Who’s That Racist Frog Guy? Is This Alt-Right Thing Just Another Teenaged Fad? Or Is It a Right-Wing Superbug?


– 31 August 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-Niekirk(Everyone else is writing neat articles about this new thang the kids call the “Alt-Right”. So here goes!)

Is this “Alternative Right” a fad, dependent on the current spirit of the times?

How long before the shock value of internet Nazi memes wears off, the medium grows tired and stale, and the drooling public returns to numbness?

The Alt-Right could only arise in our current time and place. It needed white males who were tired of being kicked down and shunned, and restrained or drugged to oblivion. It needed Commie, Open Society assholes like Barrack Obama to rule for eight loooooong, bleak, miserable years, cramming their egalitarian lunacy down our gullets. (Man, I hate that guy!) In effect, it needed the near total victory of the Leftist agenda over our society.

With these heady ingredients, the Alt-Right quietly brewed in dark recesses of the internet and ultimately has now caught on with relatively young, disenfranchised white males upon whom today’s society spits.

These were men who swam in universal egalitarian lies since birth: Women love meek and helpful life-partners. “Girls can be anything!” Blacks and whites are all the same on the inside, but we should treat them extra-nice so they won’t think we’re racist. Our history is evil so we should forget all about it. We white men are inherently evil and must atone for our innate sins, though no level of self-abasement will suffice. And escape is not allowed.

So it looked like white men would quietly fade away, the world finally cured of this evil. The Left had won the culture wars; the defeated Right just needed Reconstruction and then the racist, sexist nightmare would all be over.

And yet, a strain of disgruntled white men discovered those internet catacombs where they ranted and raved and made fun of the most sacred Liberal treasures. And these recalcitrant men grew nastier and nastier, but more clever, by the week.

Like a strain of bacteria almost wiped from the face of the Earth by the overuse of antibiotics, this tiny group of white men developed an immunity to the drug of egalitarianism. They became a Superbug!


Like antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the Alt-Right movement must be meaner and nastier than the old-Right in order to resist and overcome the universal white-male-guilt programming of the Left.

And now, to the horror of many with weak stomachs, that Superbug is spreading around the world like an epidemic. Guilt-resistant Nazis!

But is it a fad?

People thought that the Beatles, after they appeared in 1964 amid frantic hysteria, would soon die out. Just another idiotic teenaged fad. How could four English faggots with stupid haircuts and shallow jingles generate any lasting appeal?  Yet that quartet transfixed an entire generation and molded popular music—if not the whole of Baby Boomer youth culture—to the degenerate and self-centered glory that we see today!

The people who called the Beatles just another fad were wrong.


The Beatles should have disappeared like any other fad. But amazingly they possessed the creative ability to evolve, branch out, and diversify. They also appeared during a generational shift. The Alt-Right shares similar qualities.

So why were they wrong? Because the Beatles were able to evolve, branch out, and diversify. And because they caught a generational headwind.

Like the Beatles, the Alt-Right possesses enough intellectual raw material that it can (and has) branched out, and it will continue to evolve and diversify. The Alt-Right has also caught a generational headwind among a certain group of Millennials, and so long as world events continue to cause that wind to blow, even if it changes direction somewhat, that movement should mature beyond the memes and the trolling into expressions of deeper political thought and real-world political action.

Rather quickly, though, likely within five years, the memes will lose much of their power, and the trolling will at the very least lose its bite. To survive, this Alt-Right movement will have to grow up and get a real job in the real world. It will have to get serious.

Can they? Sure. Will they? Who knows.

Some fads rise and die quickly, like the Macarana or Angry Birds. Those were shallow novelties that could not branch out. Other fads take a bit longer to die, like Disco (sticking to the popular music theme), which lasted about five years, but Disco reached its narrow limits and seemed completely absurd when Punk and then New Wave came roaring along. Disco fell victim to fad replacement and to a new generational shift.


The rise of Punk Rock in the 70’s has much in common with the rise of the Alt-Right in the 2010’s.

Speaking of Punk Rock, the Alt-Right has much in common with that particular musical revolution.

Punk rock was nasty and violent, simple and crude. Suddenly these barbarians with colored mohawks and safety pins came along, from another dimension, it seemed. Gangs of punk hooligans roamed the streets, scaring old ladies and kicking peoples’ asses. It was a gritty reaction to the artsy, hippie hangover music of the 70’s. Most decent people hated it.

So then this thing called New Wave appeared, which was basically just watered-down Punk music that would appeal to the conventional tastes of 80’s Gen-X drooling consumer idjits. It shared some of the same vibe as punk, it just wouldn’t scare grandma as badly. New Wave was vastly popular, unlike Punk and its variants, and it completely took over the popular music of the time, all but killing the gentle singer-songwriters and Disco queers and Art Rock artistes.

The political “New Wave” movement to the Alt-Right’s Punk movement has already appeared in the form of figures like Donald Trump and Geert Wilders and the whole Breitbart site, and even some establishment posers like Newt Gingrich. Currently the Alt-Right is very wary of newcomers. And rightly so.

If this “New Wave” Alt-Right—or “Alt-Lite” if you will—manages to make the core Alt-Right beliefs palatable to the hog-trough consuming hordes, great! But if it steals some of the Alt-Right message with no intent to deliver on the real issues (such as immigration), then the real Alt-Right has got to get really really mean, like plumb, mad-dog mean.

And I think they will.


Woe to those who would usurp the real Alt-Right. (((They))) aren’t dealing with the run-of-the-mill cuck Potemkin opposition!

But anyway, about that fad thing, I think the movement that we today call “Alt-Right” will disappear in the next few years. With its slangy-ness, and its adolescent trolling and meme-ing, the movement can only go so far. However, it does currently serve a great purpose, which is to inoculate a significant number of white men, and maybe some women, against the irrational programming of the Left.

After that happens, then the real fun can begin. Clash of civilizations stuff.

There is a core of very intelligent people who are informally leading this motley, reactionary movement, if only by their examples. They have vision and philosophical depth, and with time their intellectual abilities and political savvy should grow. Unless someone rounds them all up, they are likely to form the core of the next virulent Superbug incarnations of the Far Right.

Nazis reincarnated. Or maybe a new Charles Martel. Time will tell.

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  2. ‘But anyway, about that fad thing, I think the movement that we today call “Alt-Right” will disappear in the next few years. With its slangy-ness, and its adolescent trolling and meme-ing, the movement can only go so far. ‘

    Meat space events are starting to happen, too. TRS pool parties and I think DS has it’s book clubs or something.

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    • Years ago when I was flirting with the idea of finally joining the National Alliance, right after the death of William Pierce, I was really put off by the level of dysfunction and narcissism and outright creepiness of the competing wannabe fuhrers squabbling over their $8,000 and about who-said-what to whomever’s woman. People were encouraged to take sides. Seeing no future in such an embarrassing (and largely infiltrated) movement, I pursued other, more respectable, ideologies that seemed to have a better chance at success.

      I am impressed that this petty dysfunction seems to have no place in today’s Alt-Right, so far as I can discern from the outside. On the surface, Andrew Anglin might seem like a low-brow shitlord, but he and his fellows definitely have an intelligent grasp of the next several moves ahead, and they seem more concerned with the advance of their movement than with their particular places in it. Anglin himself shows remarkable humility for someone in his conspicuous position. So long as that level of intelligence, dedication, and self-restraint continues, they will have success.

      It’s encouraging that they are aware that memes and trolling, while important today, can only get them so far, and they are taking practical measures to continue their evolution.

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  1. Andrew Anglin: A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right | FINES ET INITIA

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