Gag!: The White Cucks of South Africa


– 15 September 2016 –


Patulcius-sqSmarmy articles occasionally appear in the mainstream South African press advising the country’s whites to “show courage”, to “open up about white privilege”, to “seek redemption”, etc. Often such articles are written by whites themselves.

A white South African writer named Chris Waldburger recently wrote an article, published at News24, offering six pieces of advice to his fellow whites on how they can best hunker down to avoid inciting the righteous wrath of their black compatriots.

Here are six things I believe we need to accept as white South Africans if we are going to move past anger and fear towards being part of a decent, good, and united South Africa:

1. Quotas and BEE are not going anywhere. It’s a part of life now. Stop complaining. I used to think these things were absolutely crazy but now I wonder if Mbeki and the like were not onto something by being hell-bent on creating a black middle class. A middle class is so crucial to so many good things going right in a society that government almost needs to to do whatever it takes to create one. So many of my white friends are set up in business because of who they know and who they are related to. BEE, in its intentions, is not morally inferior to that everyday nepotism from which so many of us benefit.

2. The damaging effects of the social engineering of colonialism and apartheid are going to stay with us for a long time. There is a reason education is better in poorer African countries than ours – we systematically destroyed our social structures to ensure cheap labour, and education is so difficult to do in the wake of social chaos. Fixing this is going to take time.

3. The poor’s problems need to take precedence over the wealthy. Massive inequality is like cancer. It will destroy our society. Taking care of the poor is the best way to take care of ourselves. If you are outsourcing jobs to save bucks, or cutting any corners in your work to avoid helping people, you are only screwing yourself, and your business or enterprise probably deserves to fail.


The Rhodes Must Fall movement in South Africa has plenty of token young, white race traitors. They are unwitting victims who enthusiastically dig their own graves and chastise their own families for refusing to participate. For their sake, it will be almost fun to watch these students driven from the country or slaughtered. After all, isn’t the very presence of these whites in South Africa a symbol of white colonialism?

4. Not being considered important can be a great blessing. It means you learn to be self-reliant. (Clem Sunter notes white Afrikaners have been particularly successful in business since 1994 because they knew they needed to launch their own enterprises.) It means you have an accurate view of reality, and you don’t become dependent on conditions which could suddenly change. Yes, life for white people in the 50s and 60s worldwide was probably better – at a terrible moral cost. But the general western prosperity of that era was an anomaly, an afterglow of the postwar boom. Life has always been dangerous and unfair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. And happiness is easier if you have accepted that ultimately you are responsible for yourself.

5. We do live in a land of opportunity. Yes, the government is terrible. But we are not a depressing nanny state either. The way society is moving, I honestly believe government should start to matter less and less as it loses its hold on rapid technological innovation. Our country is still dynamic. You always hear of Europeans and Americans just being so bored in their country. We have a chance to build something here in this country, something that is not just material, but a model of a society. I just meet too many inspiring and gracious young South Africans, of all races, not to believe we can do something together. I promise you, the criminals and the corrupt are the minority. Look past to see all the people of goodwill.

6. We still need to be realistic. SA is a tough, violent place. We must take care of ourselves and each other. Minimize risks,  but don’t shut yourself up in a shell of anxiety. Re-claim public spaces as public spaces. Look out for the women and children who are so vulnerable. Yes, there are parts of South Africa that are sheer hell. Yes, there is a disgusting and horrifying amount of violence. But as Bobby Kennedy said, in the midst of America’s Vietnam debacle, its spiralling crime rate, and in the era of Martin Luther King’s, his brother’s, and even his own impending assassination, “We have to be optimistic, just because there is no other way… We can’t go on, but we must go on.” That’s our country – we can’t go on but we must go on.

South Africans are not done yet. We invented the Creepy Crawly; we did the first heart transplant; we have Dale Steyn and Wayde van Niekerk; we have the best beaches; we still say hello to each other in the street; and a boerewors roll and a Castle is better than any European cuisine.

Fellow whites, it’s time to hustle; it’s time to keep the faith.

It’s not too late to make things right.

No doubt this Waldburger is a very kind and compassionate fellow, but his advice has more to do with “don’t worry, be happy” than with addressing the long-term reality of life for whites in South Africa.

This Waldburger epitomizes the word cuck. He believes that compassion and kindness and self-abasement will appease the blacks in his midst. He refuses to see that the blacks, as a mob, will exterminate him and other whites from the land if current trends continue.

Yet, Waldburger’s opinions seem to represent the norm for South African whites. For years I’ve searched for dissident white South African voices, and they are few. The vast majority express politically correct drivel, wanting to go along and get along with everyone. Even most Afrikaners, a people forged in South Africa, have rejected the concept of their nation as a unit, as something to foster and preserve.

It’s easier to understand this masochistic mindset in Europe, Australasia, and the United States, where plenty of affluent whites can espouse their lofty ideals within their “diverse”, 25%-vibrant (or less) offices and suburban neighborhoods. Diversity to them is still a case of token minorities and ethnic food. Their identities don’t seem immediately threatened. Minority-status is still a vague abstraction to them—at most.

But in South Africa?

Never having visited South Africa, it is very difficult for me to imagine living constantly as one of a resented, “privileged” minority living at the mercy of restless blacks. Each day more rapes and thefts and murders.

Do the whites of South Africa, in their overwhelming guilt and fear, merely say these cuckish things to deflect any potential hatred? Do they whisper the truth to one another behind closed doors?

Surely they must see the inherent dangers that surround them, living as they do behind their razor fences, guard dogs, and security systems.

Yet they continue to express this kak.

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  1. dude. love you. you said The truth. I have had the worst night with South Africans tonight. They are so “white guilt” consumed. honestly, it’s fuck up. hope they wake the fuck up before it’s too late. greetings from Portugal. A


    • ‘hope they wake the fuck up’… We’re all watching SA to some degree to see if the whites will ever stand up there. It’s a good case study. While I admire the history of the Afrikaner, I don’t think his descendants have what it takes to do more than flee or die as a whole. Not that most of our peoples in the West are any better.

      Were these South African expatriates, or do they still live there?


  1. Gag!: The White Cucks of South Africa |

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