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Often aJanus-smallt Fines et Initia, I link to a variety of news or information sources. Where possible I reference the sources where I originally found the information.  This gives credit to the sources, but sometimes these are not the most direct or neutral.

In many cases, to support my points or observations, I use mainstream media sources because they are widely accepted by the general public.  Since most of my articles are slanted far to the right, the use of left-leaning mainstream media sources often makes my point more effectively than if I only used some other right-wing or conspiracy news outlet.  In any case, I do recognize that the information in these articles is occasionally inaccurate or at least misrepresented. I have never known a news story to get the details correct when they have covered anything in which I was involved.

For images, I try to link them to the source where I found them. In cases where the image is commonly available or where I myself have created the image, the link is directed to my local file.

When I reference Wikipedia articles, this should not be taken as a total acceptance of the information therein, as I recognize that Wikipedia is also run by dishonest Left-wing activists. For controversial subjects in particular its information cannot be relied upon.

But I do like to use Wikipedia for its simplicity and, once again, because of its widely accepted neutrality by the general public.  For general subjects, it’s often a good, quick introduction.

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