Brexit: Maybe Elections Are Somewhat Fair After All; Or Are They?


– 24 June 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkCongratulations to the peoples of Britain for their vote to secede from the EU. Huzzah and Bravo!

And out of those almost-half who voted to remain, the foreign-descended should leave voluntarily. (And let us hope that a sovereign England at least boots out the foreign-born and their children.)

Any step against globalism is a plus.

The Brexit vote does give cause for a cynic to question whether elections are rigged or not.

Before the past year I had figured, almost without question, that world elites would never allow little things like fair and free elections to stand in the way of their agendas. If the elites can’t manipulate the people to vote their way, then they can always miscount the votes. Hook or crook, eh?

But the success of Donald Trump in the Republican primaries and now the Brexit vote has made me question that premise.

Trump squeaked by in the Missouri vote by only 1700 votes. How difficult would that contest have been to steal? If the elections are a total farce, and if the elites don’t really want Trump as the nominee, then we just about have to conclude that the elites don’t totally control the outcome of elections, right?

Likewise with Brexit. Polls taken just before the vote showed the Against side as trending slightly victorious. Manipulated polls or not, no one would have questioned the outcome of a stolen vote. So if the elites oppose the Brexit, why didn’t they steal the election?

We must conclude one of two things: either that the outcomes of these elections are not entirely corrupt after all and that the elites can’t always change these unwanted outcomes, or that elites do steal crucial elections and that the outcomes of the Brexit vote and the Republican primaries were declared according to the will of the elites!


If the elites don’t want Trump or the Brexit, then they must not control the elections. However, if they do control the elections, what then?

Why would the elites want Donald Trump as the Republican nominee? Why might they want him as president? Why would they want Great Britain to destabilize the EU? Why would they want a refugee crisis in the West?

Why, on the day after the Brexit vote, are people so concerned all of the sudden that Vladimir Putin might somehow gain from this?

War is coming, that’s why.

As I said months ago, the stage is still being set for World War III. It’s hard to tell who’s in on the nefarious plan. The puppeteers are probably very few in number but very powerfully rich.

But just as Japan couldn’t resist the juicy target of so many American ships sleeping along the piers of Pearl Harbor, the West is making juicy targets of a weakened, trans-sexual US military and a chaotic and divided European Union. Much like the US first reduced its sales of oil to Japan in 1940, then cut them off entirely in July of 1941 (only five months before the Pearl Harbor attack), the Saudi’s continue to flood the world with cheap oil on which the Russian economy depends.

Who knows how the elites plan to force Russia to take the first strike in a nuclear conflagration?


Already struggling under sanctions and cheap oil prices, how will the scheming West goad Putin to make the first strike?

If the elites can blame the next world war on a resurgence of those awful, backward notions of nationalism and racism, embodied in buffoonish villains like Putin and Donald Trump and the heady irresponsibility of the English nativists, then the surviving people of the world will shake the ashes out of their hair and gladly submit to the shackles of world government with its promise that it will prevent another devastating holocaust.

Events do seem to be trending this way.

But who really knows? It might really be that the elections aren’t entirely corrupt after all. Maybe.

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  1. I tend to think (((‘they’))) are not able to control everything, but are flexible and influential enough to turn events to their benefit.

    I didn’t know you read TRS, are you on disqus, too? Check Morgoth’s Review for British based commentary:


    • That whole (((echo))) thing still cracks me up.

      You’re right, the Jews don’t control everything, certainly, nor do the other elite groups with whom they’re in league, whomever they are. The question is, do they secretly want the Brexit and a Donald Trump candidacy or even presidency, not for their own sake but because of the false narrative they might create. We can’t say for certain.

      Still, if the other side is letting you advance in the hopes that you’ll fall hopelessly into a trap, we must still advance nevertheless, scouting ahead if possible. How often in war does one side or another make a serious and unexpected blunder? We’ve got to be in positions to capitalize if their hubris causes them further mistakes.

      I’ve had The Right Stuff in my daily news list since you introduced it to me a few years back. I don’t always get to it every day, but have even noticed comments from Roger U now and again.

      I haven’t ever commented at The Right Stuff, nor really anywhere else besides your site and occasionally a few others. Don’t often have much time to follow up on comments at other sites, so it seems better to just read them. I’m a slow writer.

      I’ve read some articles from Morgoth’s Review, such as the Khmer EU article, via The Daily Stormer, a site that I rarely miss because of its entertainment value and prompt news coverage. But Morgoth doesn’t seem to write an overwhelming number of articles, so adding his site to the daily list is easy to do.

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  2. Elections can be tilted through fraud when the result is relatively close. What the Brexit vote says to me is that it was overwhelmingly for Leave, moreso than the final number suggest. The Austrian election, closer, and they rigged that (currently under investigation).

    The EU certainly can’t afford to go to bat with Putin now, especially since countries like Italy have never been on board with sanctions in the first place.



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