Cultural Marxists Are Determined to Remove Confederate Battle Flag from Mississippi’s State Flag


– 7 November 2015 –


Patulcius-sqA coalition of supposedly conservative Yankee do-gooders and Southern liberal groups has formed to guilt-trip the White folks of Mississippi to renounce their state flag in favor of a neutered one.

“It’s all about momentum,” said Dane Waters, the president of the Citizens in Charge Foundation, which organizes ballot initiatives and referendums nationwide. “If you take a pocket here and pocket there of things happening, I don’t think anything is going to change.”

This week, Mr. Waters, a self-described conservative who has been retained by a group of people he declined to name, will arrive in Mississippi to pick up a difficult task: forming an unlikely and perhaps unmanageable alliance of preachers, business executives, state boosters and civil rights advocates to remove forever the Confederate battle flag from the state flag.

He is working with the Flag for All Mississippians Coalition, which was started by Sharon Brown, an activist in Jackson, who is black. The campaign has already been organizing supporters and held a hundreds-strong rally at the State Capitol. But Mr. Waters spoke of other tools that will be brought to bear outside the public eye, such as pressure on political donors and lobbying in the Legislature.

The coalition that he and others are trying to put together would need to unite groups almost never politically aligned, testing the depth of what Mr. Waters called the state’s “tremendous social, economic and racial divide.”

In the immediate aftermath of Charleston, it seemed that such a coalition might be possible here. Several conservative political leaders called for a change, including the state’s two United States senators and the speaker of the Mississippi House (inspiring critics to print “Keep the Flag, Change the Speaker” yard signs). Down came flags at city buildings in Grenada, Magnolia, Starkville, Clarksdale and Yazoo City. In October, even the University of Mississippi lowered the flag at the circle where segregationists once clashed with federal troops over the admission of James Meredith.

I can understand that America’s Blacks interpret the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of their oppression. And they’re right. The flag has been used as such, both in a war that was at least partially fought to preserve slavery and by racist groups afterward. The flag is justifiably offensive to a minority of the population.

However, the Confederate flag is also a symbol of the South in general and White Southerners in particular, a people whose culture established civilization in those Southern states that eventually seceded from the Union to preserve that culture from Northern domination, a people who sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives in the Civil War but restored their civilization in its aftermath, and a people who still fight for the preservation of their culture from immigrants today, both foreign and domestic. The flag represents Southern White heritage.

The question here is whether or not the people who dominate the culture, the history, and politics of a particular place have the right to uphold the symbols of their culture in an official capacity or not, despite the opposition of a minority?

In the case of the Confederate flag, for those who don’t value Southern culture and history, the answer is no.

That’s why Northern so-called conservatives don’t give a damn about the war against the Confederate flag.  It’s not their culture and history that is being attacked as inappropriate.

Nimrata Randhawa Haley-2

What does the phony Southerner Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley care about Southern heritage? Her ancestors didn’t fight and die for the South.

These cuckservatives are working towards the removal of the Confederate flag to persuade Black people that they are fair-minded. They believe that Blacks will show their gratitude later and vote Republican. But Black people will only advance their own interests, which they deem to be government handouts, affirmative action, and skewed justice, something that Democrats do better than Republicans. Go ahead and elect Ben Carson, cuckservatives, and see if he doesn’t advance the interests of his own people ahead of the rest of the country!

Northern conservatives don’t see this fight as the political chess game that it is. In their stupid focus on the current move, they can’t comprehend that their own “oppressive” symbols, such as the Gadsden flag or the Christian cross, or even their precious American flag, will be removed in the next moves of their opponents.

The struggle between nations over power and symbols is legitimate and expected. To the victor go the spoils. I don’t blame our enemies for smashing us when and where they can. I don’t blame Blacks and Jews for attacking the Confederate flag. Enemies are supposed to act like enemies. They are supposed to try and advance their own agendas at our expense.

I blame our own side.

White people around the world, through unjustified guilt, are not only losing in the struggle between nations, they are failing to fight at all.  Many of them are even fighting against their own people. Yet when the time comes, the enemy will strike the white traitors down as well.

To these impotents and quislings who use their authority to betray their own people, there is another symbol that the Confederate flag represents.  To illegitimate authority such as theirs, the flag says a mighty “fuck you!”

It is in that spirit of defiance that I fly a version of that flag here at Fines et Initia.  So long as enough White people are willing to tell our enemies to fuck off, there is hope for our nations to survive.

Confederate Gadsden "Don't Tread on Me" Flag

To those with illegitmate authority, be they impotents or traitors, this flag represents a mighty “fuck you!”

As our enemies are now failing to show our people the mercy that we have shown them, White Christians around the world will have the chance to awaken in time to rise up and utterly annihilate them from our lands!

May that day arrive sooner rather than later!

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  1. That there’s no anti-liberal party strikes me as unlikely. I can’t help but think the GOP really is controlled opposition and the conspiracy theory nuts are right.


    • Third parties just don’t survive our winner-take-all electoral system very well. The cattle electorate are too afraid that the other guy will win to ‘waste their votes’ on a third party.

      There is real anti-Establishment opposition among the electorate of both parties. But the Establishment wings of each party take advantage of and polarize the true believers on both sides, and in that regard both parties are controlled. (Which isn’t to say that the grass roots of both sides are compatible with one another; they’re really not except on a few issues.)

      Unfortunately for us, though, the Establishment Left approves of most of what their base supports while the Establishment on the right despises their base. That’s why the egalitarians are seeing their agenda gradually imposed while our side is being slowly eradicated.

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