Niceness: The Fallacy of Mormons and Other Sheltered White Conservatives


– 10 September 2016 –


Patulcius-sqHow sad that one of the most functional white societies in the world, that of the Mormons, remains so blind to racial reality. Jack Ryan explains:

Via Occidental Dissent:

Though I knew something about the Mormon theology and the turbulent history of the Mormons (persecution, migration from the Mid West to Utah), what attracted me to the Mormon Church was that I noticed:

There sure are a lot of good looking, Mormon White folks!

And it is true that the Mormon Church, or (as they preferred to be called now) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints/LDS is a very White Church. It has a White racial history – Blacks were not allowed to hold the LDS Priesthood until the late 1970s and the Book of Mormon contains lots of passages that would be considered very “Racist” by today’s PC standards.

Another reason I decided to check out the Mormon/LDS church was that I came in contact with some bright, enthusiastic, well scrubbed, nicely dressed, White Mormon Missionaries, that were actually walking the streets of an inner city, university community I was living in at the time.

[. . .]

After 10 years of association with Mormons and the Mormon/LDS Church I will share these observations.

1) Yeah, there are lot of really nice, good looking White folks in the LDS church – particularly in Southern California and the mountain/desert West.


A Mormon congregation from Arlington, Virginia.

2) Mormons are really good at getting young White couples to get married early (in college) and have large families, with really beautiful White children.

3) Mormons have lots of very good practices, rules – they are very good at organizing their members, giving them things to do.

4) You see little or no bad Leftist, anti White politics inside any LDS – Mormon Church. In fact the LDS church prohibits political campaigning in church, and that’s really nice – no preachy Leftists lecturing the congregation about the supposed sins of Racism or the last PC lib cause.

5) White Mormons are really good at sports – provide lots of opportunities for basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee activities.

6) There is little or no LDS women (White) doing male bashing – Mormon women have lots of things to do in Church, but (White) men run the ceremonies and have the authority and Mormon women/LDS women seem very happy to have (White) husbands, children and accept their traditional female roles.

All those things I listed are very good. But it’s not perfect from a WN perspective.


Good-looking white folks! Mitt Romney with his growing family.

[. . .]

Also, Mormons tend to not be very intellectual – choosing to being honest, have “family values” – they try to be nice and get along with everyone. So, don’t expect many White Mormons to get involved in contentious arguments with Jews over World War II, Communism etc. The current top Mormon – Prophet Monson, seems like a total, boring stiff.

Mormons seem to have no clue about “the Jews”, have no history of ever being in conflict with Jews as White Catholics from the old country have had. And since only terrible, close living with American criminal Blacks can turn a generally “nice” White person in to a RACIST against Blacks, most Mormon Whites are not going to want to fight, or be able to handle very hostile Black criminals. LDS Mormons have never lived in rough, racially mixed Northern Cities or the America South where there are lots of criminal, hostile Blacks. The Book of Mormon Plates were supposedly found in Up-State New York, the new church and their converts moved to the rural Midwest – Illinois, Ohio and Missouri then the church was brutally persecuted there and the Saints moved across the Plains to Utah… all these places were very, very White, and for the most part, they are still very White. Mormons tend to prosper and grow in White places.

Nice, decent white Christian folks do not want to hate anyone, or to oppress anyone. They enjoy attending their churches, which happen to be nearly all-white through no willful act of their own, and they become rather churchy.

By “churchy”, I mean they possess that positive, clean, neat, open, friendly, and even innocent demeanor that outsiders frequently deride as phony or hypocritical, but more usually reflects a genuine, day-to-day attitude.

Many such earnest Christians shelter themselves from the hostility of the fallen world, and in that shelter they can grow naive to the point of blindness.

Because these white Christians often grew up in fine Christian homes with parents who instilled the values of hard-work, honesty, education, and self-sacrifice, they tend to prosper in society. That prosperity isolates them even more.

Combine that overall churchyness and economic prosperity with residence in almost exclusively white areas—suburban sub-divisions, rural areas, or entire swathes of a country—idealism and naivety can grow to suicidal levels.

Niceness can become their religion.

Niceness before wisdom. Niceness before responsibility. Niceness before observable reality. Niceness even before one’s nation and Christian brothers and sisters.

As a stand-alone philosophy of life, niceness will leave a man stuck holding the door open for everyone in the world to walk through, without even a word of thanks or sympathy from those passing by.

When an entire nation adopts the philosophy of niceness. . .



Look at the pushover! The Lord commanded us to love our neighbors and our enemies, but he didn’t command us to be fools, tending other flocks to the detriment of our own.

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  2. Christians need some conflict with the world in order to learn to discern. Modern, affluent sub urban white Christians live the easiest lives in the history of the world.

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    • Cushy living breeds apathy. We white Christians and our descendants are on track to have all the conflict we can stand in a generation or two.

      We know that Christ wins in the end. We don’t know if our nations will survive till then.

      Such a waste.

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  3. A very interesting read. I dont know a lot about Mormonism except how it came about so its interesting to see your take on things 🙂

    If you have time, check out my blog at x



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