The War on White Monuments: Duke Supporters and Soros Marxists Clash in New Orleans


– 24 September 2016 –


Janus-smallA Leftist group called “Take Em Down NOLA” led a protest in New Orleans against the slow process of removing four Confederate statues and to demand further removals, particularly to take down the statue of President Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square.

Via the Kansas City Star:

Hundreds of people turned out Saturday in New Orleans’ historic French Quarter to protest a statue of Andrew Jackson and Confederate monuments in the city.

New Orleans has been struggling with what to do with a number of Confederate-era monuments in the city. The City Council voted last year to remove four of the monuments after heated public meetings but the effort has been stalled in the courts. A major hearing on their removal is slated for Wednesday.

Take Em Down NOLA, a group that has been advocating for the removal of monuments it describes as being linked to the city’s white supremacist history, called for a demonstration Saturday to take down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square to protest the slow progress of taking down the Confederate monuments.

The Jackson statue is not one of the four Confederate monuments that the council voted to remove. Jackson is considered a key figure for leading the defense of the city in an 1815 battle against the British. But Michael Quess Moore, one of the group’s organizers, said Jackson was also a slave-owner who as president signed the controversial Indian Removal Act.

[. . .]

Shortly before the protesters arrived, white supremacist David Duke and a small group of supporters converged on the square, calling for the statue to be protected.

As Duke, who is also running for Senate, talked to supporters he was heckled by bystanders.

“I am here to defend our American heritage. Our Louisiana heritage and our New Orleans heritage,” he said.

The protests were largely peaceful although a few fights broke out between demonstrators. WWL-TV reported that seven people were arrested.


Bunch of Google degenerates with their printed signs and printed shirts. They appear well-enough funded. And no doubt the old white cuck on the right feels very self-righteous in joining this anti-white protest. I’m sure he brags about his involvement to anyone who will listen.

What is this “Take Em Down NOLA” group anyway?

Their website offers the following description:

We the people of New Orleans demand that the Mayor and City Council take immediate action to remove all monuments, school names and street signs dedicated to White Supremacists. These structures litter our city with visual reminders of the horrid legacy of slavery that terrorized so many of this city’s ancestors. They misrepresent our community. We demand the freedom to live in a city where we are not forced to pay taxes for the maintenance of public symbols that demean us and psychologically terrorize us. We demand:

  1. That the city release a timeline for the immediate removal of the monuments;
  2. That the city expand the definition from 4 specific monuments to encompass all monuments to White Supremacy;
  3. That the city develop a community driven process for the removal of the monuments and the choosing of their replacements.

If you really want to sign the petition, their site mentions that you will receive “periodic updates on activism opportunities from” Goody.

So what is Color of Change? From the ColorOfChange site:

Color Of Change helps people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us. As a national online force driven by over one million members, we move decision makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people, and all people. Until justice is real.

The Activist Facts website—which helpfully exposes the funding, agendas, and personnel of various Left-wing activist groups—mentions the Color of Change’s ties to George Soros:

Through the years, Color of Change has received considerable funding from groups controlled by George Soros, the billionaire best known for backing left-wing nonprofit groups. Since 2009, Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) has given $550,000 to Color of Change and its parent organization, Citizen Engagement Laboratory (CEL). Among other recipients of donations from Soros are ACORN, People for the American Way, and, where James Rucker previously served as Director of Grassroots Mobilization. Color of Change has had numerous campaign partnerships and close ties with

Color of Change “partners” with, and is a project of CEL. CEL directs a number of other projects that could be considered carbon copies of Color of Change—most of these projects seek to engage and mobilize minority citizens to expand their political voice generally through the use of the internet. Similar to Color of Change, these organizations masquerade as champions of suppressed and disadvantaged individuals in order to advance their progressive political agenda.

Effectively, Soros and other billionaires are able to funnel their millions of dollars in donations into, CEL, and ultimately Color of Change to rally left-wing supporters to vote.

It’s interesting that these types of groups have already expanded their attacks on Confederate symbols to include Andrew Jackson tributes and memorials.

Once local and state governments quickly remove these symbols of whiteness, the Leftists will immediately demand the purge of other white icons, such as Christopher Columbus, most of our slave-owning Founding Fathers, and Henry Ford.

The cultural Marxists will not be satisfied until they have not only removed all of white history, but whiteness itself.

“Trump Will Go 26th”: What Would Happen If Globalists Assassinate Donald Trump?


– 23 September 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkA creepy AM radio broadcast from two days ago brings to mind the possibility of Trump’s assassination before the election.

Via TruNews, via Infowars:

Man records weird message allegedly playing repeadetly on Radio: “Trump Will Go 26th”. 

  • “Trump will go 26th,” led speculations that the station had been hacked.
  • The message was heard on 1630 AM at 7am on Monday morning and allegedly went on for a full five minutes.
  • Chester Township NJ 1630AM employees apparently had no idea that the message had been broadcast.

A man driving on the New Jersey Turnpike appears to have recorded a radio message allegedly coming from his car radio tunned to 1630 AM. Some interpret the message to state “Trump will go 26th.” Questions were raised about whether the station had been hacked during the Monday morning radio show, but that has not been officiallly confirmed by the station.


If a victorious Donald Trump really does pose a threat to the globalist order, then it is only logical that the globalists, so close to ultimate world domination that they are, would use any means necessary to stop him from gaining power.

Presumably they would prefer to defeat him with a minimum of force and disruption, and certainly they have tried.

But suppose they can’t stop him peacefully. Suppose they kill him like they probably did to Huey Long in 1935?

How would the country react to Trump’s assassination?

First, it would depend on how Trump was killed. Plane crashes are popular for political assassinations. But sometimes other convenient accidents can be used. Also, seemingly healthy people can die suddenly of “natural causes”, like Justice Scalia.

Only the craziest of the crazies would question some type of stroke or heart attack, and the elites could probably get away with such a murder with minimal disruption. But such deaths are very difficult to arrange. If it was easy to kill people this way, then enemies of the elites would conveniently sicken and die more frequently. Like Snowden, for instance, or that Wikileaks guy. I don’t think it’s possible to arrange this kind of death.


Muppet McCain: “What he did was he fired up the crazies.” Maybe McCain and his cronies are interviewing some crazies of their own to take Trump down.

An accident like a plane crash is easier to pull off, and it would probably generate a manageable level of public suspicion. But one would guess that Trump is wise to this possibility and has taken steps to prevent it. With so many years in the high echelons of business, Trump is bound to keep around him a large retinue of tried-and-true associates with impeccable loyalty, people who would sacrifice their own lives to make sure he is safe from accidents.

Should those means fail, the old-fashioned deranged lone shooter can take Trump out. Probably the elites would use a desperate assassin whom the general public might sympathize with, such as a sad-eyed illegal alien who fears for his family if he’s deported. Or maybe they would use a crazed Trump supporter, proving how violent and unhinged those evil racists are, even to their friends.

But regardless of the shooter’s motives, Trump supporters would have a fit. They expect this very thing. The bellows of their fury would frighten many liberal housewives.

Still, white people don’t riot anymore, and right-wingers hardly even protest. Old Hillary would take office thinking she could manage these disgruntled deplorables like she handled Gaddafi. But she’d be wrong.

The assassination of Donald Trump would set a plate for violent death on the table for the far Right, assassination as a justified political act. The Left killed their guy, so the Right could kill, too. The whole pumpkin-headed establishment would scurry around like chipmunks with targets on their heads, and some angry lone shooters would begin to take them down as the egalitarian agenda continues its “inevitable” forward march.

And any attempts by the establishment to retaliate would only fan the flames of rage. The civil war would reach a boil within two to three years.

So let us hope and pray that Donald Trump lives long past this election.

Should We Stand Aside and Let Leftism Destroy Leftism?


– 21 September 2016 –


Janus-smallConcerning an old post at Mike Smith’s Political Commentary from 2007. It’s a different take on the lame “Democrats-are-the-real-racists” conservative narrative.

Smith speculates about what would have happened if apartheid hadn’t ended in South Africa in 1994. He makes a point that protected blacks would have reproduced out of control until a full-blown race war occurred, which the rest of the world wouldn’t have tolerated. Faced with such a scenario, what were the last apartheid leaders to do?

So what to do then? The Afrikaners knew the blacks could never run the country. They couldn’t even run their own homelands with massive aid to boot. There was no way blacks would ever be able to run South Africa. So why give them the power?

It was about self-preservation of their species. How did they achieve it? Simple. They became liberal, very liberal. Everyone and the world love liberals. They are such good people. The more liberal you are the better is your chance of winning the Nobel peace prize. Hand the country to the blacks. Let them introduce all their liberal laws, sit back and watch. Light a cigarette; get a beer, the show is called “The New South Africa”. Lets sit and watch the blacks self-destruct. Nobel prize is in the bank, so who gives a Fork.

Come with me; let me lead you into the light my friends. Affirmative Action got rid of all the doctors and nurses. State hospitals are busy grinding to a halt. Who dies? Not the whites in the private hospitals, I can assure you. Blacks. The engineers are gone, no more roads for the ambulances to travel on. No more dams and fresh water. Sewage plants are inoperative. Bad sanitation spreads diseases such as Cholera and Hepatitis B. No more electricity and more people die on operation tables.
Children are not inoculated against Polio and TB anymore. More and more blacks start to die.

Chase the farmers off their land. Starvation and malnutrition sets in and takes more lives. Teachers leave the country in droves. Education levels drop and more people die, because they are ignorant about diseases and dangers. Tie the hands of the police and criminals run rampant. More and more, mainly blacks die. The rape rate increases and HIV levels soar. Approve gay rights and marriages. More people are infected with HIV. Open the borders to illegal immigrants. Let them bring in more drugs and spread prostitution. More black people are infected with AIDS and die.

The liberal West uses Communism to depopulate Africa.

Rightwing Whites don’t need to plant bombs. Why take a gun and shoot ten black people and then spend your entire life behind bars? All you have to do, Mr. Right Winger, is become a Liberal. Liberal policies kill blacks in their hundreds of thousands if not millions. 590 000 die of AIDS alone every year in South Africa.

Mr. Right Winger, you just need to support the ANC in South Africa and they will be killing more blacks than all the bombs you could muster. What is worse is that the world will love you for it and call you a good humanitarian! You might even get a Prize or be knighted!

Unfortunately Conservatives won’t do it, because they are really good Christian People, who truly cares about blacks.

And for you Mr. Liberal; If you really care about blacks and if you really want to help them, you will become Conservative, but we also know that you never will. Either Political Correctness blinds you or you have an Agenda. Which is it?

And the blacks in this game between left and right? Shame. They believe all the Liberal Leftist, Communist lies. Even after millions of them have died, they will still believe the lies. They truly believe they are “free” and living in a “Democracy”. After all they can vote, but they vote for the party that is going to cause their ultimate destruction.

So what is the white man to do in South Africa then? My advice is to become liberal. The more liberal the higher the black death toll will be. The whites must just bite the bit (“Vasbyt”) for a few years. There will be some losses and collateral damage as there are in every war. If they can pull through that, they will be all right. Further they should propagate liberal policies amongst their own, such as “Free Love”. In other words, Whiteys; “Start breeding”. In a few years from now they might even outnumber the blacks. Open the borders to Whites from other countries. This is where the previous government went wrong. They could have gained the cream of Europe, but they were too scared that their Afrikaner culture would be affected. If they started that policy in 1948, we could have outnumbered the blacks today. That is what Canada, Australia and New Zealand are doing; taking the cream of South African whites!

So you see? What a crazy world we live in!
Liberals are actually the real Racist Rights and the Conservatives are actually the bunny hugging, caring souls.

I’m not sure I agree with Smith on this, and probably Mike Smith only half-seriously proposed it, but the theory is interesting nonetheless.

In 1994, whites made up 12.6% of the South African population, down from a peak of about 22% a hundred years earlier. They faced growing tension with their black underclass and with international Leftists, and they decided, for whatever reason, to give up power to the largely incompetent black majority.

In 2016, on a global scale, whites make up about 16% of the world population, down from a peak of 28% in 1950. Formerly white nations ran the entire world, just as whites once ruled South Africa. Today we have unrest among the world’s non-whites, fed and fanned by international Leftists, leading to black riots in the United States, widespread Islamic terrorism, and mass migrations of non-white populations into just about every white nation on Earth.

The global situation of whites today mirrors the situation of South African whites in 1994. We are programmed to feel guilty for our “privilege”, for separating ourselves from the poor non-whites of the world. So we must first let them into our lands and then succumb to their incompetent majority rule.

The results would quickly look like what we see in South Africa today: massive crime and poverty, government corruption, crumbling infrastructure, and continued racial tension.


Welcome to your future town.

If F. W. de Klerk and his bunch willfully surrendered their power in the hopes that the brown people would simply destroy themselves to the point where whites could restore themselves, then their plan was a reckless one.

If we tried this on a world scale, how well would it work out?

In the desperation of our times, it’s sometimes tempting to encourage the crazy Left to kill themselves by letting them have everything they want and then stepping back to avoid the wreckage.

But unfortunately, in such a case, wouldn’t the Left destroy us Right-wingers along with themselves?

Forced Transvestite Training for the US Navy


– 20 September 2016 –


Patulcius-sqMore signs that the United States government and its military are no longer worth supporting.

Via Church Militant, via

As the Pentagon makes changes to allow transgender service members to serve openly, the Navy is holding training to educate all troops on the new policies.

In an all-Navy message published Tuesday, Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke said a three-pronged training approach will equip senior leaders and rank-and-file personnel for the changes.

A “three-pronged approach,” huh? There is no doubt that the greatest strategic minds available in today’s USN gathered over several days to plot their epic assault against the greatest enemy our country faces today: intolerance.

The solemn stupidity continues, blissfully clueless:

Beginning Nov. 1, mobile training teams composed of Navy fleet representatives and subject matter expects will be dispatched to deliver face-to-face briefs to senior leaders, including commanding officers, executive officers, command master chiefs, and chiefs of boat.

These sessions will also be open to equal opportunity advisers, ombudsmen and other command-designated representatives who will have a role in training the tenant commands on policies governing transgender troops.

A spokeswoman [?] for Naval Personnel Command, Lt. Jessica Anderson, told in an email that a commander’s tool kit is being developed to guide training, and that additional information about what these training sessions will include will be available in a future message to the fleet.

“Service members are expected to maintain standards of conduct and treat each other with dignity and respect,” she said. “Training for sailors will be conducted by command triads via mobile training teams or DVD with a facilitation guide if the unit is in a remote area and unable to receive face-to-face training. There will also be webinars for COs to ask questions prior to delivering training to their commands.”

According to the message, DVDs and discussion guides will be mailed to each unit, along with copies of the commander’s tool kit and a Defense Department guide being created to explain policy. The webinars, made available to leadership teams, will be provided after mobile training team visits as an opportunity for subject matter experts to answer any remaining questions before fleet training begins.

All sailors will have completed a training session on the new policies by July 1, 2017, Anderson said. That’s when the services plan to begin accepting transgender recruits for the first time.

Along with permitting transgender troops to serve openly, the military is creating procedures for troops to change their “gender marker” in the administrative Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, and laying out rules to govern how troops might undergo medical gender transitions while in uniform.

Transgender troops will be required to use the bathroom and berthing facilities associated with their preferred gender, Navy officials have said.

And service leaders will be on alert for those who seek to single out or mistreat their transgender counterparts.

“We do not tolerate harassment of any kind,” Anderson said. “Treating all service members with dignity and respect is something we take extremely seriously, and when there are any indications that those values are not being followed, we will conduct appropriate investigations and take action as necessary.”

I served in the Navy for six years during the 2000’s, and it was getting bad then. Now, the military is overrun by feminists, foreigners, and freaks.

Frankly, I would rather see the United States pummeled in a major war than continue on like this. I’d rather shine the boots of the conquering Chinese soldiers, or listen to the Muslim call to prayer every day of every year, than to see my descendants corrupted under the rule of these emasculating egalitarian snakes.

Call me a traitor if you want. But this government no longer represents me and my kind. It is an occupying force as alien and hostile as any foreign power. The real traitors are those who embrace this society.

Even if Trump wins in November, I don’t see him overturning this nonsense. He doesn’t have a problem with sexual deviation.

The only hope for those who still uphold traditional Christian morality, who want our nations to survive intact for centuries to come, is the fact that this Evil Empire so grossly violates objective reality and promotes the most base and wicked parts of human nature that it cannot stand for long. Soviet Communism looks absolutely practical compared to the rotten, sterile “equality” of the West.

The sooner this reprobate society comes tumbling down, the better.


ConcussusThankless takers, self-absorbed half-wits, hunched over their little screens. The centers of fake universes six inches wide.

Insulated layabouts, seven-steps disconnected from toil and hardship and survival. How long could they live without their pre-packaged meals and their roadkill machines?

Bastards, literally Father-forgetting bastards, oblivious to the sources of their nourishment. Chemicals in the soil to grow the same unnatural crops again and again. Creatures raised and slaughtered in anonymity, ultimately stuffed between fat human cheeks without a word or thought of thanks or respect for the sacrifice of those simple lives.

May the glaciers march from the north and scrape the lifeless human fungus under their icy feet. May the cold, winter sun wither them away with its unrelenting stare. May the ants carry off every fleck of nourishment from their bleaching bones.

What vanity. Let them fall. Then disappear. Reduced to the dirt from which they sprang.

Alexander Dugin: Third World War Has Never Been So Close


– 19 September 2016 –


Janus-smallAlexander Dugin expects that the Western elites will jump-start World War III to prevent the election of Donald Trump.

Via Katehon:

The globalist US leadership obviously cannot rule the whole world and, what’s more, the threat posed by Trump puts their control over America itself into question. Now, while the puppet Barack Obama is still in office and the globalist candidate Hillary Clinton is falling apart in front of American voters’ very eyes, is the last chance to start a war. This would allow them to postpone elections or force Trump, if he were to win, to begin his presidency in catastrophic conditions. Thus, the US neoconservatives and globalists need war. And fast, before it’s too late. If Trump gets into the White House when there will be peace, then there will be no such war, at least for the foreseeable future. And this would spell the end of the omnipotence of the maniacal globalist elites.

Thus, everything at this point is very, very serious. NATO’s ideologues and the US globalists falling into the abyss need war right now – before the American elections. War against us. Not so much for victory, but for the process itself. This is the only way for them to prolong their dominance and divert the attention of Americans and the whole world from their endless series of failures and crimes. The globalists’ game has been revealed. Soon enough, they’ll have to step down from power and appear before court. Only war can save their situation.

[. . .]

The fatality of the situation lies in that, if Washington decides to opt for war now, then we cannot avoid it. If they will insist and repeat the September 17th situation again and again, then we will have to either accept the challenge and go to war, or knowingly admit defeat.

In this situation, the outcome of the struggle for peace which is, as always, fully in our interests, does not depend on us. We really need peace, to buy time until November 8th, and then everything will be much easier. But will the collapsing colossus allow us this time?

God forbid that this happens. But those who could pray prayed on the eve of the First and Second World War. In any case, our goal is always and only victory. Our victory.

The Americans our bombing our guys. A Third World War has never been so close.

Whether the election is postponed, or Trump wins, or Hillary, the Western elites want World War sometime in the next few months or the next few years.

Our best chances lie with the genius of Putin to prevent the war, as he did our intervention in Syria, and the election of Donald Trump to possibly thwart the elites’ foreign policy. Possibly.

Without divine mercy, the odds of avoiding the war are low.

We in the West deserve to be thrashed.

Nevertheless, if the war must happen, may God thrash us most mercifully.

Constitution Day: The Pre-Civil War Constitution Served Us Well

jmTheForgottenMan 002

– 17 September 2016 –


Clusivius-sqAdam Grey at Faith and Heritage points out that the U.S. constitution was a wise and impressive document when it applied to semi-sovereign states and when moral, Christian white men served to uphold it.

For centuries Western European men have organized themselves on as voluntary a basis as possible.  Not all voluntary associations or measures of equality are inherently moral or wise, for sure.  The post-WWII American and European experiment has proven that beyond a doubt.

Yet not all voluntary associations or measures of equality are inherently immoral or unwise, either.  America’s Founding Fathers believed, on the one hand, that “all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights,” and on the other hand, that Negroes, Indians, and women were not included in that statement of who was equal, or capable of rightly possessing and using certain rights.

Today, September 17, is Constitution Day in the United States.  It is the annual remembrance of the day that the Framers of the Constitution approved the final draft of the document at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

As we discussed in a recent AM Grey podcast, many of the post-Civil War amendments to the Constitution, and nearly all of the important post-Civil War Supreme Court subversions and perversions of the Constitution, are abominable. But the original document itself was remarkable and still deserves our praise.

At heart I still love limited government and individual liberty.

But those ideals simply do not work in a multi-racial society overwhelmed with self-absorbed freeloaders and degenerates. The American Founders knew that, of course.

Today’s Constitution Day is more appropriately a type of Memorial Day or Remembrance Day, a day of lamentation for what Americans have lost.

One day, perhaps, after the dust has settled, white nations will survive in America who can restore individual liberty and limited government run by free and honorable men for the benefit of their posterity.

But, oh, how the blood must flow between now and then!

Natural Allies: White American Flag-Wavers and White American Tribalists


– 17 September 2016 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

150708-van-NiekirkWhite American flag-wavers are all stirred up over black football players who sit or kneel during the National Anthem. But white American tribalists of various stripes guffaw and say “What do you expect from a bunch of niggers?”

(I don’t know why people want to watch that foosball anyhow, bunch of full-grown monsters man-handling each other. Watch hockey instead!)

As the United States continues to crack apart into various self-centered tribes, a cultural gulf has gaped open between, on the one hand, those race-conscious American whites who see the U.S. government and culture as a foreign enemy, and on the other hand, those relatively traditional American whites, generally old folks and patriotic “normies”, who, in their ignorance, still believe in the system, and who still equate the overall United States to a single American nation.

E Pluribus Unum or E Unus Pluribum: One White America, Or Many?

Until the 1960’s, the United States equalled what we would now call “white America” and vice versa. Until the 1980’s, average Americans could still credibly pretend that the United States was a single nation with a single people.

Yes, some blacks lived here, too, in those days, along with a growing number of other non-whites, but outside the cities and certain parts of the country, such people were hardly worth thinking about at all. They hardly affected day-to-day life.

In the middle of the twentieth century, good Americans were welded together in their love for their “free” government, their belief in the God-given rights embodied in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, their common social Christian values, and—if only subconsciously—a common American culture, European heritage, and English language. Good Americans stood for and respected the National Anthem and our brave military. Good schoolchildren stood and recited their daily Pledge of Allegiance.

Of course, that idea of one single American nation was never more than partially true.


A decent attempt to map White American sub-nations.

Just as continents around the world are cris-crossed by fault lines and broken into separate tectonic plates, even white America at its peak in the 1950’s and 60’s was subdivided into distinct sub-nations. New England Yankees stood apart from the Irish and Italians (especially) who came after them and took over Boston and New York. The white South remained a very distinct sub-nation. Different regions all over the country, populated by different waves of white migration, have kept distinct sectional cultures since the first days of the founding of the colonies.

Yet, by the 1960’s, those differences had begun to soften and blur.

Homogenization of American Whites

From the 1880’s to the early 1900’s, progressive nationalists in the United States wanted to dissolve regional identities and promote cultural homogenization of white Americans. They figured we would be stronger that way. And maybe so.

To melt these regional and ethnic identities together, nationalists and progressives in the United States—most of them well-intentioned—demanded more power for the federal government, the standardization of public schools, and the promotion of flag-waving patriotism by the adoption of a national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Pledge of Allegiance helped foster unity among white sub-nations in the United States, and it reminded us that we serve something greater than ourselves: our God and our people.

Those superficial symbols of Americanism, those flags and bald eagles and patriotic words and stern-faced Uncle Sams, helped to glue the United States together and slowly eradicate the differences between the various white ethnicities. Some of the more optimistic, radical progressives, most of them fools, believed that one day even Jews and blacks would melt into the pot.

And with the 1924 Immigration Act cutting off most immigration to the United States, the ethnic differences between American whites did in fact begin to blur. People thought more and more of themselves as Americans, and the culture began to homogenize through nation-wide commercial products, and national radio and television broadcasts.

But if different metals could start to melt together into a single alloy, the addition of sand and clay to the mix would utterly destroy it.

Unraveling White America

After that business with Hitler in World War II, increasingly influential American Jews felt threatened by the idea of a homogeneous white society. With other half-assimilated immigrants and their second or third generation offspring, they persuaded the United States to open the floodgates to people from across the world, and they’ve been pouring in by the millions ever since.

Meanwhile, along with other conniving Marxists, they promoted the rise of egalitarianism and various counter-cultural movements.

By the late 1960’s, a growing number of snotty, spoiled young baby-boomer brats scorned the symbols of American patriotism as quaint and barbaric, or even oppressive. Bunch of damned dirty long-haired, hippies anyway!


Dirty pansy hippy traitors! Went to college and changed the whole wide world. And what a world you have made! But hey, you’ve got nice retirements, right? That’s the important thing.

From that time, these pansy cultural Marxists have increasingly dominated the culture. For most of the brain-numbed public born after 1980, the old patriotic symbols have all but lost their significance.

Still, the Left continues its relentless war against patriotic symbols to this very day, and those decent folks who were raised to uphold them are rightly outraged.


Today, plenty of mostly older people still value those old patriotic symbols. They stand by the Pledge and the National Anthem. They rally behind “In God We Trust” on the currency. They still love their Constitution and the form of government it established.

These are good white Americans, our parents and grand-parents and aunts and uncles, and most of them are natural allies to those of us who would preserve the white nations that still exist within the gangrene-riddled, leprous body of the United States.


Maybe most of these old veterans would be appalled at the loss of American allegiance by white etho-nationalists. But sooner or later, those who haven’t died will come around to our view. We should make it easy for them to do so.

White Ethno-Nationalists Should Support White American Patriots

Today the United States is unraveling. Everyone with half a brain knows that.

Any notion of forging an identity based on the entire United States has become increasingly ridiculous, even stupid.

Younger white people have no memory of the 1960’s or earlier. They embrace some combination of the suicidal ethnic nihilism promoted by the snot-nosed Leftists on the one hand, and a groovy kaleidoscope of identities based on regional or local cultures maybe, or more likely some other hobbies, interests, ideologies, religions, afflictions, perversions, and expensive tribal tattoos.

Personally, I’ve never valued the Pledge of Allegiance. (Allegiance to a flag?) Or the National Anthem, or flag-waving, or the mindless support of our troops. And why should we appeal to God on our wicked Federal Reserve notes?

But I do value these good, patriotic white Americans.

So out of respect for them, I do stand for the National Anthem, and I do recite the Pledge at patriotic gatherings. I support keeping “In God We Trust” on our money, nativities around our courthouses, and the Ten Commandments in our courtrooms. And I humbly acknowledge their thanks for my military service, even though I believe that my sacrifice was mostly a crock.


Most white patriots throughout the United States hated the attacks on the Confederate flag, even if most of the rallies were held in the South. White Americans should stand by all white symbols when the Left attacks them.

A year ago, many of us white ethno-nationalists were infuriated by the lack of solidarity on the Right against the Leftist attacks on the Confederate Flag. The establishment cucks even joined the bastards in this attempt to eradicate the symbol of the white American South, and such traitors deserve our continuously burning wrath.

Yet, around dining room tables and on front porches across America, not just the South, white American flag-waving patriots quietly cursed or lamented this destruction of an American symbol.

They are good people.


Those of us who want our white societies in America to survive should have patience with the “normies” who love their flag, their Pledge, and their National Anthem, most of whom also despise the ways that Leftists have destroyed the country.

Sooner or later, we can win them over. We have the same enemies.

We all belong in the same Basket of Deplorables.

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