Janus, the double-faced Roman God of Beginnings and Ends, Gates and Passages, Time and Change.

When ancient Rome was at war, the door of Janus’ temple stood open (patulus).  When peace returned, the temple door was closed (clusus).  Supposedly the Romans only closed the temple door twice during the years of the Republic.


Each contributor of Janus represents distinct personalities in the mind of one man. Somehow the writer manages to limp along as a functional and productive citizen of Indiana.


Janus-smallWhen of one mind, Janus’ views form a composite of his two sides. He attempts to consider issues with care and thoughtfulness, though he remains biased towards Christianity and Western traditions. Outsiders might call him a Conservative, but in fact he is a Fundamentalist in that he promotes the Christian values that raised Western civilization to its peak.

At times Janus possesses two minds on a given subject.  Sometimes these thoughts oppose one another; sometimes they merely differ.  At other times, one mind will take interest in a matter while the other will not.  The two sides will even frequently agree, but for different reasons.


One of the faces, looking to our right and called Patulcius, is the headstrong and determined side of Janus, tending to authoritarian ideals. Patulcius upholds the traditions of Christianity and Western civilization, and the well-being of Western nations. Patulcius sees world events as a struggle between divine and demonic forces.


The other face—the easy-going, more open-minded, left-facing Clusivius—dislikes authority and prefers a more individualistic outlook. While Christian, Clusivius takes an interest in the well-being of other civilizations as well as the Western. Clusivius tends to believe that elitist conspiracies play a major part in world events.


When possible, the complete Janus seeks to form a synthesis of the two sides when making a decision. At other times Janus allows any differences to stand without resolution. But now and again the two sides must battle one another until one side wins Janus’ acceptance.

Other Contributers:

C. F. van Niekerk

150708-van-NiekirkTending to sensationalize, and sometimes hyperbolize, C. F. van Niekerk over-analyzes any number of subjects from mundane minutiae to the great philosophical questions of life itself.

Barzillai “19th Century” Bozarth

19th-century-barzillaiBarzillai Alpheus Bozarth claims to be a 19th Century man marooned in the 21st Century after a failed experiment in inter-dimensional travel.  Not at all impressed with the wonders of our time, he would give just about anything to return to his beloved world of “horse manure and civilized etiquette”.  Barzillai writes historical observations and pores over old books and documents.


ConcussusNature can be cruel to mankind.  If Concussus had his way, nature would be crueler yet.  Concussus tends to arrive at the blackest of times, when humanity seems the most despicable.


DiabolusDiabolus, the devil’s advocate. Sometimes we are tempted to embrace the evil world that we despise. Diabolus is there to encourage us in this folly.  Fortunately a rare visitor here.

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  1. A minor suggestion Janus, but perhaps you could install a recent comments panel on your blog. It makes it easier to follow discussions, and you’ve got some decent material on here.



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