Libertarianism: Just Another Egalitarian Ideology in Conflict With Reality


– 19 July 2016 –


Patulcius-sqArmonde Delacroix at The Right Stuff describes the sudden decline of the libertarian movement in the United States:

In any case, as right-wing nationalism waxes, I expect libertarianism to continue waning. One reason for this (originally noted by Greg Johnson, I think) is that the appeal of libertarianism was not that Whites found its tenets inwardly compelling, but rather that it was a putatively race-neutral proxy ideology that obliquely addressed concerns and anxieties about the Left siphoning resources away from their communities. All of the rhetoric about “school choice” and “free association” and “lower taxes” was not born out of love for radical, individual autonomy über alles or a desire for an ever etherealizing “liberty”, but because Whites didn’t want to be near–and certainly didn’t want to finance–Black and Latino dysfunction. By contrast, nationalism (especially ethno-nationalism) does not apologize, nor does it make those kind of bad faith arguments which astute liberals rightly recognize as bullshit anyways. Psychologically speaking, it is far easier and natural to affirm your people than to affirm abstractions like the free market. I suspect the reason why the alt-right has a number of former never-quite-convinced libertarians in its ranks is the same reason why millions of White Americans jettisoned Conservatism, Inc. (another jejune ideology) to board the Trump train. Nationalism, with its relentless focus on collective meaning and identity, simply offers a more honest and authentic mode of being.

Delacroix is correct: libertarianism can no longer stand when the people who have believed in it—almost all of them whites—are now surrounded by militant foreigners, blacks, and egalitarians.

Libertarians believe that they see everyone as individuals. They consider themselves immune to the very concept of race and can therefore satisfy, if sub-consciously, their deeply-programmed inward desire to appear non-racist to minorities and liberals and even to themselves.

To be fair, libertarianism does have authentic appeal beyond just a simple desire to appease egalitarians. If everyone could simply live and let live, despite radical differences in our ethnicity, philosophies, appearance, and manners, then each of us could pursue our own version of happiness so long as we didn’t intrude on the rights of others to do the same. We’d live in our own little happy bubbles. No need for government regulations or borders.

It’s easy to hold such dreamy, utopian ideals when the country is prosperous, when one doesn’t see faces each day that don’t look like ours, when we aren’t exposed to the realities of crime and violence, when families aren’t disintegrating into total dysfunction, and especially when the government and society aren’t attacking us on a daily basis in order to impose more of this disorder.

In the face of a cruel reality, it becomes apparent that libertarianism in just about any form (especially the dogmatic, ideological variety created by people like Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises) fails to recognize human nature, despite its claims to the contrary. If Communists ignored human nature totally against the concept of the individual, libertarians commit the same folly the other way, totally against collective identity.

The vast majority of humans are not individualists. We are inherently tribalists. We are hierarchical.

People, nearly all people, enjoy living and working with others who look and believe as they do. And this ingrained preference extends beyond simple race and ethnicity. Conservatives don’t like liberals, and liberals don’t like conservatives. Rich people don’t want to associate with the poor, and the poor don’t feel comfortable around the rich. Strictly religious people don’t like the company of completely non-religious people and vice versa. People even tend to form their closest friendships, unconsciously, with those who share a similar genetic makeup.

Likewise, we are not islands. What people do, especially what groups of people do, influences the behaviors and thoughts of others. Corruption is a real force of harm. Humans inherently recognize the superiority of certain morals and the existence of certain evils. As much as we might pretend otherwise, the actions and words of others towards us can deeply affect us even though they cause no physical or monetary harm. Libertarianism pretends that these moral issues don’t matter. “Live and let live.” But it violates reality and damages society because of it.


At a Libertarian Convention in California, a little girl stares innocently at two topless bitches. The situation doesn’t violate “live and let live”, but it is still wrong because the two women corrupt the innocent through their examples of deviancy and sexual exhibitionism. Libertarianism is inherently flawed, even evil.

In practice, rather than promote individual identities, libertarianism encourages small groups of individuals to coalesce around shared attitudes, hobbies, possessions, entertainments, et cetera, and to do so without the need to maintain conformity with the society at large. However they do impose some degree of conformity within their little groups. The only individualism the libertarian worldview promotes is  self-centeredness.

Western societies have increasingly embraced (and lately imposed) social libertarianism (also called social liberalism) since at least the 1960’s. Since then, we’ve disintegrated into smaller and smaller groups who have less and less in common with other groups in a nation, and to varying degrees these groups have lost their association with their original nations. Libertarianism corrodes the cohesion of homogenous societies.

Seeing the advantages of divide and rule, and desiring a secular global order, the ruling classes of the West encouraged this disintegration and legally protected it while deliberately attacking those who have resisted their imposed social liberalism as intolerant bigots. Intolerance for the “intolerant”.

Yet the ruling classes miscalculated. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t overcome race. In the United States, attempts to integrate blacks failed again and again, as blacks refused to abandon their blackness and we whites could not lose our inherent “racism” no matter how much we genuflected our brains to avoid appearing “racist”. Attempts to assimilate gigantic waves of non-white immigrants have similarly failed. Some of these non-white groups adapted more than others, but none of them has totally assimilated, least of all the Muslims.

The presence of these other races has sped up the abandonment of egalitarian philosophies like libertarianism. The immediate threat of racial conflict has placed political abstraction on the back burner for a lot of white people. It’s hard to be a libertarian when black people are rioting or Muslims are shooting people, all demanding power for their groups. Can we live and let live when transvestites and homosexuals parade naked in the streets?

This is why libertarians are becoming nationalists and fascists, why so many former conservatives and liberals are uniting in white solidarity behind Trump (whether they realize it or not). Whites are instinctively starting to realize that egalitarian philosophies don’t work in practice and that we need to unite against the growing numbers of browns and blacks, if not against sexual freaks.

Those who still cling to their egalitarian ideologies are actually going insane because they have to twist their perceptions so much to ignore the reality in front of their faces.

Race and ethnicity matter whether people want them or not. And so does gender, and ability, and moral standards.

We don’t have the luxury to pretend anymore. We don’t have the luxury to tolerate.

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