Contrary to Media Hype, Trump Gave an Excellent Speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition


– 5 December 2015 –


Janus-smallThis might be the greatest Trump speech that I’ve seen so far.

Contrary to Trump’s usual rallies, this speech actually showed intelligence and analytical content. It had meat to it. Trump cited specific examples to back up his statements and offered thoughtful rationales for his policies. He was calm, clever, and alert.

The Daily Mail news article below would have us believe that the Jews in the audience were outraged by the speech. However, even the booing about which the media made such a stink only seemed to come from two or three men, and Trump handled them brilliantly in a way that probably satisfied some of their concerns. The audience seemed genuinely affectionate to him otherwise, and he to them.

Trump showed himself to be very friendly to Israeli concerns while maintaining that he is not beholden to any group, a fact that makes him a better candidate, he maintained.

Despite the media hysteria, Trump is no anti-Semite. His daughter is a Jewish convert, for one thing, and he has appeared in an Israeli campaign commercial to support Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom he has cordial ties.

While I personally oppose the agendas of the Jewish elites and consider Jewish influence to be dangerous to the White American nation, I do support Israel to the extent that the country is one of our natural allies in the Middle East and it is the natural home of the world’s Jews. Trump’s friendliness to Jews and to Israel doesn’t bother me because—first—he isn’t beholden to them and—second—he has shown, even in this speech, that he is willing to stand up to Jews to promote our national interests ahead of their ethnic interests.

Jews in general feel threatened by Trump because of this imperviousness. It is not enough for a candidate to express no hostility to Jews, or even to show himself as friendly to the Jews. The Jewish establishment fears anyone they can’t control, especially if he is looking out for the interests of his own nation instead of those of the Jews. Trump risks empowering the White nation that would compete with the Jews’ own power.

From the Daily Mirror:

Donald Trump has come under fire making comments at the Republican Jewish Coalition that critics said reiterated ‘offensive stereotypes’ about people of the Jewish faith.

‘I’m a negotiator – like you folks,’ the Republican presidential hopeful told the crowd, before later asking ‘Is there anyone in this room who doesn’t negotiate deals?’

‘Probably more than any room I’ve ever spoken to.’

Trump later told the crowd he knew they weren’t going to support him because he was self-funding his campaign.

‘I don’t want your money, therefore you’re probably not going to support me because stupidly, you want to give money. Trump doesn’t want money.’

‘Even though he’s better than all of these guys. Even though he’s going to do more for Israel than anybody else. You want to control your own politician.’

Former George W. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer tweeted out Trump’s latter comment and asked ‘What the hell does that mean?’

[. . .]

But Trump was outright booed by the audience after he would not endorse Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital.

‘Do me a favor, just relax,’ he responded.

And the candidate also received flack, including from his peers, when he questioned Israel’s devotion to peace in the Palestinian conflict.

‘I don’t know that Israel has the commitment to make it, and I don’t know the other side has the commitment to make it,’ Trump said.

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  1. Unfortunately, this speech could cost him some evangelical support.


    • Perhaps, but I think most of those evangelicals who would be swayed by this already prefer Cruz or Huckabee and maybe Carson. Evangelicals who still support Trump should be immune by now to any of his controversial offenses.

      In the general election, if Trump can get the Republican nomination, those evangelicals who would rather stay home than vote for Trump probably would have done so had Trump not appeared to make light of Jewish influence in the US.

      I am curious to see if Trump will really win the nomination and, if so, how the voter demographics and turnout will break down. Will Trump haters who are driven to vote out of hysteria be able to outnumber Trump supporters who are driven to vote because they finally see a candidate who might do something to turn this sick country around? It’s hard to imagine that the Establishment would really allow their narrative to be threatened via a mere election.

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  1. Contrary to Media Hype, Trump Gave an Excellent Speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition | Rifleman III Journal

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