“Trump Will Go 26th”: What Would Happen If Globalists Assassinate Donald Trump?


– 23 September 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkA creepy AM radio broadcast from two days ago brings to mind the possibility of Trump’s assassination before the election.

Via TruNews, via Infowars:

Man records weird message allegedly playing repeadetly on Radio: “Trump Will Go 26th”. 

  • “Trump will go 26th,” led speculations that the station had been hacked.
  • The message was heard on 1630 AM at 7am on Monday morning and allegedly went on for a full five minutes.
  • Chester Township NJ 1630AM employees apparently had no idea that the message had been broadcast.

A man driving on the New Jersey Turnpike appears to have recorded a radio message allegedly coming from his car radio tunned to 1630 AM. Some interpret the message to state “Trump will go 26th.” Questions were raised about whether the station had been hacked during the Monday morning radio show, but that has not been officiallly confirmed by the station.


If a victorious Donald Trump really does pose a threat to the globalist order, then it is only logical that the globalists, so close to ultimate world domination that they are, would use any means necessary to stop him from gaining power.

Presumably they would prefer to defeat him with a minimum of force and disruption, and certainly they have tried.

But suppose they can’t stop him peacefully. Suppose they kill him like they probably did to Huey Long in 1935?

How would the country react to Trump’s assassination?

First, it would depend on how Trump was killed. Plane crashes are popular for political assassinations. But sometimes other convenient accidents can be used. Also, seemingly healthy people can die suddenly of “natural causes”, like Justice Scalia.

Only the craziest of the crazies would question some type of stroke or heart attack, and the elites could probably get away with such a murder with minimal disruption. But such deaths are very difficult to arrange. If it was easy to kill people this way, then enemies of the elites would conveniently sicken and die more frequently. Like Snowden, for instance, or that Wikileaks guy. I don’t think it’s possible to arrange this kind of death.


Muppet McCain: “What he did was he fired up the crazies.” Maybe McCain and his cronies are interviewing some crazies of their own to take Trump down.

An accident like a plane crash is easier to pull off, and it would probably generate a manageable level of public suspicion. But one would guess that Trump is wise to this possibility and has taken steps to prevent it. With so many years in the high echelons of business, Trump is bound to keep around him a large retinue of tried-and-true associates with impeccable loyalty, people who would sacrifice their own lives to make sure he is safe from accidents.

Should those means fail, the old-fashioned deranged lone shooter can take Trump out. Probably the elites would use a desperate assassin whom the general public might sympathize with, such as a sad-eyed illegal alien who fears for his family if he’s deported. Or maybe they would use a crazed Trump supporter, proving how violent and unhinged those evil racists are, even to their friends.

But regardless of the shooter’s motives, Trump supporters would have a fit. They expect this very thing. The bellows of their fury would frighten many liberal housewives.

Still, white people don’t riot anymore, and right-wingers hardly even protest. Old Hillary would take office thinking she could manage these disgruntled deplorables like she handled Gaddafi. But she’d be wrong.

The assassination of Donald Trump would set a plate for violent death on the table for the far Right, assassination as a justified political act. The Left killed their guy, so the Right could kill, too. The whole pumpkin-headed establishment would scurry around like chipmunks with targets on their heads, and some angry lone shooters would begin to take them down as the egalitarian agenda continues its “inevitable” forward march.

And any attempts by the establishment to retaliate would only fan the flames of rage. The civil war would reach a boil within two to three years.

So let us hope and pray that Donald Trump lives long past this election.


Natural Allies: White American Flag-Wavers and White American Tribalists


– 17 September 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkWhite American flag-wavers are all stirred up over black football players who sit or kneel during the National Anthem. But white American tribalists of various stripes guffaw and say “What do you expect from a bunch of niggers?”

(I don’t know why people want to watch that foosball anyhow, bunch of full-grown monsters man-handling each other. Watch hockey instead!)

As the United States continues to crack apart into various self-centered tribes, a cultural gulf has gaped open between, on the one hand, those race-conscious American whites who see the U.S. government and culture as a foreign enemy, and on the other hand, those relatively traditional American whites, generally old folks and patriotic “normies”, who, in their ignorance, still believe in the system, and who still equate the overall United States to a single American nation.

E Pluribus Unum or E Unus Pluribum: One White America, Or Many?

Until the 1960’s, the United States equalled what we would now call “white America” and vice versa. Until the 1980’s, average Americans could still credibly pretend that the United States was a single nation with a single people.

Yes, some blacks lived here, too, in those days, along with a growing number of other non-whites, but outside the cities and certain parts of the country, such people were hardly worth thinking about at all. They hardly affected day-to-day life.

In the middle of the twentieth century, good Americans were welded together in their love for their “free” government, their belief in the God-given rights embodied in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, their common social Christian values, and—if only subconsciously—a common American culture, European heritage, and English language. Good Americans stood for and respected the National Anthem and our brave military. Good schoolchildren stood and recited their daily Pledge of Allegiance.

Of course, that idea of one single American nation was never more than partially true.


A decent attempt to map White American sub-nations.

Just as continents around the world are cris-crossed by fault lines and broken into separate tectonic plates, even white America at its peak in the 1950’s and 60’s was subdivided into distinct sub-nations. New England Yankees stood apart from the Irish and Italians (especially) who came after them and took over Boston and New York. The white South remained a very distinct sub-nation. Different regions all over the country, populated by different waves of white migration, have kept distinct sectional cultures since the first days of the founding of the colonies.

Yet, by the 1960’s, those differences had begun to soften and blur.

Homogenization of American Whites

From the 1880’s to the early 1900’s, progressive nationalists in the United States wanted to dissolve regional identities and promote cultural homogenization of white Americans. They figured we would be stronger that way. And maybe so.

To melt these regional and ethnic identities together, nationalists and progressives in the United States—most of them well-intentioned—demanded more power for the federal government, the standardization of public schools, and the promotion of flag-waving patriotism by the adoption of a national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Pledge of Allegiance helped foster unity among white sub-nations in the United States, and it reminded us that we serve something greater than ourselves: our God and our people.

Those superficial symbols of Americanism, those flags and bald eagles and patriotic words and stern-faced Uncle Sams, helped to glue the United States together and slowly eradicate the differences between the various white ethnicities. Some of the more optimistic, radical progressives, most of them fools, believed that one day even Jews and blacks would melt into the pot.

And with the 1924 Immigration Act cutting off most immigration to the United States, the ethnic differences between American whites did in fact begin to blur. People thought more and more of themselves as Americans, and the culture began to homogenize through nation-wide commercial products, and national radio and television broadcasts.

But if different metals could start to melt together into a single alloy, the addition of sand and clay to the mix would utterly destroy it.

Unraveling White America

After that business with Hitler in World War II, increasingly influential American Jews felt threatened by the idea of a homogeneous white society. With other half-assimilated immigrants and their second or third generation offspring, they persuaded the United States to open the floodgates to people from across the world, and they’ve been pouring in by the millions ever since.

Meanwhile, along with other conniving Marxists, they promoted the rise of egalitarianism and various counter-cultural movements.

By the late 1960’s, a growing number of snotty, spoiled young baby-boomer brats scorned the symbols of American patriotism as quaint and barbaric, or even oppressive. Bunch of damned dirty long-haired, hippies anyway!


Dirty pansy hippy traitors! Went to college and changed the whole wide world. And what a world you have made! But hey, you’ve got nice retirements, right? That’s the important thing.

From that time, these pansy cultural Marxists have increasingly dominated the culture. For most of the brain-numbed public born after 1980, the old patriotic symbols have all but lost their significance.

Still, the Left continues its relentless war against patriotic symbols to this very day, and those decent folks who were raised to uphold them are rightly outraged.


Today, plenty of mostly older people still value those old patriotic symbols. They stand by the Pledge and the National Anthem. They rally behind “In God We Trust” on the currency. They still love their Constitution and the form of government it established.

These are good white Americans, our parents and grand-parents and aunts and uncles, and most of them are natural allies to those of us who would preserve the white nations that still exist within the gangrene-riddled, leprous body of the United States.


Maybe most of these old veterans would be appalled at the loss of American allegiance by white etho-nationalists. But sooner or later, those who haven’t died will come around to our view. We should make it easy for them to do so.

White Ethno-Nationalists Should Support White American Patriots

Today the United States is unraveling. Everyone with half a brain knows that.

Any notion of forging an identity based on the entire United States has become increasingly ridiculous, even stupid.

Younger white people have no memory of the 1960’s or earlier. They embrace some combination of the suicidal ethnic nihilism promoted by the snot-nosed Leftists on the one hand, and a groovy kaleidoscope of identities based on regional or local cultures maybe, or more likely some other hobbies, interests, ideologies, religions, afflictions, perversions, and expensive tribal tattoos.

Personally, I’ve never valued the Pledge of Allegiance. (Allegiance to a flag?) Or the National Anthem, or flag-waving, or the mindless support of our troops. And why should we appeal to God on our wicked Federal Reserve notes?

But I do value these good, patriotic white Americans.

So out of respect for them, I do stand for the National Anthem, and I do recite the Pledge at patriotic gatherings. I support keeping “In God We Trust” on our money, nativities around our courthouses, and the Ten Commandments in our courtrooms. And I humbly acknowledge their thanks for my military service, even though I believe that my sacrifice was mostly a crock.


Most white patriots throughout the United States hated the attacks on the Confederate flag, even if most of the rallies were held in the South. White Americans should stand by all white symbols when the Left attacks them.

A year ago, many of us white ethno-nationalists were infuriated by the lack of solidarity on the Right against the Leftist attacks on the Confederate Flag. The establishment cucks even joined the bastards in this attempt to eradicate the symbol of the white American South, and such traitors deserve our continuously burning wrath.

Yet, around dining room tables and on front porches across America, not just the South, white American flag-waving patriots quietly cursed or lamented this destruction of an American symbol.

They are good people.


Those of us who want our white societies in America to survive should have patience with the “normies” who love their flag, their Pledge, and their National Anthem, most of whom also despise the ways that Leftists have destroyed the country.

Sooner or later, we can win them over. We have the same enemies.

We all belong in the same Basket of Deplorables.

Who’s That Racist Frog Guy? Is This Alt-Right Thing Just Another Teenaged Fad? Or Is It a Right-Wing Superbug?


– 31 August 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-Niekirk(Everyone else is writing neat articles about this new thang the kids call the “Alt-Right”. So here goes!)

Is this “Alternative Right” a fad, dependent on the current spirit of the times?

How long before the shock value of internet Nazi memes wears off, the medium grows tired and stale, and the drooling public returns to numbness?

The Alt-Right could only arise in our current time and place. It needed white males who were tired of being kicked down and shunned, and restrained or drugged to oblivion. It needed Commie, Open Society assholes like Barrack Obama to rule for eight loooooong, bleak, miserable years, cramming their egalitarian lunacy down our gullets. (Man, I hate that guy!) In effect, it needed the near total victory of the Leftist agenda over our society.

With these heady ingredients, the Alt-Right quietly brewed in dark recesses of the internet and ultimately has now caught on with relatively young, disenfranchised white males upon whom today’s society spits.

These were men who swam in universal egalitarian lies since birth: Women love meek and helpful life-partners. “Girls can be anything!” Blacks and whites are all the same on the inside, but we should treat them extra-nice so they won’t think we’re racist. Our history is evil so we should forget all about it. We white men are inherently evil and must atone for our innate sins, though no level of self-abasement will suffice. And escape is not allowed.

So it looked like white men would quietly fade away, the world finally cured of this evil. The Left had won the culture wars; the defeated Right just needed Reconstruction and then the racist, sexist nightmare would all be over.

And yet, a strain of disgruntled white men discovered those internet catacombs where they ranted and raved and made fun of the most sacred Liberal treasures. And these recalcitrant men grew nastier and nastier, but more clever, by the week.

Like a strain of bacteria almost wiped from the face of the Earth by the overuse of antibiotics, this tiny group of white men developed an immunity to the drug of egalitarianism. They became a Superbug!


Like antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the Alt-Right movement must be meaner and nastier than the old-Right in order to resist and overcome the universal white-male-guilt programming of the Left.

And now, to the horror of many with weak stomachs, that Superbug is spreading around the world like an epidemic. Guilt-resistant Nazis!

But is it a fad?

People thought that the Beatles, after they appeared in 1964 amid frantic hysteria, would soon die out. Just another idiotic teenaged fad. How could four English faggots with stupid haircuts and shallow jingles generate any lasting appeal?  Yet that quartet transfixed an entire generation and molded popular music—if not the whole of Baby Boomer youth culture—to the degenerate and self-centered glory that we see today!

The people who called the Beatles just another fad were wrong.


The Beatles should have disappeared like any other fad. But amazingly they possessed the creative ability to evolve, branch out, and diversify. They also appeared during a generational shift. The Alt-Right shares similar qualities.

So why were they wrong? Because the Beatles were able to evolve, branch out, and diversify. And because they caught a generational headwind.

Like the Beatles, the Alt-Right possesses enough intellectual raw material that it can (and has) branched out, and it will continue to evolve and diversify. The Alt-Right has also caught a generational headwind among a certain group of Millennials, and so long as world events continue to cause that wind to blow, even if it changes direction somewhat, that movement should mature beyond the memes and the trolling into expressions of deeper political thought and real-world political action.

Rather quickly, though, likely within five years, the memes will lose much of their power, and the trolling will at the very least lose its bite. To survive, this Alt-Right movement will have to grow up and get a real job in the real world. It will have to get serious.

Can they? Sure. Will they? Who knows.

Some fads rise and die quickly, like the Macarana or Angry Birds. Those were shallow novelties that could not branch out. Other fads take a bit longer to die, like Disco (sticking to the popular music theme), which lasted about five years, but Disco reached its narrow limits and seemed completely absurd when Punk and then New Wave came roaring along. Disco fell victim to fad replacement and to a new generational shift.


The rise of Punk Rock in the 70’s has much in common with the rise of the Alt-Right in the 2010’s.

Speaking of Punk Rock, the Alt-Right has much in common with that particular musical revolution.

Punk rock was nasty and violent, simple and crude. Suddenly these barbarians with colored mohawks and safety pins came along, from another dimension, it seemed. Gangs of punk hooligans roamed the streets, scaring old ladies and kicking peoples’ asses. It was a gritty reaction to the artsy, hippie hangover music of the 70’s. Most decent people hated it.

So then this thing called New Wave appeared, which was basically just watered-down Punk music that would appeal to the conventional tastes of 80’s Gen-X drooling consumer idjits. It shared some of the same vibe as punk, it just wouldn’t scare grandma as badly. New Wave was vastly popular, unlike Punk and its variants, and it completely took over the popular music of the time, all but killing the gentle singer-songwriters and Disco queers and Art Rock artistes.

The political “New Wave” movement to the Alt-Right’s Punk movement has already appeared in the form of figures like Donald Trump and Geert Wilders and the whole Breitbart site, and even some establishment posers like Newt Gingrich. Currently the Alt-Right is very wary of newcomers. And rightly so.

If this “New Wave” Alt-Right—or “Alt-Lite” if you will—manages to make the core Alt-Right beliefs palatable to the hog-trough consuming hordes, great! But if it steals some of the Alt-Right message with no intent to deliver on the real issues (such as immigration), then the real Alt-Right has got to get really really mean, like plumb, mad-dog mean.

And I think they will.


Woe to those who would usurp the real Alt-Right. (((They))) aren’t dealing with the run-of-the-mill cuck Potemkin opposition!

But anyway, about that fad thing, I think the movement that we today call “Alt-Right” will disappear in the next few years. With its slangy-ness, and its adolescent trolling and meme-ing, the movement can only go so far. However, it does currently serve a great purpose, which is to inoculate a significant number of white men, and maybe some women, against the irrational programming of the Left.

After that happens, then the real fun can begin. Clash of civilizations stuff.

There is a core of very intelligent people who are informally leading this motley, reactionary movement, if only by their examples. They have vision and philosophical depth, and with time their intellectual abilities and political savvy should grow. Unless someone rounds them all up, they are likely to form the core of the next virulent Superbug incarnations of the Far Right.

Nazis reincarnated. Or maybe a new Charles Martel. Time will tell.

Food For Thought For Those Expecting a Trump Defeat


– 8 August 2016 –



Another prediction, like that of Vox Day, for a “Trumpslide” in November. Personally, I’m not so sure, but the primary turnout numbers do give pause for thought.

Via The Politik:

In 2012, Barack Obama won reelection with 65.9 million votes.  Mitt Romney finished 5 million votes behind, at 60.9 million.  That earned Obama 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206.

Just four years earlier, Obama had become the first African American ever to be elected president of the United States, winning the highest amount of votes (69.5 million) by any presidential candidate in history.  Despite his historic nature and relative popularity, his margin of victory decreased from 2008. Consequently, Obama became the first incumbent in seven decades to get reelected with fewer electoral votes and a lower popular vote percentage.

Obama lost approximately 3.6 million votes from 2008 to 2012.  Romney gained slightly on 2008 candidate John McCain’s 59.9 million.

[. . .]

In 2008, the last time the Democrats did not have an incumbent on the ticket, they had approximately 38 million Primary voters.  In 2016, that number slipped to approximately 30 million.  A loss of 8 million primary voters.

In 2008, Republicans had 21 million primary voters.  In 2012, the number slipped to 19 million.  In 2016 however, the GOP had over 30 million primary voters – approximately 9-10 million more than 2008.

That is a change of approximately 17-18 million voters in favor of the GOP.

John McCain lost by 10 million votes.

Mitt Romney lost by 5 million votes.

And since 2008, the Democrats have lost 8 million primary voters while the GOP has gained about 10 million.

[. . .]

In 2012, the voting age population was 235 million, but only 129 million voted.

Both parties left a possible 106 million votes on the table.

Because of Donald Trump’s candidacy, all the rules have been thrown out.  We’ve seen that few of the old political playbook tricks work against him.  Money being spent by his opponents have all gone to waste.

We saw every single professional political pundit in the country get the entire primary season wrong – on both sides.

The media and their phony polling consultants don’t have any clue what turnout will look like.  If they did, they wouldn’t have bungled their Trump and Clinton predictions so badly in the primaries.

What we do know is that Trump is attracting voters from all over the map and into the Republican fold, just to vote for him.  It’s how he unexpectedly massacred 16 opponents in the primary.

It’s how he will massacre Hillary Clinton in the general election.

When the media tells you that this race is close or that Hillary is leading, just simply laugh it all off.

This election is already over and Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

Of course, Vox Day and many others on the Right mistakenly called 2012 for Romney. That was a rough day. . . .

Still, the hard numbers and the failed primary predictions of the blabbering, metropolitan experts are encouraging this time around.

Barring shenanigans from rigged voting machines, hidden millions of immigrants paid to vote, third party spoilers, et cetera, Trump should win.

But “should” doesn’t mean shit.

 C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkWow! Someone actually took the time to write readable stories under those fake headlines!

I was absolutely certain that the articles would say “Raalkd dr alad maic dl masdalf drls” like that old Daily Growl squeak toy used to.



Brexit: Maybe Elections Are Somewhat Fair After All; Or Are They?


– 24 June 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkCongratulations to the peoples of Britain for their vote to secede from the EU. Huzzah and Bravo!

And out of those almost-half who voted to remain, the foreign-descended should leave voluntarily. (And let us hope that a sovereign England at least boots out the foreign-born and their children.)

Any step against globalism is a plus.

The Brexit vote does give cause for a cynic to question whether elections are rigged or not.

Before the past year I had figured, almost without question, that world elites would never allow little things like fair and free elections to stand in the way of their agendas. If the elites can’t manipulate the people to vote their way, then they can always miscount the votes. Hook or crook, eh?

But the success of Donald Trump in the Republican primaries and now the Brexit vote has made me question that premise.

Trump squeaked by in the Missouri vote by only 1700 votes. How difficult would that contest have been to steal? If the elections are a total farce, and if the elites don’t really want Trump as the nominee, then we just about have to conclude that the elites don’t totally control the outcome of elections, right?

Likewise with Brexit. Polls taken just before the vote showed the Against side as trending slightly victorious. Manipulated polls or not, no one would have questioned the outcome of a stolen vote. So if the elites oppose the Brexit, why didn’t they steal the election?

We must conclude one of two things: either that the outcomes of these elections are not entirely corrupt after all and that the elites can’t always change these unwanted outcomes, or that elites do steal crucial elections and that the outcomes of the Brexit vote and the Republican primaries were declared according to the will of the elites!


If the elites don’t want Trump or the Brexit, then they must not control the elections. However, if they do control the elections, what then?

Why would the elites want Donald Trump as the Republican nominee? Why might they want him as president? Why would they want Great Britain to destabilize the EU? Why would they want a refugee crisis in the West?

Why, on the day after the Brexit vote, are people so concerned all of the sudden that Vladimir Putin might somehow gain from this?

War is coming, that’s why.

As I said months ago, the stage is still being set for World War III. It’s hard to tell who’s in on the nefarious plan. The puppeteers are probably very few in number but very powerfully rich.

But just as Japan couldn’t resist the juicy target of so many American ships sleeping along the piers of Pearl Harbor, the West is making juicy targets of a weakened, trans-sexual US military and a chaotic and divided European Union. Much like the US first reduced its sales of oil to Japan in 1940, then cut them off entirely in July of 1941 (only five months before the Pearl Harbor attack), the Saudi’s continue to flood the world with cheap oil on which the Russian economy depends.

Who knows how the elites plan to force Russia to take the first strike in a nuclear conflagration?


Already struggling under sanctions and cheap oil prices, how will the scheming West goad Putin to make the first strike?

If the elites can blame the next world war on a resurgence of those awful, backward notions of nationalism and racism, embodied in buffoonish villains like Putin and Donald Trump and the heady irresponsibility of the English nativists, then the surviving people of the world will shake the ashes out of their hair and gladly submit to the shackles of world government with its promise that it will prevent another devastating holocaust.

Events do seem to be trending this way.

But who really knows? It might really be that the elections aren’t entirely corrupt after all. Maybe.

The World in the Grip of Mass Insanity: Hysterical Fanatics, Raging Barbarians, Panicked Elites, and the “Beautiful Ones”


– 12 May 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkIn the United States, we watch the right side of the political spectrum erupt in apoplexy over the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Party candidate. Weepings and gnashings of teeth are expected, but the intensity of the fits is inexplicable!

Crying Cruz Supporters

On one side we have Ted Cruz fanatics who are swarming in response to the Left’s recent unchecked revolutions of social depravity, And their rage over the chronic, festering issue of abortion has only intensified in the past few years, particularly over Live Action’s exposés of Planned Parenthood. Cruz supporters zealously oppose Donald Trump because he isn’t morally spotless on these social issues. Plus Trump is so awfully nasty to everyone! Die-hard Cruz supporters will never, ever vote for such a disgusting bore! (Sure, they won’t…)


Cruz supporters: nice, fine people. But playing nice has gotten conservatives nowhere for decades.

This group, by and large, has missed much of the pain of the economic bleeding of the last twenty years. Sure, they have grumbled over the rising costs of food and medical care, and they have worried over some of the layoffs that have forced their friends to move from the Blossoming Woods sub-division outside of Salem, Oregon to the Whispering Meadows development near Fort Worth, Texas. They have suffered slow growth in their mutual funds and low interest rates on their CD’s. And that weekly tithe is a bit tougher to make for the tax write-off than it used to be. But while they are tucked away in their cozy McMansions, these wealthy, educated Cruz supporters are insulated from the effects of the brown hordes pouring into the country. They aren’t displaced from their neighborhoods or suffering from the crime or the competition from low-wage immigrants. They don’t have to work three part-time jobs to make ends meet. They still have the luxury to believe that the restoration of our country depends simply on our return to Christian morals and our Constitutional foundations. It was a noble goal ten years ago; I wish it would work today.

And Cruz supporters believe with a religious fervor that Ted Cruz is their anointed man who would lead the way to such a restoration. So they hate the fact that this coarse, immoral, and liberal bore has whipped the ass of their hero without mercy or honor.

Trembling Trumpists

Donald Trump’s restless troops, furious over the rising numbers of non-white foreigners and the disastrous economic policies that have favored other countries at the expense of their wages, haven’t so much opposed Ted Cruz as single-mindedly (or simple-mindedly) devoted themselves to the hope that Trump embodies, be it for an actually pro-American government, a restoration of white America, or simply a revival of the economy. We’ll build a wall and kick out the illegals, and Mexico will even pay for it! And pity anyone who stands in Trump’s way! As a bonus, Trump has taken on the forces of political correctness and curb stomped them, to the wide-eyed delight of the Trumpists.


There is some truth that Trump supporters lack education and manners. But coarse, uneducated Americans conquered this country, and they can do it again!

Sure the Trumpists are often coarse, poor, and uneducated. Their morals are often lacking compared to the purist followers of Cruz. They are indeed the rabble, God bless them. Just like Jackson’s rabble in 1828.

Of course, Trump is saying whatever it takes to get elected. There is no way that he can deliver on all of his vague promises. He cares about winning, at what cost we cannot know. I have a feeling that Trump will disappoint his supporters in many ways, particularly on social issues, though I do support him and have from the get-go, with low expectations. If Trump can simply stem the tide of foreigners that is destroying the nation, that is all I can hope for. You have to have a nation again before we can worry about the nuances of the constitution.

Weeping clowns: Alex Jones unintentionally illustrates this insanity perfectly. In response to the doomsday hysterics of Glenn Beck—a talk show host and wannabe civil rights leader who cries and rages continually against the wickedness of Donald Trump—Jones unironically weeps and moans because of Beck's 'manifest, smoking evil'.

Lunatic Leftists

But it isn’t just the Right who has lost their minds.

The Left has suffered derangement for decades, but they really began to lose their sanity during the Bush II years. Obama’s reign has only pushed them further off their rockers in their hubris to create a bizarro world through their control of the media and education. They have made great gains towards the eradication of binary gender and the nuclear family, the legalization and acceptance of recreational drugs, and the displacement of Whites by large-scale third-world immigration. They dream of a dystopia where every man, woman and child grows a brown dick and then chops it off. Having fought for decades for the Old Moral Order to tolerate their differences, the crazy Left has zero tolerance for the ‘intolerant’ now that total power tantalizes them just a few inches out of reach.


The Left lost their minds decades ago.

The Sanders/Clinton struggle demonstrates how the frustration of the grass-roots Left compares closely with the disgust felt on the Right. They’re going crazy, too.

Not Just in America

White Europeans, too, are going mad in similar ways to American whites. The diabolical globalist Leftists, like Angela Merkel and Pope Francis, are fanatically pushing their egalitarian all-race/no-race utopias, blind that it will cause their own imminent destruction. They have schemed and planned for decades, if not centuries, to rule over a divided and depopulated world. Perhaps they realize that now is the time or never for their agendas, that they must implement their Order in a hurry before the hordes overwhelm them. Who knows, maybe the insanity fits right into their plans, but I doubt it.

The European Right is only beginning to stir. I assume (and hope) that the Muslim hordes will shortly corner the European Right and force them to drive out the invaders and restore Christianity.

What’s a Rat to Do?

The Jews are losing their minds as well. In America and Europe, they are wetting themselves in terror and disbelief over the idea that the White nations are restless beneath their feet. It’s fun to watch them line up against Trump while they watch in dismay while the goyim steadily accept the leadership of their declared enemy.

They are scrambling to manipulate and connive, but their old tricks aren’t working quite so well as they used to. The new anti-Semitism is like a case of drug-resistant bacteria: the more the Jewish elite uses their old drugs against the masses, the more the drug-resistant strains take hold against them. What will these Jews do to hold their power? Can they risk the use of sheer force and oppression to hold on to their status just a little while longer?

In Israel, zealots openly advocate the expulsion of non-Jews from Israel and the establishment of a theocratic monarchy. At least they’re honest and open about it, though we in Christiandom should protect our holy sites.

Barbarians Unleashed

Then there is another madness in the world: the madness of a contemptuous gardener eying the mansion of his dysfunctional and elderly employers.

The black and brown masses all over the ‘developing’ world—particularly Negroes, Muslims, and Mestizos—have in their own ways lost their minds. They smell blood and sense the impotence of their white former rulers. The sheer numbers of these browns and blacks are growing fast while those of the rich whites are shrinking in their selfish infertility. Fear of a Black Planet seemed like sensationalism in 1990, not so today.


We should fear a black planet.

These salivating masses won’t be satisfied with equality, or even their rule over the white race. They won’t rest until they have utterly destroyed every trace of the white man from the face of the Earth (minus iPhones and pimped out Hummers and other shallow trappings of material success, of course.)

The white nations are merely giant sub-divisions populated by a shrinking pool of aging egotists and their faggot sons and zer-gendered tattooed daughters, sub-divisions surrounded by giant crowded slums crammed with restless half-civilized—and fertile—barbarians. And the crazy Housing Associations of the white gated communities have agreed to welcome and provide for those vibrants who can wade across the retention pond.

A Perfect Storm

Added to this social madness is the ailing world economy. A Ponzi scheme that is quickly running out of new rubes to steal from. The elites use plenty of shenanigans hold up this house of cards, but how long before the other crises knock down the entire house, or the bleeding economy unleashes the chaos?

And what about exotic diseases, like the Zika virus or ebola or drug-resistant clap? Or oldies but goodies like cholera, influenza, and typhus? They are just waiting for the onset of hunger and filth from war and poverty to harvest the dense masses of humanity, leaving piles of bodies in rubble-strewn streets.

Then there is our wondrous technology, our modern pride and joy, inhuman marvels threaten humanity itself in fundamental ways, internally and externally. Robotics, nanotechnology, genetics, communication, and computer science. All combined, whoever can make use of these technologies can have the power to implement a totalitarianism so thorough and sweeping that those under its grip won’t be able to twitch one millimeter—physically or mentally—without the knowledge and approval, or even the direction, of those who control the system.  Whoever survives to control this power will hold the keys to the world order for generations to come. If God lets them.

The technology already exists. It’s just a matter of what government has the will to impose it.

The Sane Will Inherit the Earth

Only two major world powers seem free of the insanity that grips just about everyone else: Russia and China. Because these two powers still have their wits, they have the potential to control the available monstrous technological forces and thus preserve their existence in some form or another for decades to come.

Russia is a sparsely populated, infertile country that must soon cave to other powers if they don’t play their cards right, and play them soon. If the white nations would unite with neo-traditionalist Russia, then together we would have the upper hand in the world against the brown hordes long enough to reverse our moral and demographic decline. But fate would seem to turn her back on this hope.

China, on the other hand, is shaping itself to become the next great world power. They have ballooned their economy at the expense of the West, using this bubble to take over the world’s resources and expand its military and infrastructure. China’s more than one billion people are largely homogenous—ethnically, culturally, and morally—and they demonstrate a self-discipline that the West has lost. The Chinese have the capacity and the will to overwhelm a divided world and rule over it with a unyielding robotic fist.

In order to defeat China, the white world must unite and pop the yellow bubble before the latter can squeeze its tentacles around the earth. Considering the state of the rest of the world, I’ll put all my chips on China.

The Beautiful Ones

Humanity has never seen such numbers of people as now exist today. In general, the people of the world have never been wealthier, healthier, and better fed. So why all of the insanity?

Is the world now like the John B. Calhoun experiments where mice were allowed to breed without any limits apart from space?


Are we men or are we mice? Increasingly, I see mice.

In July 1968 four pairs of mice were introduced into the Utopian universe. The universe was a 9-foot (2.7 m) square metal pen with 4.5-foot-high (1.4 m) sides. Each side had four groups of four vertical, wire mesh “tunnels.” The “tunnels” gave access to nesting boxes, food hoppers, and water dispensers. There was no shortage of food or water or nesting material. There were no predators. The only adversity was the limit on space.

Initially the population grew rapidly, doubling every 55 days. The population reached 620 by day 315, after which the population growth dropped markedly, doubling only every 145 days. The last surviving birth was on day 600, bringing the total population to a mere 2200 mice, even though the experiment setup allowed for as many as 3840 mice in terms of nesting space. This period between day 315 and day 600 saw a breakdown in social structure and in normal social behavior. Among the aberrations in behavior were the following: expulsion of young before weaning was complete, wounding of young, increase in homosexual behavior, inability of dominant males to maintain the defense of their territory and females, aggressive behavior of females, passivity of non-dominant males with increased attacks on each other which were not defended against. After day 600, the social breakdown continued and the population declined toward extinction. During this period females ceased to reproduce. Their male counterparts withdrew completely, never engaging in courtship or fighting. They ate, drank, slept, and groomed themselves – all solitary pursuits. Sleek, healthy coats and an absence of scars characterized these males. They were dubbed “the beautiful ones.” Breeding never resumed and behavior patterns were permanently changed.

“The beautiful ones.” Look at the impotent, well-groomed little hipsters, mindlessly and contentedly surfing on their smartphones, not even particularly interested in sex or competition.


A glimpse of the future “man”?

Could this phenomenon explain the rise in number of homosexuals and the unexplained explosion of autism? Could it be this force that is driving the people of the world to lose their sanity?

Perhaps there exists a program of madness written within our fallen and carnal human bodies, within the animal portions of our brains, that reacts to overpopulation. One would think it would appear in more densely populated nations like China and India, but maybe those lands have more tolerance for high-density populations than the more recently civilized Europeans.

Could this phenomenon be the root cause of our suicidal wars that produce only slaughter and starvation and devastating plagues?


Today’s world isn’t simply a powder-keg like the world of 1914. It is a cooking pot, an unstable brew of volatile chemicals that will explode when it reaches the boiling point. The world order is poised for a shake-up that threatens to overturn not just European dominance but the very existence of European nations themselves. Because those of European stock are afflicted with something like Calhoun’s Derangement. The most likely outcome, out of the ashes of this conflagration, is a world government of techno-dystopian power ruling over a greatly reduced world population. As far as what elite controls it, who cares? Or maybe there will be a worldwide Dark Age.

Crazy and interesting times…

Low Wage Workers Should Think Twice About a $15 Minimum Wage


– 10 November 2015 –


Clusivius-sqLow-paid workers across the U.S. are demanding a $15 minimum wage, up from existing rates that vary among states and localities but meet, at the very least, the $7.25 federal limit.

Low-wage workers across the country joined fast-food employees in the largest-ever strike to hit the industry in the fight for higher pay. They hope to capture the attention of 2016 candidates by striking one year from Election Day.

Hundreds of protesters marched in downtown Brooklyn early on Tuesday, blocking traffic and carrying banners that demand that elected leaders implement a $15 an hour minimum wage and union rights.

In addition to New York City, workers began a walkout of their jobs starting at 6 a.m. in cities Chicago, Atlanta and Kansas City, among others.

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio joined the protesters later on Tuesday morning to show his support.
“In New York City, we have well over a million people who don’t make 15 dollars an hour – a million people trying to struggle to get by.

And this movement shined a light on that reality and said: ‘we’re not going to go on like that,’” the mayor said to a group of demonstrators.

I sympathize with these workers, if not their manipulators. Plenty of poor people are working three or more part-time, low-paying service jobs, or menial factory jobs, whose families depend on this meager income.

The situation came about—in part—because many employers have cut the hours of full-time workers to part-time to avoid the insurance requirements of ObamaCare for those who work 30 hours or more. Also, modern business models all but require the tightest profit margins possible, using economies of scale, getting the most out of fewer workers. Add large-scale immigration, legal and illegal, to the mix, and suicidal trade pacts, and we have a large supply of very cheap labor.

And now many people can’t get full time employment while others have to work 60+ hours on the road because it costs too much to hire more.

Unfortunately, raising the minimum wage will only help a small number of these part-time low-wage, low-skilled workers.

As the cost of labor increases, employers who are already running under tight margins will have to reduce their labor pool to compete, or else go out of business. Consumers will see more automated check-outs at retail stores, and automation will replace other services, such as fast food work.


The restaurant industry is on the verge of an automated revolution. Do these protesters want to speed these changes into being?

Doubling the minimum wage would give the robotics industry a major boost. And once the industry reaches a critical mass, the prices for robots or other automatons will drop. Once automation becomes cheap enough, whole swathes of workers in the service sector, as well as what remains of our manufacturing sector, will find themselves unemployed.

What will societies do with all of these unemployable poor? The government can’t pay them all to do nothing, and even if the nanny state could somehow support these people they would still demand more benefits, like spoiled children.  It is a recipe for senseless revolution.

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkFrankly, I welcome automation.

The services that so many of these low-wage workers provide are often sub-par, even revolting. How many times must I deal with rude incompetent snots who obviously find my presence a terrible inconvenience to them? And what has happened to standards of appearance?

In recent years I have quit going to several businesses because I don’t want to see the freaks who work there.

I recently was served at a local credit union by a very polite but ghastly fat black(?) woman(?) with a fuzzy growth of black beard wrapped around its chin(?) like a wreath. It was too much uncertainty! Too much ambiguity and ugliness! I won’t ever go back. It took me days to recover!

We need more automation!


“Welcome to Taco Bell! Uh-hee-hee-hee! Uh-hee-hee-hoo-hoo!”

Ugly, Barney-Rubble-looking dykes took over the Taco Bell/Long John Silver’s near my workplace.  First it was the manager, then one of the cooks, and then the whole place fell to the onslaught. It reached a point where I couldn’t even consider the possibility of eating there without my mind forming a vision of three smelly tortilla-wrapped clam meals, all orbiting through the air around Barney Rubble’s chuckling face, clad in her(?) purple uniform. I won’t go back there either.

More automation, please!

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