Forced Transvestite Training for the US Navy


– 20 September 2016 –


Patulcius-sqMore signs that the United States government and its military are no longer worth supporting.

Via Church Militant, via

As the Pentagon makes changes to allow transgender service members to serve openly, the Navy is holding training to educate all troops on the new policies.

In an all-Navy message published Tuesday, Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke said a three-pronged training approach will equip senior leaders and rank-and-file personnel for the changes.

A “three-pronged approach,” huh? There is no doubt that the greatest strategic minds available in today’s USN gathered over several days to plot their epic assault against the greatest enemy our country faces today: intolerance.

The solemn stupidity continues, blissfully clueless:

Beginning Nov. 1, mobile training teams composed of Navy fleet representatives and subject matter expects will be dispatched to deliver face-to-face briefs to senior leaders, including commanding officers, executive officers, command master chiefs, and chiefs of boat.

These sessions will also be open to equal opportunity advisers, ombudsmen and other command-designated representatives who will have a role in training the tenant commands on policies governing transgender troops.

A spokeswoman [?] for Naval Personnel Command, Lt. Jessica Anderson, told in an email that a commander’s tool kit is being developed to guide training, and that additional information about what these training sessions will include will be available in a future message to the fleet.

“Service members are expected to maintain standards of conduct and treat each other with dignity and respect,” she said. “Training for sailors will be conducted by command triads via mobile training teams or DVD with a facilitation guide if the unit is in a remote area and unable to receive face-to-face training. There will also be webinars for COs to ask questions prior to delivering training to their commands.”

According to the message, DVDs and discussion guides will be mailed to each unit, along with copies of the commander’s tool kit and a Defense Department guide being created to explain policy. The webinars, made available to leadership teams, will be provided after mobile training team visits as an opportunity for subject matter experts to answer any remaining questions before fleet training begins.

All sailors will have completed a training session on the new policies by July 1, 2017, Anderson said. That’s when the services plan to begin accepting transgender recruits for the first time.

Along with permitting transgender troops to serve openly, the military is creating procedures for troops to change their “gender marker” in the administrative Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, and laying out rules to govern how troops might undergo medical gender transitions while in uniform.

Transgender troops will be required to use the bathroom and berthing facilities associated with their preferred gender, Navy officials have said.

And service leaders will be on alert for those who seek to single out or mistreat their transgender counterparts.

“We do not tolerate harassment of any kind,” Anderson said. “Treating all service members with dignity and respect is something we take extremely seriously, and when there are any indications that those values are not being followed, we will conduct appropriate investigations and take action as necessary.”

I served in the Navy for six years during the 2000’s, and it was getting bad then. Now, the military is overrun by feminists, foreigners, and freaks.

Frankly, I would rather see the United States pummeled in a major war than continue on like this. I’d rather shine the boots of the conquering Chinese soldiers, or listen to the Muslim call to prayer every day of every year, than to see my descendants corrupted under the rule of these emasculating egalitarian snakes.

Call me a traitor if you want. But this government no longer represents me and my kind. It is an occupying force as alien and hostile as any foreign power. The real traitors are those who embrace this society.

Even if Trump wins in November, I don’t see him overturning this nonsense. He doesn’t have a problem with sexual deviation.

The only hope for those who still uphold traditional Christian morality, who want our nations to survive intact for centuries to come, is the fact that this Evil Empire so grossly violates objective reality and promotes the most base and wicked parts of human nature that it cannot stand for long. Soviet Communism looks absolutely practical compared to the rotten, sterile “equality” of the West.

The sooner this reprobate society comes tumbling down, the better.


ConcussusThankless takers, self-absorbed half-wits, hunched over their little screens. The centers of fake universes six inches wide.

Insulated layabouts, seven-steps disconnected from toil and hardship and survival. How long could they live without their pre-packaged meals and their roadkill machines?

Bastards, literally Father-forgetting bastards, oblivious to the sources of their nourishment. Chemicals in the soil to grow the same unnatural crops again and again. Creatures raised and slaughtered in anonymity, ultimately stuffed between fat human cheeks without a word or thought of thanks or respect for the sacrifice of those simple lives.

May the glaciers march from the north and scrape the lifeless human fungus under their icy feet. May the cold, winter sun wither them away with its unrelenting stare. May the ants carry off every fleck of nourishment from their bleaching bones.

What vanity. Let them fall. Then disappear. Reduced to the dirt from which they sprang.

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    While I understand the US Military being sympathetic towards the numerous ethnic and religious groups, it now has mentally ill people serving who are LGBT. Wouldn’t it make sense to have everyone conform to US Military Standards? Everyone becomes American, and, military. Trump has to win this election, but how he will address the military’s issues, remains to be seen.

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    • The US military has been very successful in integrating what I call different American sub-nations, such as blacks, whites from different parts of the country, etc. This was most successful with groups who have lived in the US for generations. Standardization largely succeeded in easing the friction between the groups and actually cultivated loyalty and cultural assimilation of the soldiers and sailors to the military standard.

      The addition of more recent foreigners stressed the system, but still proved workable. The standard held. As we get more and more foreigners, this will become less and less the case.

      The addition of women really strained the system because the standards could no longer hold for basic physical and psychological reasons. The more that women were added to deployable units, the greater the damage to uniformity (at the expense of competence and focus on the mission).

      The fostering of homosexuality and this whole transgender mess only unravels the focus on the overall mission even more.

      It’s really hard to say what Trump will do if he wins. He’s a pragmatist, I think, and will leave most of these reforms in place while changing the military’s focus from liberal individualism and social experimentation to uniformity for the sake of the overall mission. Trump’s about getting things done; principles come second.

      In effect, we’ll get a conservative cooling-down period so that the average person can get used to and then accept the changes imposed during the Obama years. That’s my guess, anyway.

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