PropOrNot, the Anti-Russian Propaganda Bill, and Why Some of Us Prefer Russian News to American


– 5 December 2016 –


Patulcius-sqIn the aftermath of Trump’s election victory, the American Left is fighting bitterly to overturn, ruin, and disrupt the results. One of the ways they have tried to discredit the various anti-establishment voices is this “fake news” narrative. They seem to be wildly aiming this campaign against the Alt-Right, the #Pizzagate movement, and the alternative news media, along with Russian news outlets and their sympathizers.

On November 24, a Washington Post article warned against the horrors of various—mostly alternative—news outlets which, they say, frequently sympathize with Russia, including popular sites like Zerohedge, Infowars, and the Drudge Report. Most of my personal favorites are included, in fact. The Post cites a report by some mysterious and well-funded organization called PropOrNot which formed at the end of October to bring attention against what they view to be undue Russian influence in various irregular news sites across the political spectrum. It’s actually a useful list; I’ve found some pretty good news sites that I had never heard of. (Watch for them to break their links.)

This PropOrNot business seems to be growing teeth with the passage on 30 November of H.R. 6393: Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017. A seemingly ordinary and uncontroversial budget bill passed to fund our intelligence services with 390 votes in favor and only 30 opposed. Yet tucked within its verbiage is the ominous section 501, which relates to “active measures by the Russian Federation to exert covert influence over peoples and governments.” From Zerohedge:

A quick skim of the bill reveals “Title V—Matters relating to foreign countries”,  whose Section 501 calls for the government to “counter active measures by Russia to exert covert influence … carried out in  coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly.”

The section lists the following definitions of media manipulation:

  • Establishment or funding of a front group.
  • Covert broadcasting.
  • Media manipulation.
  • Disinformation and forgeries.
  • Funding agents of influence.
  • Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.
  • Assassinations.
  • Terrorist acts.

As ActivistPost correctly notes, it is easy to see how this law, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, could be used to target, threaten, or eliminate so-called “fake news” websites, a list which has been used to arbitrarily define any website, or blog, that does not share the mainstream media’s proclivity to serve as the Public Relations arm of a given administration.

Curiously, the bill which was passed on November 30, was introduced on November 22, two days before the Washington Post published its Nov. 24 article citing “experts” who claim Russian propaganda helped Donald Trump get elected.

Of course some of us on the Right have grown to prefer our top news from or other Russian sites, and we have come to see the Russian perspective as the usually pro-White, pro-Christian counter to the corrupt lies and manipulations of the major American news outlets. To us, the only country in the world that seems to be moving firmly in a sensible direction is Russia. We don’t have to be propagandized to see this. We genuinely prefer the traditionalist Russian perspective and have deliberately sought it out.

Are there Russian connections to the American Right? Very likely so. Russia has a vested interest. The Obama regime has worked to isolate Russia and overthrow its government. If the U.S. can transform into an ally via Russian influence, great. But if the U.S. falls into civil war and balkanizes, that will work, too. In either scenario, the U.S. will stop working to push Russia into World War III.

Does Russia have America’s best interests in mind? I think they want us to stay out of their sphere of influence but otherwise don’t really care what we do. We should regard them the same way. Russia is following a Russia-first policy; the U.S. should focus on our own interests. The two don’t have to conflict.

Did Russian influence cause Hillary Clinton to lose? No way. Pro-union white men in the rust belt tipped the balance against Hillary. Lack of black turnout didn’t help her either. The establishment is just using this as a cover to attack the anti-establishment Right.

Perhaps the American establishment has good cause to worry about the rise of the white Right.


The Left still whines about Joseph McCarthy and the House Committee on Un-American Activities. During the Forties and Fifties, those two entities kept the Commies in check. But they didn’t go far enough, and ultimately the Left won out, ushering in the dystopia we have today.

The pro-white, pro-Christian American establishment of the 1950’s rightly grew concerned over the growth of Marxist influence (much of it influenced by the USSR). And today’s anti-white, anti-Christian establishment likewise fears the resurgence of a popular and angry pro-white and pro-Christian movement, one that has finally inoculated itself against the Alinskyite tactics of the Left.

In the 1950’s, the Leftists successfully defeated a Joseph McCarthy who, while correct about Communist infiltration, overextended himself, with the cucks of the time successfully sabotaging his efforts. Basically the Constitution tied the hands of the Right against an enemy who uses our laws against us.

Today’s establishment isn’t about to give up without a fight like the overly-civic and overly-sensible white establishment of the 1950’s. They will attempt to repress any influential reaction against them.


The Alt-Right “Kek” Religion: Pointless Anti-Christian Vanity or Bizarre Joke?


– 12 September 2016 –


Janus-smallSome members of the Alt-Right are working to create a sort of religion based on Pepe the Frog as a manifestation of the ancient pagan god “Kek” or “Kuk“.

At first this idea seemed like some sort of joke or hyperbole, like the “God-Emperor Trump”, but the more I learn about this Alt-Right religion, the more serious it sounds.

So is this Kek religion just another Alt-Right joke, this time on a grand scale? Or does Kek represent something more serious and sinister? As with so much in the Alt-Right world, it’s difficult to tell.

From F. C. Stoughton’s article, “Toward an Alt-Right Religion“, via Counter-Currents:

We in the Alt Right tend to regard our internal religious debates as pointless and divisive; Atheist or Anglican or Asatru, we feel, target each other for denunciation or proselytization only to the detriment of our cause. Thus we often adopt a playful cynicism when dealing with the subject of religion so as to avoid intragroup strife and hurt feels. . . .

[. . .]

So what to do? What to believe? We would ask it this way: what do we want our beliefs to do? For the religion of the Alt Right, in all its forms, is refreshingly pragmatic.

We have already touched on the ramifications of collective belief: get everyone reading from the same script to consolidate your power, as Constantine knew at the Council of Nicaea and as ISIS knows today. And it is almost true to say that the Alt Right is only interested in religion insofar as it satisfies such political exigencies. But not quite: the social and political effects of a belief are a sum of its effect on individuals. The social cohesion elicited by shared belief is no good if it turns us, individually speaking, into sad robots, cowards, or cuckolds — which would, in turn, render the collective nothing to be particularly proud of.

So though any manner of collective worship may unify us, we refuse to be unified in self-defeat. We refuse to honor alien, universalizing gods who don’t honor us back, who appear to think that we are fungible with other individuals and peoples. We refuse to abase ourselves before a jealous god — it is we who should be jealous of a god who puts others before us. We condemn the migrant-loving, pathological altruism of the Current Year’s pope. We blast the Evangelical Israel-firsters of the pastor Hagee stripe. We scoff at notions of endemic, original sin (“white guilt” or “white privilege”) and their groveling atonements in the virtue-signaling cult of childless volunteers in the South Sudan. We reject even the belief in a personal savior who is supposed to have already done the work of squaring up our shortfalls with the divine — turning us into idle, passive observers, i.e. cucks. Any such shortfall we claim as effortspace for own great spiritual work.

Beyond that, we’re flexible. We would believe in the divinity of a smug green frog or real estate mogul if we thought he’d reward our affections by blessing us with virtù and hale prolificacy.

Stoughton sounds pretty serious. He seems to believe that the creation of a mysterious in-group religion will create cohesion within the Alt-Right. And he obviously has a problem with Christianity in general.

Atlantic Centurion admits to being at least half-serious when he describes Kek’s relationship to the Alt-Right movement:

And that is when things get interesting. When we know that the memes have taken on a superhuman will of their own that simply cannot be controlled. When we have entered the realm of meme magick, the occult world of metapolitical subversion. That is when we know we have born witness to an incarnation of the ancient Egyptian frog god of chaos, Kek, who expresses himself in our time to the youth of nation through meme magick, in the avatar of Pepe the Frog.


Nothing is too sacred for Alt-Right memes. Still, it’s one thing to accept a joke based on one’s most holy symbols and quite another to see those symbols used in serious pagan blasphemy. Does the Kek religion go too far?

[. . .]

So how does this become esoteric? Well, Kek is also an Ancient Egyptian pagan god. He is one of the eight primordial deities of the Old Kingdom, a god of darkness representing the unknown and chaos that come before the light. Moreover, in his male form he is depicted as a frog or a man with the head of a frog. Now, no one deliberately made the kek-yielding Pepe into Kek; it just kind of arouse out of the ether, which is what makes it so interesting. If one acknowledges the notion of cyclical time believed by the non-Semitic religions of the world, one can understand that the nationalist Pepe meme is a return of Kek the chaos-bringer, who may well represent Kalki the Destroyer, bringer of the end of the Dark Age.

Kek is the deity of chaotic meme magick, which is a form of metapolitical prayer and will-to-power. Metapolitics is the process of trying to change the culture and values of a society as opposed to pure political activism. And Pepe is a modern-day icon of Kek, who shitlords project their wishes unto and send icons of into the digital ether.
Memes are in their original definition things or phrases people believe in. So meme magick, essentially, is the repetition of memes enough to change the memes that other people believe in, or memeing something into reality. The meme becomes a mantra, something chanted to generate karma.

The explosive growth of Pepe, his association with the nationalist right, and his estrangement from the normies solidified his place in the esoteric tradition. The normies had tried to seize upon this avatar of Kek as a source of mindless and indifferent entertainment, but Kek reasserted himself as on the side of Truth and liberation through the chaos of meme magick. Thus, Pepe became inaccessible to the normies, for in rejecting the Truth they had rejected Kek, and could no longer try to lay claim to a “nazi frog meme.”

Apart from a strong desire to restore the primacy of white nations within white countries, and to fight our enemies on the Left, there is little that unites the people of the Alt-Right, particularly in their religious beliefs.

The diversity of religious and moral beliefs within the movement mirrors the fragmented, de-Christianized state of the West. Secularists, neo-pagans, atheists, and Christians of various stripes can all be found, as well as anti-Christians who believe that Christianity is an undesirable Jewish religion. Probably one can find believers of all the major religions within the Alt-Right.


Christians are willing to work with non-Christians as allies against common enemies. Such alliances have made the Alt-Right great. But expecting us to participate in pagan rituals, even half-seriously, goes too far.

Up to now, the Alt-Right has tried to put aside these religious differences in order to focus on the fight against our common enemies. This is a wise policy, and so far it has born considerable fruit.

So what possible benefit could arise from the Alt-Right’s creation of a pagan cult centered around Kek?

It’s hard to believe that a Kek cult would serve to unite the religiously diverse Alt-Right members.

On the contrary, I suspect this move could drive a deeper wedge between the Christians in the Alt-Right and the various non-Christians.

What kind of serious believer of any persuasion would set aside his faith in order to pay homage to an ancient pagan God? Maybe some of the neo-pagans, for whom one more resurrected pagan god could easily be grafted into the accepted pantheon.

But could a believing Christian do so? No, not even half-seriously.

Christians can fight for political movements or for the fate of our nations when such actions do not conflict with the ways of our Lord. We can ally politically with non-Christians and anti-Christians against common enemies. But when it comes to the worship of heathen gods, that crosses the line.

To outsiders, the promotion of a Kek cult will only make the Alt-Right seem more alien to Western values. Regular people can readily, if reluctantly, see the reality of gender and racial differences and the manipulations by Jews. But most “normies” will be repelled by the worship of a made-up pagan god.

By adopting this Kek religion, the Alt-Right will represent merely the latest rejection of the fundamental Christian heritage that built the Western nations into technological marvels and the rulers of the world. They will become just another anti-Christian group competing with other anti-Christian groups for cultural and political hegemony.

If the Alt-Right routinely condemns naval-gazing and autistic LARP’ing, why are they creating a fake religion when it serves no political purpose? If the Alt-Right is about taking the “red pill” and recognizing observable reality, then why promote a fake religion? It makes no sense at all.

This whole Kek thing seems like utter vanity and inward-focused self-worship. Perhaps someone can explain it to me.

Maybe I just don’t get the joke.

[Update: – 13 September – Lawrence Welk of Antlantic Centurion fame has responded to this article in the comments section. His response cuts to the chase pretty well, I think.]

Andrew Anglin: A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right


– 31 August 2016 –


Patulcius-sqToday Andrew Anglin at The Daily Stormer published a truly awesome article that explains the movement of which he is an enormous part. (And I use the word “awesome” in its classical sense, not the trite way in which today’s people abuse that formerly wonderful word.)

Additionally, Anglin addresses how he hopes the movement will evolve, growing beyond mere memes and trolling to real, concrete action and, eventually, to a cultural shift at least as thorough as that achieved by the 1960’s Commie radicals who rule society today.

The article addresses many of the future issues that the Alt-Right faces that C. F. van Niekerk coincidentally presented here last night.

Although somewhat long, the article is worthwhile and entertaining to read in its entirety:

Following condemnations by Hillary Clinton, everyone in the world is now trying to define exactly what the Alt-Right is. Most of them are getting it wrong.

The short story is that although the term could refer to a lot of different people saying a lot of different things, the people that it is being used to refer to by the media – Trump-supporting White racial advocates who engage in trolling an other activism on the internet – are the core of the movement, with any other groups and figures being peripheral.

The core concept of the movement, upon which all else is based, is that Whites are undergoing an extermination, via mass immigration into White countries which was enabled by a corrosive liberal ideology of White self-hatred, and that the Jews are at the center of this agenda.

The Alt-Right is a “mass movement” in the truest possible sense of the term, a type of mass-movement that could only exist on the internet, where everyone’s voice is as loud as they are able to make it. In the world of the internet, top-down hierarchy can only be based on the value, or perceived value, of someone’s ideas. The Alt-Right is an online mob of disinfranchised and mostly anonymous, mostly young White men.  This collective of dissidents argued with itself until it reached a consensus (consensus is yet to reach 100%, but it is damn close). We have now moved from arguments and debates and become a new political collective, a type of hive mind.

The mob is the movement.

Some of the ways the movement presents itself can be confusing to the mainstream, given the level of irony involved. The amount of humor and vulgarity confuses people. The true nature of the movement, however, is serious and idealistic. We have in this new millennium an extremely nihilistic culture. From the point when I first became active in what has become the Alt-Right movement, it was my contention that in an age of nihilism, absolute idealism must be couched in irony in order to be taken seriously. This is because anyone who attempts to present himself as serious will immediately be viewed as the opposite through the jaded lens of our post-modern milieu.

Now, on to the long story.

I will first lay out what the movement actually is and where it came from, and then layout what it appears to be to the mainstream media, and why I believe these narratives differ so drastically, and conclude with some loose predictions of where I see all of this going in the future.

Anglin follows up this introduction by:

  • Describing the major groups that converged to form today’s Alt-Right. It’s a fascinating evolution really. I hadn’t realized how many other people shared a similar evolution to what I went through from old-school white nationalism to conspiracy theories to Ron Paul libertarianism and paleoconservatism.
  • Defining for the “normies” some of the major tropes of the movement. Oddly, this felt like someone explaining a very subtle and funny running joke, almost ruining it. Almost.
  • Highlighting the major goals and concepts of the movement.
  • Best of all, Anglin reveals his ideas of how the hardcore Alt-Right should develop in the future, particularly on how the movement should interface with the real world without losing its soul.

Even though I disagree with some of it, Anglin has written a very noteworthy article, perhaps even an important one. It stands out like a culmination of years of work, or the end of the first chapter in a somewhat terrifying masterpiece.

Who’s That Racist Frog Guy? Is This Alt-Right Thing Just Another Teenaged Fad? Or Is It a Right-Wing Superbug?


– 31 August 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-Niekirk(Everyone else is writing neat articles about this new thang the kids call the “Alt-Right”. So here goes!)

Is this “Alternative Right” a fad, dependent on the current spirit of the times?

How long before the shock value of internet Nazi memes wears off, the medium grows tired and stale, and the drooling public returns to numbness?

The Alt-Right could only arise in our current time and place. It needed white males who were tired of being kicked down and shunned, and restrained or drugged to oblivion. It needed Commie, Open Society assholes like Barrack Obama to rule for eight loooooong, bleak, miserable years, cramming their egalitarian lunacy down our gullets. (Man, I hate that guy!) In effect, it needed the near total victory of the Leftist agenda over our society.

With these heady ingredients, the Alt-Right quietly brewed in dark recesses of the internet and ultimately has now caught on with relatively young, disenfranchised white males upon whom today’s society spits.

These were men who swam in universal egalitarian lies since birth: Women love meek and helpful life-partners. “Girls can be anything!” Blacks and whites are all the same on the inside, but we should treat them extra-nice so they won’t think we’re racist. Our history is evil so we should forget all about it. We white men are inherently evil and must atone for our innate sins, though no level of self-abasement will suffice. And escape is not allowed.

So it looked like white men would quietly fade away, the world finally cured of this evil. The Left had won the culture wars; the defeated Right just needed Reconstruction and then the racist, sexist nightmare would all be over.

And yet, a strain of disgruntled white men discovered those internet catacombs where they ranted and raved and made fun of the most sacred Liberal treasures. And these recalcitrant men grew nastier and nastier, but more clever, by the week.

Like a strain of bacteria almost wiped from the face of the Earth by the overuse of antibiotics, this tiny group of white men developed an immunity to the drug of egalitarianism. They became a Superbug!


Like antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the Alt-Right movement must be meaner and nastier than the old-Right in order to resist and overcome the universal white-male-guilt programming of the Left.

And now, to the horror of many with weak stomachs, that Superbug is spreading around the world like an epidemic. Guilt-resistant Nazis!

But is it a fad?

People thought that the Beatles, after they appeared in 1964 amid frantic hysteria, would soon die out. Just another idiotic teenaged fad. How could four English faggots with stupid haircuts and shallow jingles generate any lasting appeal?  Yet that quartet transfixed an entire generation and molded popular music—if not the whole of Baby Boomer youth culture—to the degenerate and self-centered glory that we see today!

The people who called the Beatles just another fad were wrong.


The Beatles should have disappeared like any other fad. But amazingly they possessed the creative ability to evolve, branch out, and diversify. They also appeared during a generational shift. The Alt-Right shares similar qualities.

So why were they wrong? Because the Beatles were able to evolve, branch out, and diversify. And because they caught a generational headwind.

Like the Beatles, the Alt-Right possesses enough intellectual raw material that it can (and has) branched out, and it will continue to evolve and diversify. The Alt-Right has also caught a generational headwind among a certain group of Millennials, and so long as world events continue to cause that wind to blow, even if it changes direction somewhat, that movement should mature beyond the memes and the trolling into expressions of deeper political thought and real-world political action.

Rather quickly, though, likely within five years, the memes will lose much of their power, and the trolling will at the very least lose its bite. To survive, this Alt-Right movement will have to grow up and get a real job in the real world. It will have to get serious.

Can they? Sure. Will they? Who knows.

Some fads rise and die quickly, like the Macarana or Angry Birds. Those were shallow novelties that could not branch out. Other fads take a bit longer to die, like Disco (sticking to the popular music theme), which lasted about five years, but Disco reached its narrow limits and seemed completely absurd when Punk and then New Wave came roaring along. Disco fell victim to fad replacement and to a new generational shift.


The rise of Punk Rock in the 70’s has much in common with the rise of the Alt-Right in the 2010’s.

Speaking of Punk Rock, the Alt-Right has much in common with that particular musical revolution.

Punk rock was nasty and violent, simple and crude. Suddenly these barbarians with colored mohawks and safety pins came along, from another dimension, it seemed. Gangs of punk hooligans roamed the streets, scaring old ladies and kicking peoples’ asses. It was a gritty reaction to the artsy, hippie hangover music of the 70’s. Most decent people hated it.

So then this thing called New Wave appeared, which was basically just watered-down Punk music that would appeal to the conventional tastes of 80’s Gen-X drooling consumer idjits. It shared some of the same vibe as punk, it just wouldn’t scare grandma as badly. New Wave was vastly popular, unlike Punk and its variants, and it completely took over the popular music of the time, all but killing the gentle singer-songwriters and Disco queers and Art Rock artistes.

The political “New Wave” movement to the Alt-Right’s Punk movement has already appeared in the form of figures like Donald Trump and Geert Wilders and the whole Breitbart site, and even some establishment posers like Newt Gingrich. Currently the Alt-Right is very wary of newcomers. And rightly so.

If this “New Wave” Alt-Right—or “Alt-Lite” if you will—manages to make the core Alt-Right beliefs palatable to the hog-trough consuming hordes, great! But if it steals some of the Alt-Right message with no intent to deliver on the real issues (such as immigration), then the real Alt-Right has got to get really really mean, like plumb, mad-dog mean.

And I think they will.


Woe to those who would usurp the real Alt-Right. (((They))) aren’t dealing with the run-of-the-mill cuck Potemkin opposition!

But anyway, about that fad thing, I think the movement that we today call “Alt-Right” will disappear in the next few years. With its slangy-ness, and its adolescent trolling and meme-ing, the movement can only go so far. However, it does currently serve a great purpose, which is to inoculate a significant number of white men, and maybe some women, against the irrational programming of the Left.

After that happens, then the real fun can begin. Clash of civilizations stuff.

There is a core of very intelligent people who are informally leading this motley, reactionary movement, if only by their examples. They have vision and philosophical depth, and with time their intellectual abilities and political savvy should grow. Unless someone rounds them all up, they are likely to form the core of the next virulent Superbug incarnations of the Far Right.

Nazis reincarnated. Or maybe a new Charles Martel. Time will tell.

Lawful Constitionalism or Blunt Nationalistic Force?


– 11 June 2016 –


Patulcius-sqVox Day succinctly and passionately sums up the Alt-Right position on Constitutionalism and “Conservatism”:

I think the old conservatives would do well to call themselves Constitutionalists, because it is obvious that the current batch don’t give a damn about it. And neither do we of the #AltRight, because it is obvious that the Constitution has not only failed, completely, by its own stated purpose, but is today being used as a means of hand-cuffing the Right. The #AltRight believes in three things:

  1. Nationalism.
  2. Western civilization.
  3. Winning.

Everything else is negotiable or a means to one of those three ends. We aren’t conservatives. We aren’t philosophers. And we don’t care about the Constitution, the Rights of Man, the Enlightenment, the Holocaust, or anything else with capital letters that is likely to get in the way.

A Constitutionalist can be our ally. A Zionist can be our ally. A National Socialist can be our ally. A Pan-Arabist can be our ally. We don’t care who you are or what you believe, as long as you’re aiming in the direction of the enemies of nationalism and Western civilization.

Not so many years ago, it still seemed feasible to fight the forces of social Marxism lawfully within the structures of our civil society and government. If only we could motivate and organize people, we believed, then we could win power and unravel the damage.

After almost eight years of Obama and his ilk, with their blatant disregard for the law, with the torrent of foreigners growing in our midst, is it now too late to thwart these enemies of civilization using legal, constitutional means?

There are some pipe dreamers who think that Ted Cruz or someone like him could still repair the damage. They decry the tactics of the Alt-Right and of Donald Trump as just as deplorable as those used by the Left. It’s just not the conservative way! We must follow decorum; we must respect the letter of the law!

As others have pointed out, we have already tried it the nice, civilized way. The polite, orderly, and noble ladies and geriatrics of the Tea Party, wonderful people that they are, have thwarted the Marxist advance about as effectively as the victim of a home invasion who threatens to call the police if the thieves and rapists don’t leave this very instant.

Nice guys finish last. We have seen with the Trump candidacy that the power of the Left depends on the meekness of the Right. When the Right refuses to submit, the Left crumples. The only concrete force that the egalitarians possess are their minorities, and the minorities have no loyalty to this country or even to those white liberals who fed and clothed them. Ultimately the white liberals will have to join our side against the angry tide of blacks and browns. And for the moment, whites still outnumber them.

“. . . it is obvious that the Constitution has not only failed, completely, by its own stated purpose, but is today being used as a means of hand-cuffing the Right. . . .  “

It’s sad to say, but the time of the Constitution has passed. Laws mean nothing when criminals run the courts. It’s time for the Right to flush out the criminals with blunt, brutal force.


Clusivius-sqHas it really come to this, Patulcius? Are you ready to throw away two-hundred years of American law, history, and tradition simply because the other side is bending the rules?

The problem with revolutionaries is that they want to blow up the entire house just to fight a fire in the kitchen.

What makes you think that the charred cinders of whatever survives the revolution will be preferable to the situation we have right now? Today’s crisis is not a hopeless situation. We can fix this country without scrapping our liberties.

The hope of a Donald Trump victory is that the people of the United States can unite against the insanity of the last eight years. Even many  liberals and minorities seem to support him.  This bodes well for uniting the country as a whole if Trump wins.

If the invasion of foreigners can be thwarted, then the Constitutionalists can work to restore the integrity of the people in government. Our nation has dealt with corruption before and we can do it again.


Patulcius-sqKeep dreaming, Pee Pee! That’s a lot of ‘ifs’ in your astral scenario! More hope and change!

You seem to forget the array of forces lined up against the restoration of our nation. Not only do we have the lunatic social Marxists and their brown hordes, we have the hostile media, we have the Established powers in government, and we have the international elites who run the world’s economic, banking, and political interests. None of them is going to sit idly by while their handiwork of the past two generations and more is overturned. On top of this, we have a morally perverted populace spoiled rotten through generations of peace and material wealth; how hard do you think they will fight for truth, justice, and the American way? They’d rather watch football and whack off to their iPads.

At best, the hope of a Donald Trump victory—or even his loss—is that the various factions fracture the country into racial and ideological sections, and do it soon enough that we have something viable left of our nation to salvage.


ConcorditasIt’s too early to write off the Constitution, or our country, entirely. We the people on the bottom have to see how events are playing out, prepare the best we can, and patiently but vocally wait. What other choice do we have?

As far as the Alt-Right, while some of them do exhibit a disturbing similarity to the Left, particularly when it comes to issues of social morality, their movement on the whole is a positive development, gaining cultural momentum against the long-uncontested worldview of the Left.

I do have a notion that the political system is now so rigged that the only way to win is to untie one’s hands, keeping the forms of the Constitution as much as possible for the sake of stability, like the transition of the corrupt later Roman Republic to the relative sanity and traditionalism of Augustus’ Empire. The people are now too corrupt and divided to govern otherwise.

The history of the world is driven by one set of elites steering their peoples against those of another elite, or of one shadowy group vying for power against another. They rise and they fall, just like nations as a whole. They are fallible. The corrupt elites of today, powerful as they seem to be, can and do regularly fail. And it’s very possible that they are overplaying their hands with these foreign invasions and tranny obsessions.

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