Both White Liberals and White Conservatives Want Blacks to Become Black-Skinned Copies of Themselves


– 20 August 2016 –


Patulcius-sqRecently Vox Day wrote a statement that caught my eye: “As I once wrote on Twitter, I don’t hate blacks, I just don’t expect them to be white. What I hate is white virtue-signalers.”

Then I ran across this article at Alternative Right by a white South African named Mike Smith, who describes how middle-class blacks in his country prefer to live in their shantytowns:

One thing that fascinates libtard tourists to South Africa is how blacks live in shacks in townships next to affluent white areas.

If you tell them that blacks prefer it that way, then they look at you as if you are stupid. How can any human being WANT to live in a shack?

I know it sounds strange to libtards, but it is the truth as the Lonmin Spokesperson said:

Miners want to live in shacks not houses: Lonmin Spokesperson

Said Sue Vey: “We have learnt our employees don’t want houses. They want to go back to their home countries and province… They choose to live in informal settlements,”


About 20 years ago in 1996 I once asked a group of educated Xhosas why they don’t go and live in a white area and put their children in white schools away from township violence and drugs. I mean they all had the money to do so and were all driving BMW’s and were educated.

They looked at each other and laughed. So I asked them why they were laughing? They proceeded to tell me that they prefer to stay in the township amongst their own people. They like their culture and way of life.

So I asked them why they cannot do that in a white area? They said to me, “Mike, believe us…you don’t want us to live next door to you.”

I said why not? I mean they seemed to be fairly nice guys and educated.

They said, “Mike…in the township we start drinking on Thursday night, because Friday nobody really works and goes home half day. Friday night we slaughter a goat in our back yard and then braai it. Then the REAL drinking starts. Then the music gets LOUD, really LOUD. The method of braai is also different to how white people braai. A chunk of meat is just briefly scorched in an open fire, not grilled over coals. Once everyone is drunk, you just take a bitch and shag her behind the shack. Her consent is optional. The drinking does not stop until all the alcohol is finished, normally on a Monday morning at about 03:00 AM when everyone goes to sleep to be ready for work at 08:00. During the weekend, fights break out; people get “moered”, stabbed, axed and shot. This is township life. We like it like this. Can you see, Mike, why we say you don’t want us as your neighbour?”


Blacks will be blacks. Attempts to “improve” them have only destroyed their natural societies and made them even worse.

I said: “Well, now that you put it that way, I think it is better if you stay where you are and I stay where I am.”

They all nodded their heads in agreement. That conversation, I will never forget. It was one of the things that cured me of liberalism.

But you tell this story to libtards from overseas, they don’t believe you. They believe blacks are just like whites. They believe blacks in SA are poor and only live in shacks, because they cannot afford anything better.

You tell them that these blacks living in shacks have a house or two in Transkei and a RDP house in the township that they rent out for extra money (some have several houses they got for free) they don’t believe you. To a libtard…It just cannot be that a black would rather rent his free houses out and go live in a shack himself.

All I can say is: This is Africa. Leave them alone.

Libtards then protest and say. “No, you should educate them. Teach them to save their money and not spend it on alcohol and dagga. Give them more money” …etc.etc.

Why? Because libtards always want blacks to be like them. They believe they can change blacks into copies of themselves, but just with black skin. What they don’t get is that blacks don’t want to be like them and actually resent their attempts at changing them.

For decades well-meaning white American Leftists have led black political movements based on the notion that given equal education and opportunity, blacks will realize that Left-wing agendas serve their racial interests. In the United States, the first black political leaders, a disproportionate number of them of mixed ancestry, tried to adhere to liberal New England white norms in the hopes of gaining their acceptance on equal terms. But without the white abolitionists to back them up, these groups dried up after the Civil War. In the early 20th Century, the NAACP formed, once again supported largely by mixed-race blacks and white progressives. In fact, no blacks held the NAACP presidency until 1975. White political interests once again fueled black political movements.

Until the last few years, blacks were content to support white liberal leadership and agendas in exchange for government handouts and affirmative action jobs. Of course, now Obama has stirred them up to such an extent that American blacks are no longer content to mutely accept the white liberals’ lead. They increasingly demand power in their own right, much to the perplexity of white liberals who can’t understand why the blacks don’t like them anymore.

While white liberals are more notorious for this type of manipulation and social engineering of blacks, today’s white conservatives share the same delusions. They enthusiastically celebrate such black “conservatives” as Colin Powell, Allen West, Herman Cain, and Ben Carson, and most recently Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke. These white conservatives earnestly believe that, with enough persuasion and appeals to Martin Luther King, they can make black people understand how individual liberty and the free market and good old-fashioned hard work  will transform black ghettos into suburban utopias. The benefit to such whites is that, in this dream scenario, black votes will come into play and racial strife will end.


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has won the kind of overnight enthusiasm of white conservatives that only a black conservative can deliver. He is surely an honorable American, but the only thing black about him, it seems, is his ancestry. He has rejected his blackness in favor of cultural whiteness.

What white conservatives fail to see, however, is that to whatever extent black conservatives have embraced conservatism, they have rejected their own people. Most blacks rightly see these black conservatives as Oreos and Uncle Toms, or as charlatans who make their fortunes on the fantasies of white conservatives. Blacks shun these turncoats. Instinctively they understand that if they embrace white conservatism, they commit self-genocide, both culturally and—ultimately—genetically. At the very least blacks want to be blacks.

That genocide is actually what feel-good white utopians either consciously or unconsciously want. Assimilation of blacks (and all the peoples of the earth) into a new post-racial worldwide society with lofty white ideals.

It’s a complete and total pipe dream. And all of humanity will suffer for it.

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