Trump Won! Some Random Thoughts


– 9 November 2016 –


Janus-smallUntil about 8 o’clock yesterday, I was certain that the powers-that-be would steal the election from Donald Trump. Yet, despite the united opposition of Leftists and cuckservatives, Trump won the electoral vote.

So what can we expect to happen during Obama’s last few months and during Trump’s first months in office?

Too Close For Comfort

The election was a close thing. Too close. Another four years of even legal immigration at current levels will make it that much harder for a Right-wing candidate to pull off an electoral victory.

Driving around the country, I’ve seen a sea of Trump signs, many of them homemade, in the white countryside, and I’ve seen very few Hillary signs even in urban areas. Yet the cities gave Hillary a higher overall popular vote than Trump (through legitimate turnout or by fraud).

To repeat yesterday’s win in the 2020 election, Trump must not only halt legal as well as illegal immigration, he must drive out a significant number of foreigners or liberals.

Obama’s Last Days

While Obama made a show of civility and cooperation in his address to the nation today, he remains a radical Leftist activist. He and his handlers will do whatever they can to cement the changes they’ve imposed over the last eight years and to push their agendas forward through a Trump presidency.

Obama will probably encourage more racial unrest in cooperation with Soros-funded movements like Black Lives Matter. We may see more riots and marches against the police.

He and his ilk may intentionally create a banking crisis or a stock market crash. They may provoke international instability with Russia or the Middle East, perhaps even causing a war.

It’s amazing that the world’s terrorist attacks took a vacation during the past few months after a year of almost weekly horrors. The United States is ripe for civil unrest right now, and terrorists would be negligent if they didn’t take advantage, whether they are backed by Western traitors or not.

Look for Obama to issue a general pardon of black criminals (including himself and his cabinet), and create some sort of amnesty for illegal aliens. Likewise, he will almost certainly try to flood the country with Muslims while he still can.

Frankly, I will be suspicious if Obama doesn’t do these things to some extent.

Obama will almost certainly not try to stay in office. It’s apparent that he and his wife hate the presidency and can’t wait to leave.


Obama’s multi-culti aides look pleasantly unhappy. Hopefully they flee the country. Nice to see them full of hate and despair for a change.

Trump’s First Days

Unlike Obama, Trump gets things done.

With the Republicans in charge of Congress for at least the next two years, Trump should be able to ram through some drastic changes during that time, particularly in the first 100 days. I expect he will have detailed plans of action ready before he even takes office.

A new Supreme Court justice, the revocation of many of Obama’s executive orders, immigration enforcement, etc.

If Trump is the real deal, his first days in office should be an exciting time.

Sabotage of Trump’s Presidency

Let’s hope that Trump refuses to bend in his attempt to be everyone’s president.

While making a show of ‘working together’, the elites will try to undermine Trump’s presidency. This sabotage will come from both right and left, from Trump’s ideological enemies and from his supposed allies. The cuck Paul Ryan made a pretty fawning speech today, but look for him and his fellow traitors to uphold the interests of the elites to maintain free trade, non-white immigration, and globalism in general.

If left to his own devices, Trump would probably support a very moderate, even liberal, social agenda. Fortunately, the Soros-funded dregs of society will likely force Trump to react against them. Trump will act decisively, perhaps driving further unrest. Trump may not have the luxury to appease them.


It’s still possible that the powers-that-be could assassinate Trump before he takes office. This seems doubtful at this point, considering that they allowed him to win. But if Trump is really opposed to the globalist system, there is a good chance the elites will kill him at some point if he threatens their plans.


Donald Trump could also betray us. Ever since Trump’s remarkably tight win in the Missouri primary, I’ve been suspicious (paranoid?) that the PTB might actually have backed him all along, that he is some sort of false opposition. He did win several key states by very thin margins. If the system is rigged, could it be rigged for Trump?

On the other hand, Trump has shown that he is a man who rewards the loyalty of his followers, even when it isn’t the popular thing to do. For instance, Michael Savage has supported him from the get-go, and Trump called Savage’s radio show on the day of the election when there was no political advantage in doing so. A man like that isn’t likely to deceive so many people who sacrificed to support his campaign.

Regardless of whether Trump is a shill or not, we must remain vigilant to hold Trump’s feet to the fire.


In some ways it’s unfortunate that Hillary didn’t win a close (and likely stolen) election. The pernicious presence of Obama for the last eight years has done wonders in galvanizing patriotic whites to oppose the advance of racial diversity, immorality, and egalitarianism.

Had Hillary defeated Trump, the pressure that brought the Trump candidacy and the alt-right would have continued to rise to ever greater, more deplorable, levels. When it finally exploded, we could have made some dramatic changes for to secure a land for our people.

In the past thirty years, when Republican presidents took office, they never reversed the liberal trends of the predecessors, merely slowed them, and patriots lost their vigilance during those times.

If the Left doesn’t try to ruin the Trump presidency, then today’s patriots might fall asleep once again, allowing society to fully digest homosexuality, fluid gender, and other forms of sickness.


Whatever happens, the next year or two ought to be pretty interesting. Hang on to your MAGA hat.


Why Might Obama Want a Race War?


– 9 July 2016 –


Janus-smallObama, the leader of all that is wrong with today’s United States, talks peace and understanding over Friday’s black sniper attack on police in Dallas, but his actions behind the scenes since he took office suggest a sinister agenda against white Americans.

“There is sorrow, there is anger, there is confusion about next steps,” Mr. Obama said at the start of a news conference. “But there is unity in recognizing that this is not how we want our communities to operate. This is not who we want to be as Americans.”

The president said he would visit Dallas early next week to pay homage to the police officers who were killed there. And he said he would invite activists, police officials and others to the White House next week to seek “constructive actions that are actually going to make a difference.”

Mr. Obama acknowledged that the killings had unleashed some harsh rhetoric, and he urged people of all points of view to be careful in how they express their opinions. But he said he believed that most people were simply saddened by the lives lost.

“When we start suggesting that somehow there is this enormous polarization and we’re back to the situation in the 1960s — that’s just not true,” Mr. Obama said. “You’re not seeing riots and you’re not seeing police going after people who are protesting peacefully.”

While he pretends to care about the country’s police forces, he in fact will use this opportunity to push the narrative that the police themselves have escalated racial tensions, and he will try to meddle even further in local police affairs across the country just as his Justice Department did in Ferguson.

Uncooperative Blacks and Wary Police

Of course, police around the country increasingly refuse to deal with crime in black areas, and we see crime rates spiking in these areas because of it.  Why should the police risk their lives or their careers simply to stop ungrateful blacks from robbing and killing each other?

We also have a president who encourages groups like Black Lives Matter, a president who denounces the police whenever these incidents occur, who then meddles in internal, local affairs. The liberal media can’t help but act as a megaphone for the poor innocent victims of oppression if for no other reason than the coverage generates ratings. So the so-called president and his allies embolden the criminals and cow the police.


The experts in denial: “What’s basically happening is these cities are becoming victims of their own success,” said Professor Fox. The crime rate “can’t go to zero, and when you hit really low numbers, it can only go up.”

American blacks tend to have an uncooperative attitude towards authority, especially when confronted with non-black authority. Often they turn belligerent with little provocation. Even when American blacks aren’t outright hostile to authority, they recognize the police as an outside force whose interests don’t necessarily match their own. Even the best of black people will often resist authority through willful silence and inaction.

Police deal with this uncooperative or hostile black attitude regularly.

Combine that attitude with higher rates of black violent crime, with blacks regularly attacking the police, and situations between blacks and cops can quickly escalate, often leading to the death of an uncooperative but otherwise innocent black.

When confronted with police, the black “victim” knows in his head that he is innocent of a crime, so he doesn’t believe that he should have to cooperate with a cop who is obviously persecuting him because of his race, race, race. The victim can’t even understand how his actions would be interpreted by someone else as potentially deadly.

The cop knows that blacks, especially young and unkempt blacks, are more likely to attack him, and he proceeds with much more caution. And every cop on patrol today knows that every misstep with blacks could cost him his job or even risk his life and those of his family. In a black part of town, he might simply ignore a traffic violation or a domestic violence call-out, but he’s got to defend businesses and (especially) white suburbs and towns. But when it looks like a hostile black is going to pull a weapon, a one-second hesitation could cost the cop his life, and he’s going to kill the son of a bitch. Who wants to die at the hands of a low-life rowdy black asshole anyway?

In all reality, police do disproportionately target and ticket blacks for seemingly little or no reason. Part of the reason is that blacks are many times more likely to commit crimes, and the other part is that non-black police instinctively recognize blacks as alien to themselves and their people. There is justifiable mistrust on both sides.

This problem will only grow worse until the two nations are re-segregated, where blacks can take responsibility for their own justice system and law enforcement within their own territories.

Or until one side or the other is obliterated. . . .

Why Might Obama Want a Race War?

We have two major groups, or nations, in the United States who are so different from one another in their overall personalities that they can’t even really comprehend the thoughts and motivations of the other. They’re incompatible.

We also have an Obama administration that is fanning black hostility against the police in particular and against whites in general.

At every sensationalized case of a supposedly innocent black killed at the hands of law enforcement, Obama jumps into the story, railing against cops whether the victim was armed or not. Sometimes he involves himself or the Justice Department in the case.

If policemen are slaughtered at the hands of raging blacks, Obama usually has nothing to say. He said nothing about the Christopher Dorner shootings of police in California in 2013, for example. The Dallas case is the only black-on-police attack that I can think of where Obama has even commented. It’s quite obvious whose side Obama takes in these cases.

Why is Obama doing this?

It’s possible that he is simply incompetent. He and his Coloured administration identify with blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims, and they share a hostility against traditional white America. As a result, they simply attack traditional America whenever and wherever they can within the confines of their positions. This scenario is very possible, I suppose.

Obama has had a disproportionate number of mixed breed blacks in his administration. Prominent examples include Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson, and Valerie Jarrett.

But it’s best to assume that these people aren’t idiots. Somehow, even aided with affirmative action and mutual assistance, Obama and his Coloured appointees fought their ways into high levels of government. What if these people want to fan racial tensions rather than alleviate them? What would they gain by doing so?

It might be as simple as divide and rule. If no majority nation exists in the United States, then the government will need more power to keep the squabbling groups in line. Plus, the weakening of traditional white America on every front can only strengthen the Left-wing agenda. Eventually conservative whites will melt into political and cultural irrelevance, like those who oppose gambling or contraception. This is more likely the case, maybe even most likely.

Still, I don’t think it’s as simple as that.

Obama hates the old white America. He wants to destroy it altogether. “Revolution!” runs in Obama’s blood, not incrementalism. He worships Mao and Ho Chi Minh and Nat Turner and even Mohammad. He wants to “fundamentally transform” America.


“Oppressed peoples, unite to resolutely fight against US imperialism!” Revolution runs in Obama’s blood, not incrementalism.

He’s whipped blacks up against the police while the police allow blacks to commit more crimes. This breeds more crime and police reaction against the crime, creating more police “injustices” along with white resentment against blacks; while at the same time it breeds more frantic black anger against the police, leading to protests, rioting, and increasingly black retaliation. Police become more fearful and even resentful themselves, or more Dylan Roofs act out. Eventually, as this pendulum is pushed back and forth, the “Big One” will hit. Blacks will riot and kill a significant number of innocent whites. This will drive the angriest white patriots to act since the police won’t do anything, leading to the deaths of large numbers of angry blacks. The government will step in to restore order, but it will be too little, too late, on purpose.

In response to escalating violence and mayhem, and when the time is right, the federal government can play that dreaded card: the confiscation of all guns. We will have civil war. But the Marxists intend the war to take place on their terms. Obama spent years weeding out opposition in the military, and Leftists control the leadership of police in larger cities and other left-wing areas. Obama has imported hordes of non-white young men that he can call upon to fight against the evil racists. And once the civil war begins, Obama’s revolutionaries hope to flush out enough white patriots to mount a serious resistance but few enough patriots that they can’t possibly win. Thus, the revolutionaries can chop off the heads and fists of white America.  Accomplishing that, they can then “mop up”, or exterminate, the countryside, that bastion of conservative, Christian resistance.

And for laughs, his Marxists can turn against the surviving liberal whites, making them serve the non-whites in the very worst jobs at the worst pay as penance for the crimes of their evil white ancestors, a new race of helots for the new elite. In the 1920’s and 30’s, the soviets did this very thing to the fallen bourgeoisie.


Without whites to hold them down, brown people will finally be able to build the utopias of their noblest dreams.

In the end, Obama and his ilk will have exterminated traditional America, and the countryside can be turned into pristine national parkland. To finish whites once and for all, the revolutionaries might even castrate white men and impregnate the women, muddying the whites out of existence. Then the post-racial, post-national, post-human utopia can truly begin.

It’s even possible that Obama’s trying to provoke a war between the West and Russia in order to further wipe out the white race in another fratricidal world war.

This is just speculation on my part, of course. But I think there’s at least a gem of truth to it.

So what if Obama wants to provoke us so he can destroy us?

Let us hope that he and his half-breeds are biting off more than they can chew.

Restored Trade with Cuba: They Get a Roaring Economy and Strong Military; We Get Cigars, More Immigrants, and New Stops for Caribbean Cruises


– 17 August 2015 –


Patulcius-sqThe Left has long maintained a peculiar love affair with Fidel Castro and his beard, and now they are rejoicing because of all the new breakthroughs in U.S.-Cuba relations.  Eventually they hope to see the elimination of the trade embargo that the U.S. imposed in 1960.

The first major breakthrough happened in 2014.  After months of negotiations, Cuban and American diplomats met at the Vatican where they eventually hashed out an agreement:

On December 17, 2014, the framework of an agreement to normalize relations and eventually end the longstanding embargo was announced by Castro in Cuba and Obama in the United States. Cuba and the United States pledged to start official negotiations with the aim of reopening their respective embassies in Havana and Washington. As part of the agreement, aid worker Alan Gross and an unnamed Cuban national working as a U.S intelligence asset were released by the Cuban government, which also promised to free an unspecified number of Cuban nationals from a list of political prisoners earlier submitted by the United States. For its part, the U.S. government released the last three remaining members of the Cuban Five.

Then, on April 14 of this year, Obama unilaterally dropped Cuba from the list of terrorist sponsors.  On July 20, the two countries restored normal diplomatic relations, with embassies opening in Washington and Havana.

Now we have reports that the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prisoners may be relocated to Kansas or South Carolina.  This suggests that Obama will finally fulfill his promise to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay.  Might this also suggest, in light of the “Cuban Thaw“, that we might give up our perpetual lease of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base itself?

The main sign at the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba March 5, 2013. REUTERS/Bob Strong (CUBA)

Could Obama love Communist Cuba so much that he would give away the entire Guantanamo Naval Base for free, just like Jimmy Carter gave up the Panama Canal in 1977?

This would not be unprecedented.  Jimmy Carter, in 1977, negotiated away America’s rights to the Panama Canal in exchange for the Panamanians agreeing to not dislike us as much.

The Establishment and the Left are working together to end the the embargo.  On July 28, a Republican Congressman from Minnesota, Tom Emmer, introduced a bill, the “Cuba Trade Act of 2015”, that would remove the restrictions on American businesses trading with Cuba and American citizens traveling there.

Currently U.S. policy states that we may only lift the embargo when Cuba elects a democratic government, improves its human rights record, and moves toward a free market economy.  But the way we are headed, the Castro government in Cuba will have to sacrifice nothing in exchange for everything.  I guess they’ll probably accept those terms.

Once the embargo is lifted, Cuba can follow the models of other nominally free-market, politically Communist states such as China and Vietnam.

Thanks to absurd trade policies with China, supposedly to give us leverage to force them to become a free-market, democratic state, China has become the number one economy in the world and a rapidly-growing military power.  All without significant political reforms.  The United States showed them!

Vietnam, like China, retains its Communist government, a government that the United States fought against for twenty years.  And also like China, the economy of Vietnam has grown rapidly since 2000.  They have also been growing their military.


Ho Chi Minh City is looking quite lovely these days. I wonder where all of the money came from?

The U.S. has exported countless manufacturing jobs to China and Vietnam, taking advantage of their cheap currencies and underpaid workforces.  A cheap labor pool in Cuba, along with their weak currency and close proximity to the U.S. market, makes business production in Cuba very attractive to American corporations.

The Cuban government would use this new-found wealth to endear itself to its people, just as China and Vietnam have done.  They would also use it to cement their power and protect themselves from outside forces, namely the U.S. military.  Cuba has already forged military ties with Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela, countries not known for their friendliness to the United States.  In twenty years’ time, Cuba could have a roaring economy and strong military just like Vietnam and China have.  The main difference between those countries and Cuba is the Cuban proximity to the United States, just ninety miles from the coast of Florida.

And what would the United States get for the deal?  Not much.

Netflix (NFLX, Tech30), Airbnb, American Express (AXP) and Mastercard (MA) have already put a foot in Cuba’s door — a virtual foot though. None of those companies actually have an office or employees in Cuba.

Over 200 business leaders congregated two weeks ago at the Cuba Opportunity Summit in New York, co-hosted by Nasdaq and UPenn’s Wharton School.

“Cuba presents probably the largest opportunity — outside of China — to grow our industry,” Frank Del Rio, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCLH), a Miami-based company, told CNBC last week.

Airlines and tourism companies stand to benefit from American travelers’ pent up demand to see Cuba, which has been off limits for 50 years. Plus Cuba offers what most in the Caribbean don’t: beautiful beaches and a big, historic city. JetBlue (JBLU) already charters flights to Cuba, but it wants to start commercial flights, a sentiment echoed by other airlines. . .

. . . Food and agriculture stand to win too. Caterpillar sees Cuba, with all its farmland, as a big opportunity for its farming equipment business. Caterpillar (CAT) and food supplier Cargill have separately lobbied for the embargo to be lifted.


Cuba gets a strong government, economy, and military. The U.S. gets fine cigars, a rejuvenated hostile neighbor to the south, and some nice sandy beaches for vacationers.  Obama, the diplomatic genius, puts Bismarck to shame!

So Cuba gets a stronger government, economy, and military while the United States gets beautiful vacation beaches, cigars, and a medium-sized market for ag products.  Not to mention a new source of poor immigrants and a potentially hostile neighbor in our backyard.

Could we expect anything less from our government these days?

Obama: Something Amiss With Visits to Kenya and Ethiopia



– 27 July 2015 –


Clusivius-sqOn Friday, Barrack Obama arrived in Kenya, supposedly to attend the 6th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

The Summit, started by the United States in order to “deepen ties between business leaders, foundations, and entrepreneurs in the United States and Muslim communities around the world.”  Previous locations for the event were Washington, D.C. in 2010, Istanbul in 2011, Dubai in 2012, Kuala Lumpur in 2013, and Marrakech, Morocco in 2014. Gradually, and without saying so, the focus on Muslim communities seems to have broadened to the rest of the developing world, thus the 2015 meeting in Nairobi.

The people of Kenya love their native son. People crowded the streets to hopefully catch a glimpse of him. The Kenyan government rushed to have grass planted along the roads and the curbs painted to make Nairobi presentable to the celebrity president.

Obama, seemingly not much in love with the country of his biological father, criticized Kenya’s centuries-old traditions, its corruption, and its treatment of women and homosexuals, delivered while standing next to Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta. To his credit, Kenyatta immediately replied to Obama’s criticism:

“We share so many values, our common love for democracy, entrepreneurship, value for families. But there are some things we must admit we don’t share, our culture, our societies don’t accept,” he told a frowning Mr Obama.

“It’s very difficult to impose that on people that which they themselves do not accept. For Kenyans today the issue of gay rights is really a non-issue. We want to focus on other areas that are day-to-day living for people.”

It sounds like Mr. Kenyatta is a better president than ours.

There is something a little off about Obama’s visit to Kenya and Ethiopia. Why would the Entrepreneurship Summit, created as it was to foster ties between the US and Muslim-majority nations, choose Kenya, 83% Christian, to host the 2015 summit?

In 2013, Somali terrorists killed 67 people at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi.  They claimed that they were retaliating against Kenya’s involvement with Ethiopia in a war against insurgents in Somalia.  Both Ethiopia and Kenya, Christian countries, have battled Muslim, Somali minorities along their borders with that country.


Areas inhabited by the Somali people. Note that they bleed into significant portions of Ethiopia and Kenya.

Obama is being criticized by human rights activists for his visits to Kenya and Ethiopia.

International Leftists dislike Kenya’s President Kenyatta because he supposedly participated in election fraud in 2007, his government opposes homosexuality, and because of

…rampant corruption, repressive measures against civil society groups and the media, and police brutality and persecution of minorities in the name of his own “war on terror”.

Kenya is much like any other country in Sub-Saharan Africa, rich in natural resources, its people split among several native ethnic groups. The country is prone to inter-tribal warfare, as most of its recent violence-ridden elections attest. And similar to most other African nations, its economic growth is directed by, and owned by, non-native and international elites.  Kenya, like so many other countries, suffers from the erosion of its sovereignty and social cohesion in favor of globalist cosmopolitanism, a new form of colonialism.

The city of Nairobi is home to a significant minority of wealthy whites, Jews, and Indians who own the country’s major businesses and manipulate its government behind the scenes.  Without these forces, the country would likely split apart, as its borders remain an artificial creation of colonial powers.

The natives do benefit from this wealth and relative stability, some of them. A small but growing middle class is forming in the larger cities. The people do have some say in who represents them in the government, even though government policy is often co-opted by foreign interests. Maybe this is generally good for the people there.

As far as Ethiopia:

Having become the first sitting US president to visit Kenya, on Sunday Obama will achieve the same distinction in Ethiopia, which receives about $800m (£512m) a year in US military assistance and is seen as a bulwark against the spread of Islamist militancy in Africa. [Emphasis mine – Clusivius] It is also widely regarded as an authoritarian regime that locks up more journalists than almost any other country in Africa. Critics question why Obama would allow it to bask in the glow of the world’s most powerful democrat.

Still economically poor, Ethiopia’s economy has grown from 7 to 15% each year, with palpable and much-needed benefits for most of the country’s people.  Since overthrowing its failed communist regime in 1991, the country has been more or less ruled by the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), a secular and authoritarian coalition of Ethiopia’s largest ethnic groups.  The EPRDF has manipulated elections to maintain its power, and the government has gradually suppressed its internal opposition. Ethiopia is imitating China’s economic model for growth, with great success.

Ethiopia is comprised of a multitude of ethnic groups, with none forming a majority.  Christians account for 63% of the population, with Muslims at 34%.  Much of the eastern portion of Ethiopia, comprised of the Afar and Somali regions, have an overwhelming Muslim majority.  In the case of Afar, there is an active independence movement. In the Somali region, Ogadan (Somali) separatists have fought to join Somalia since 1994.  Without an authoritarian regime to hold it together, Ethiopia would tear itself apart.


Map of religions in Ethiopia’s ethnic-based regions. Both the Afar and Somali have ongoing separatist movements, and much of the center of the country has no majority religion at all, a recipe for internal strife.

Somalia, neighboring both Kenya and Ethiopia, might be the most lawless country in the world. Its civil war, begun in 1994, has never really ended. Occasionally both Ethiopia and Kenya have suffered violence that spilled over from Somalia, and both countries have made attempts to intervene there, most notably with Operation Linda Nchi in 2011-2012.

Obama’s visit to Kenya was met with widespread excitement and acclaim, and surely a good many of Kenya’s people have taken Obama’s words to heart. This weakens the authority of Christians and traditionalists there, and potentially undermines Kenya’s anti-terrorist measures.  Likely the same thing will happen in Ethiopia. Any weakness in the two governments will only benefit the Muslim terrorists in their midst.

Obama has a history of coddling Muslim terrorists, as we see with US inaction against ISIS and the absurd nuclear treaty with Iran.  And Obama’s lack of reactions to Muslim attacks within the US—such as the Fort Hood shootings or the recent recruiter murders in Chattanooga—compares negatively to his overreactions to other mass shootings or black deaths by police.

Could Obama’s visit to Kenya and Ethiopia form some sort of effort to destabilize the governments of Kenya and Ethiopia in favor of Somali Muslim radicals?


Hegelian Dialectic At Work?: Incompetent Response to Ebola Creates Need for Drastic Solutions Later


– 16 October 2014 –


Janus-smallObama activates the National Guard to prepare for deployment to West Africa.  Just when you think that the man can’t do anything more stupid or insidious, he upstages himself one more time.

President Obama has issued an executive order calling up ready reserve troops to combat the Ebola crisis in Africa.

Obama notified Congress of his order Thursday. It reads: “I hereby determine that it is necessary to augment the active Armed Forces of the United States for the effective conduct of Operation United Assistance, which is providing support to civilian-led humanitarian assistance and consequence management support related to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa.”

This move is so illogical that I can’t help but think that these weekend warriors are really being activated to maintain order here in the United States.

It makes no sense to send the National Guard to West Africa when we could send more active duty troops there if that’s what the idiots-in-charge want.  (Could our active duty forces really be so gutted that we would need to use reservists?)  The deployment of the National Guard also makes no sense as a token response to impress the public that Obama’s administration is doing all that it can to fight the disease.  All Obama would have to do to impress some of the public without sacrificing his open-borders policy is fire that Vulcan imbecile Frieden, whose stubborn (and illogical) condescension and backpedaling would be funny if it weren’t so potentially deadly.

Or maybe the Ebola outbreak will be quickly snuffed out, and Obama’s far-sighted deployment of American soldiers to West Africa can prove that he lives up to his preemptive Nobel Peace Prize.  But I doubt it.

While Ebola seems too slow-moving to pose a serious widespread threat (despite the fear-mongering of the 1-million-infections-by-January crowd), it is nonetheless a nasty and terrifying disease that could kill hundreds or even thousands here in the United States.  The spread of the disease in this country is the direct result of the policies of our government.  People are starting to panic over the infection of two people; how will they behave with dozens of people infected in different cities around the country, or when children start to die?  The under-reaction to the disease now creates justification for an over-reaction later.

The question remains: is the government infecting us because of their own idealogical stupidity or are they deliberately creating a panic so they can impose a subsequent clamp-down?

Ebola Was No Threat to U.S. Till Now. . .


– 18 September 2013 –


Obama, the gift that keeps on giving. . .

America said on Tuesday that it would send 3,000 US troops to help fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which President Barack Obama called “a potential threat to global security”.

Following criticism by aid agencies that the international response had so far been “lethally inadequate”, Washington said it would despatch the soldiers to Liberia, the worst-affected of the countries so far hit by Ebola.

The mission, led by a US general, is the biggest US deployment to Africa since the ill-fated humanitarian mission to Somalia in 1993. It will help provide logistical support to a country whose health service has effectively been destroyed by the outbreak, with hundreds of doctors and health workers infected.

Our largest mission to Africa since Somalia in 1993.  We failed to defeat Aidid and end the Somali Civil War in 1993, and we will fail to defeat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

We thankfully fled Somalia after the disaster of Black Hawk Dawn, and were lucky to suffer no long-term consequences from our mistake.  And the Somali civil war continues, with that land still the most lawless country on Earth.

We might not be so lucky when we flee West Africa.  Will we quarantine our soldiers after they risk their lives for this humanitarian mistake?  Symptoms of Ebola can take up to three weeks to appear.

I suspect that even if we do quarantine these troops for the necessary month, they would be returned to the states to do so, as infected missionaries were already brought here.  How competently can we expect our government wards to isolate 3,000 soldiers?

Generally speaking, the purpose of a nation’s military is to thwart threats to its national security.  In this case, the operation of our military in West Africa unnecessarily endangers our national security while it provides no redeeming benefit to us, and little if any benefit to West Africa.  Surely a few more hospitals in these countries will do nothing to hinder the spread of the disease.

One would think that Obama wants to deliberately infect the US population with Ebola.

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