Should We Stand Aside and Let Leftism Destroy Leftism?


– 21 September 2016 –


Janus-smallConcerning an old post at Mike Smith’s Political Commentary from 2007. It’s a different take on the lame “Democrats-are-the-real-racists” conservative narrative.

Smith speculates about what would have happened if apartheid hadn’t ended in South Africa in 1994. He makes a point that protected blacks would have reproduced out of control until a full-blown race war occurred, which the rest of the world wouldn’t have tolerated. Faced with such a scenario, what were the last apartheid leaders to do?

So what to do then? The Afrikaners knew the blacks could never run the country. They couldn’t even run their own homelands with massive aid to boot. There was no way blacks would ever be able to run South Africa. So why give them the power?

It was about self-preservation of their species. How did they achieve it? Simple. They became liberal, very liberal. Everyone and the world love liberals. They are such good people. The more liberal you are the better is your chance of winning the Nobel peace prize. Hand the country to the blacks. Let them introduce all their liberal laws, sit back and watch. Light a cigarette; get a beer, the show is called “The New South Africa”. Lets sit and watch the blacks self-destruct. Nobel prize is in the bank, so who gives a Fork.

Come with me; let me lead you into the light my friends. Affirmative Action got rid of all the doctors and nurses. State hospitals are busy grinding to a halt. Who dies? Not the whites in the private hospitals, I can assure you. Blacks. The engineers are gone, no more roads for the ambulances to travel on. No more dams and fresh water. Sewage plants are inoperative. Bad sanitation spreads diseases such as Cholera and Hepatitis B. No more electricity and more people die on operation tables.
Children are not inoculated against Polio and TB anymore. More and more blacks start to die.

Chase the farmers off their land. Starvation and malnutrition sets in and takes more lives. Teachers leave the country in droves. Education levels drop and more people die, because they are ignorant about diseases and dangers. Tie the hands of the police and criminals run rampant. More and more, mainly blacks die. The rape rate increases and HIV levels soar. Approve gay rights and marriages. More people are infected with HIV. Open the borders to illegal immigrants. Let them bring in more drugs and spread prostitution. More black people are infected with AIDS and die.

The liberal West uses Communism to depopulate Africa.

Rightwing Whites don’t need to plant bombs. Why take a gun and shoot ten black people and then spend your entire life behind bars? All you have to do, Mr. Right Winger, is become a Liberal. Liberal policies kill blacks in their hundreds of thousands if not millions. 590 000 die of AIDS alone every year in South Africa.

Mr. Right Winger, you just need to support the ANC in South Africa and they will be killing more blacks than all the bombs you could muster. What is worse is that the world will love you for it and call you a good humanitarian! You might even get a Prize or be knighted!

Unfortunately Conservatives won’t do it, because they are really good Christian People, who truly cares about blacks.

And for you Mr. Liberal; If you really care about blacks and if you really want to help them, you will become Conservative, but we also know that you never will. Either Political Correctness blinds you or you have an Agenda. Which is it?

And the blacks in this game between left and right? Shame. They believe all the Liberal Leftist, Communist lies. Even after millions of them have died, they will still believe the lies. They truly believe they are “free” and living in a “Democracy”. After all they can vote, but they vote for the party that is going to cause their ultimate destruction.

So what is the white man to do in South Africa then? My advice is to become liberal. The more liberal the higher the black death toll will be. The whites must just bite the bit (“Vasbyt”) for a few years. There will be some losses and collateral damage as there are in every war. If they can pull through that, they will be all right. Further they should propagate liberal policies amongst their own, such as “Free Love”. In other words, Whiteys; “Start breeding”. In a few years from now they might even outnumber the blacks. Open the borders to Whites from other countries. This is where the previous government went wrong. They could have gained the cream of Europe, but they were too scared that their Afrikaner culture would be affected. If they started that policy in 1948, we could have outnumbered the blacks today. That is what Canada, Australia and New Zealand are doing; taking the cream of South African whites!

So you see? What a crazy world we live in!
Liberals are actually the real Racist Rights and the Conservatives are actually the bunny hugging, caring souls.

I’m not sure I agree with Smith on this, and probably Mike Smith only half-seriously proposed it, but the theory is interesting nonetheless.

In 1994, whites made up 12.6% of the South African population, down from a peak of about 22% a hundred years earlier. They faced growing tension with their black underclass and with international Leftists, and they decided, for whatever reason, to give up power to the largely incompetent black majority.

In 2016, on a global scale, whites make up about 16% of the world population, down from a peak of 28% in 1950. Formerly white nations ran the entire world, just as whites once ruled South Africa. Today we have unrest among the world’s non-whites, fed and fanned by international Leftists, leading to black riots in the United States, widespread Islamic terrorism, and mass migrations of non-white populations into just about every white nation on Earth.

The global situation of whites today mirrors the situation of South African whites in 1994. We are programmed to feel guilty for our “privilege”, for separating ourselves from the poor non-whites of the world. So we must first let them into our lands and then succumb to their incompetent majority rule.

The results would quickly look like what we see in South Africa today: massive crime and poverty, government corruption, crumbling infrastructure, and continued racial tension.


Welcome to your future town.

If F. W. de Klerk and his bunch willfully surrendered their power in the hopes that the brown people would simply destroy themselves to the point where whites could restore themselves, then their plan was a reckless one.

If we tried this on a world scale, how well would it work out?

In the desperation of our times, it’s sometimes tempting to encourage the crazy Left to kill themselves by letting them have everything they want and then stepping back to avoid the wreckage.

But unfortunately, in such a case, wouldn’t the Left destroy us Right-wingers along with themselves?

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