is certain: Aleksandr Dugin has an influential vision for Russia, and NATO stands directly in the way of that vision. It need not be the case; the West could work with Russia, particularly against Muslim terrorists, but the powers-that-be would rather have us destroy one another as we did in two previous world wars.

In any case, Dugin is a very intelligent geo-political philosopher with a fascinating vision for his country. Frankly, he is a little frightening, which only adds to the fascination.

Below are excerpts of an interview he gave to Novorossiya, translated to English at Fort Russ:

After nearly a year of silence, Alexander Gelyevich discussed the current results of the Russian Spring, the war in Syria, and the inevitability of a final battle in Donbass in an exclusive interview with “Novorossiya.” [. . .]

[. . .] I’ll repeat once more: the Russian Spring is a requirement of our Russian historical existence. Russia will either be great, or will not be at all. Great Russia – this is not only a territory or expansion, as we do don’t need anything else. And I’m not against the existence of a sovereign Ukraine, if only it would be our ally or partner or, in the least, a neutral, intermediate space. We would like to be together in one state, but on this the citizens of Ukraine must decide. But what exactly shouldn’t be allowed is an Atlanticist occupation of Ukraine. This is a geopolitical axiom. Our enemies perfectly understand that Russia can become great again only together with Ukraine, either unified or having built some kind of balanced alliance. There is no other way. The Russian Spring is impossible without a Eurasian pivot in Ukraine, no matter what form, peaceful or not, that it takes. [. . .]

[. . .] I’ll explain. As we see in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, and even in the North Caucasus, trends towards an increase in the influence of ISIS are growing. And if we were not fighting ISIS in Syria, then we would have to do it in Central Asia and then, perhaps, on the territory of the Russian Federation. 

This is the plan of the Americans. Islamic fundamentalism has traditionally been an instrument in the structure of American and Atlanticist geopolitics, and this is an obvious point. The Islamic State is an American special operation directed against the opponents of American hegemony in the Middle East, and this includes (and is primarily) against us. 

When we, at the request of Assad, invaded Syria, we once again returned to history, again appealing to the diastole of the Russian heart. This comes after a stupor, Minsk, indecision, hesitation, trade offs, and a dubious tug of war. After a bloody pause.

Look at what is happening now. We are fighting against the essence of the pro-American, crypto-Atlanticist, fundamentalist sect that is ISIS, in order to inflict a blow on it as far away as possible from our borders. Otherwise, we will fight with them here. This indicates the presence of a strategic, geopolitical conscience among the leadership of the country, and this is encouraging. Support for Assad is also a part of the Russian Spring, the assertion of Russia as a subject, not an object of history, a gesture towards strengthening our sovereignty. [. . .]

[. . .] Another point. The fact of our military support for Assad in Syria, although real and effective, is still without a guaranteed result (the immediate results are generally very impressive and positive). Therefore, the Americans are vitally interested in an escalation of hostilities in Donbass in order to make the whole situation more difficult for us. And anyway, Poroshenko, who received little support in recent elections in Ukraine, is interested in the same. For him, the war is now the only way to maintain power.

The war in Donbass will be imposed on us by Washington and Kiev. Not we, but they, despite the Minsk agreements and our attempts to get out of direct confrontation by any means, will launch hostilities. Accordingly, we return to the point which I interrupted with a commentary on events.

As I predicted, the situation cannot have another solution other than the defense of Novorossiya from the pro-American, neo-Nazi junta, which was a junta and remains a junta, and whose neck it is time to snap. Sooner or later, we will return to Novorossiya. Of course, it’s already late, but not critically late. He who controls the border of the DPR and LPR with Russia controls everything. [. . .]

[. . .] Our bet is not to allow the Ukrainians to impose war on us and not give them the opportunity to take control of the border. This is the main indicator: as long as the republics of Novorossiya control the border, the situation can more or less be characterized as normal, but if it’s given up, then this will be a fully fundamental failure.

Much is being decided now and history is again open. We haven’t resolved the issue of Novorossiya, and have merely postponed its resolution. It reminds us of ourselves. Accordingly, the Minsk Agreements, which we will try to hold on to, will be gradually destroyed and abolished in different ways. We will see soon. [. . .]


Members of the armed forces of the separatist self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic

[. . .] It’s necessary to recognize a simple truth: they won’t leave us alone, and it its best to recognize this immediately. History is always a choice, often a choice in the face of death. The average person runs away from this and tries to barricade himself from problems, but if a government behaves like a layman, then this government is transitory. History begins when the top of the vertical power takes an existential – historic – decision, and this means looking death straight in the face.

It’s possible to try and run away, but history catches up to us no matter what and there are signs that she’s catching up with us. We at least cannot leave Syria without victory. And if they challenge us and rip up the Minsk Agreements in Donbass, then we will need not one victory but two. And I am sure that we are quite ready for this and we can do it. But we need to give up the politics of half a glass. 

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  1. By the way, your blog is fascinating, making me wonder why I had not come across it before. I always enjoy Dugin’s perspective.

    Added to my blogroll.


  1. Aleksandr Dugin Gives Fascinating Assessment of Russia’s Current Geopolitical Situation | Rifleman III Journal

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