Quick Rambling Thoughts on Trump’s Rambling Capitulation on the Government Shutdown

– 26 January 2018 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

Via RealClear Politics: Full transcript of Trump’s speech to end the shutdown:

TRUMP: Thank you very much my fellow Americans. I am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government.

There are (mainly) two ways to look at President Trump’s decision yesterday to agree to another continuing resolution to end the partial government shutdown.

Pessimism: The Wall War is Lost

The first is that Trump simply capitulated.

I did not see the speech, I listened to it on the radio, and I heard a rambling, tired old man, impotently pleading with the drooling public to just listen to him on the wall.

But there is no one out there “sitting on the fence” on this issue (har har), and a sinking man can motivate no one.

I heard defeat. Trump could have made the exact same decision for a three week CR but instead given a very short speech from a position of strength along the lines of, “I’m trying to be reasonable here, and the other side says they won’t negotiate during a shutdown, so we have three weeks. If they refuse to demonstrate good faith, then the government shutdown will continue.”

Surely Sun Tzu said something about the problems of negotiating from a point of weakness. I tried to look it up but all his quotes sound the same.

I heard no strength here, only geriatric feebleness. It’s heartbreaking.

He keeps threatening to declare a national emergency, but why the delays? Maybe he knows the courts will shoot it down. Certainly the media will take advantage of public stupidity and equate a routine declaration into national martial law. I can’t figure out this dilly-dallying.

Trump is 72-years-old and he’s got to be exhausted. And who could blame him? Almost everything he’s tried to do on immigration has been overruled, undermined, or simply impeded. No one has his back, except to stab a knife in it. And with everything else going on, maybe Trump is simply done. Beaten.

Just as WWII didn’t end with Hitler’s defeat in Stalingrad, the Wall War isn’t over. But, like Stalingrad, maybe Trump’s defeat is just a matter of time.

Optimism: Lost Battle, But Wall War Continues

Alternately, despite his weak demeanor during yesterday’s speech, the move to temporarily restore the government isn’t necessarily hopeless.

The public, trying to ‘adult,’ was blaming both sides as unreasonable. The banal “why can’t they just come together and do what’s best for everyone” complaint. It’s stupid, but that’s what I keep hearing from the regular folks.

Trump has made a series of attempts to appear like the reasonable player against obstinate children, such as his recent DACA offer. Maybe this CR is just another such attempt.

Presumably the idea behind appearing reasonable is to take less blame for the shutdown. SNAP was getting ready to have problems delivering food stamps to our best citizens. The ancient Romans knew that any disruption to their “grain dole” would lead to riots or even revolution. Just so for our own food dole. Does Trump want to recklessly take blame for that?

Trump probably wants to avoid black riots if he can. I guess a wall without riots might be better than a wall with riots. Maybe.

By relieving the shutdown for a limited time, the worst aspects of the government’s failure to appease the restless troglodytes can be avoided while the war can soon continue.

The key factor here is the fact that this is only a pause in the shutdown. Just one more short-term CR, like the one he signed at the end of December when GHWB supposedly died. Why was that temporary capitulation less harmful than this temporary capitulation?

People say that Trump has lost his leverage here because he has demonstrated that he will cave. But maybe this temporary relief from the siege will prevent the worst aspects of the shutdown while he hasn’t yet lost the tools to fight on.

Also, this delay allows Trump to make a normal State of the Union Address. The Dems and media outlets will have no reason to deny him. The propaganda value of that speech to the general public is potentially high. A very good, honest, historic-level speech could simultaneously persuade people to support the wall and ridicule and demonize the traitorous Democrats and establishment Republicans.

So people shouldn’t make too much of this continuing resolution just yet.

Surely Sun Tzu said something about tricks to draw out one’s enemies from their fortified positions.

Nothing-ism: Conclusion

I will say that the events of this shutdown have provided considerably less fun and entertainment than I had predicted. The only fizzling glob appears to be Trump. But maybe that glob can yet fizzle its way into victory here. Big maybe.

It might seem like the Wall War is over. Oliver Stone just got arrested. The Mueller probe is preparing for finale. Ruth Bader Ginsberg has already or will soon kick her bucket. Pence seems more assertive these days than usual. Why? Who knows what’s happening behind the scenes?

But it ain’t over till it’s over, to quote some Italian baseball guy.

It’s very easy to overstate the importance of ongoing events in the grand scheme of things. The dish of the present moment is over-seasoned with the taste of uncertainty. But weeks later, the leftovers lose all trace of that flavor.

If Trump ultimately fails in his Wall War, then critics will point to this moment and say this marked Trump’s undoing.

If he ultimately wins, then historians will either entirely forget this resolution, or write a footnote about his “wise political calculation.”

We shall see, but the levels of fun are quickly draining. (Like my wiper fluid. I’ve got to finally remember to get more, damn it! I keep pouring my drink on the windshield at the stop signs.)

And Trump’s temporary capitulation certainly smells like defeat.


‘Faith & Heritage’ Closes Its Doors

– 14 January 2019 –


Sadly, Faith & Heritage is closing its doors for reasons unknown, though the site will remain up as an archive, suggesting that the cause is not censorship:

Dear Readers and Friends of F&H,

It is with a sense of sadness and hope for the future that FaithandHeritage.com will cease publishing articles. All good things come to an end, and we believe F&H has served its purpose. The site will remain up indefinitely as an archive of the best Christian and truly pro-Western thought.

Since sort of waking from a two-year hibernation I’ve noticed that a good many of my favorite content sources have folded in the past few years. Some of these fell due to censorship, and many others, like Refugee Resettlement Watch, have folded due to fatigue. Or they’re petering out, like Social Matter.

Certainly some of this is normal, maybe all of it. Publications come and go.

But I wonder how much of it arises from the use of Twitter, “vlogging,” and podcasting as preferred forms of media to share information and analysis. These phenomena caused Vox Day to start his Darkstream channels a few years ago, and I noticed that Scott Adams, who wrote some mildly interesting posts during the Trump campaign, has shifted completely to video content.

For the purpose of disseminating content and ideas, it’s certainly wise to reach people where they are, namely Twitter, YouTube, FB, etc., in ways that the bulk of them will actually consume. Writing is a time-consuming process, so why waste time in ineffective communication?

Still, I can’t help but lament the continued devolution of the public mind, limited to memes and 280-character limits or listening to blathering mouths from endless conceited heads.

As we continue to get collectively stupider, then more publications like Faith & Heritage will disappear in favor of “Ow-My-Balls!”-level discourse or worse. And we’ll be that much poorer for the loss.

Cultural-Marxist Social Engineers Hard at Work in India

Hysterical anti-rape campaigns, its own #MeToo movement, and now widespread protests for gender equality in temples. Until recently, India’s feminist movement has failed to beat its men into irrelevance as their Western counterparts have. But that may be starting to change.

– 4 January 2019 –


Via NPR.org:

According to government estimates published in the Indian press, somewhere between 3.5 million and 5 million women lined up on National Highway 66, a long stretch of road that runs along the country’s western coast. The “wall” stretched out 385 miles. Organizers said it was a continuous chain from one end of the state to the other, but some critics say there were gaps.

[. . .]

The demonstration was planned to create awareness of gender equality — and to protest a religious ban that prevented women of menstruating age from entering one of the country’s sacred Hindu temples even after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of their entry on Sept. 28 last year.

[. . .]

Even as women of all ages lined up on one side of the highway, many of their menfolk — husbands, friends and relatives — lined up on the other side to show their support.

For Vigi Ninan, 46, a lawyer practicing in the family courts of Thiruvalla who was part of the protest, the huge turnout of men, women and children was an indication of how the country is gradually awakening to a woman’s right to be treated as an equal.

When the men start to submit, then it’s only a matter of time.

Historically India was always a land tolerant of different, even opposing, faiths and philosophies, and the tolerance worked fairly well because each sect minded its own business. And, more importantly, India’s overall culture was built on the foundations of patriarchy and the caste system.

But nowadays modern social activists are eradicating all of that.

The feminist movement in India, spearheaded historically by the socialist Indian National Congress, has largely mirrored that of the rest of the developed world. But these “advances” are mostly limited to the wealthy or middle class urban elites, a very small section of the population.

The overwhelming majority of poorly-educated (indoctrinated) poor and rural Indians has resisted these changes.

This situation has resulted in a lot of de jure feminist equality laws over the years, with India scoring better than many liberal Western countries in political equality of the sexes, but in practice not nearly as widespread any deep cultural transformation.

So the elite globalist shills of India have recently intensified their use of news manipulation in the style of the Western propagandists to energize the women and shame the men.

The first major campaign that caught my eye arose from the Delhi gang rape of 2012, where a “23-year-old female physiotherapy intern, Jyoti Singh, was beaten, gang raped, and tortured in a private bus” by all six men present, including the driver. The drama and circus surrounding the event seemed to mark the beginning of this new phase of media sensationalism and shaming.

Rape Protests in India in 2018. No man wants his wife or sister, mother or daughter raped or murdered. But expanding feminism will only create more of this. Better that men restore patriarchy to protect women and destroy pornography to protect themselves.

Urban Indian women increasingly dress in provocative Western fashions and shun previous social mores and defenses that their male relatives at one time would have imposed. Barbarous young men see sexy unattached and unprotected women and some of them act aggressively. I can’t excuse these rapists, but just as an animal predator will snatch away an unattended chicken to its doom, so a sexual predator will snatch an unattended woman who advertises her goods.

Indian feminists complain that their men consider these acts understandable or even justified if the women dress too sexy.

A few years ago, I took a college public-speaking class that was swamped with Indians, most of them men in their 20’s and 30’s. I remember that one of them gave a speech about paid benefits and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), and he made a rather happenstance reference to sex as a human need along with air, food, shelter, etc. The Indians publicly debated among themselves their peer’s speech, and some of them built on his example of human needs, mentioning sex by name, but none of them found the concept of sex as a human need to be controversial or even noteworthy. Not even the two or three Indian women in attendance had anything to say against the notion.

If these people consider sex as a physical need, that might explain why at least the men could make excuses for other men who rape.

I also suspect that Indian men are being hypersexualized with pornography. While recent studies suggest that the sexual aggression of Western men is dampened with exposure to pornography, it’s entirely possible that the exposure of Indian men has had an opposing effect considering the differences in their culture (i.e., their society hasn’t used their women to beat them hard enough yet) and in their testosterone levels.

So the anti-rape propaganda is pretty thick in India. They also recently had their own version of the #MeToo movement.

Now the Indian media has manufactured a new wave over the resistance of an important Hindu temple, Sabarimala, to allow women into its doors. Already two activist hags have sneaked inside. The temple refuses to violate centuries of tradition that forbids women of menstrual age from entering.

This policy suggests that the temple does permit access to very young or very old women. Yet last year the country’s Supreme Court declared this religious ban illegal because of gender inequality, and interestingly the only woman on the court provided the single vote of dissent.

So India has one side struggling to uphold the traditions of centuries while the other side demands action based on humanist, rootless whims from an alien culture and a five-month-old court verdict.

Modernity destroys what is real and offers little more than the indulgence of restless fantasies.

If millions of men have really joined their women in religious protests (and it’s not a media psy-op), then India’s women will follow the females of the West into depravity, neurosis, sterility, and loneliness.

To Build the Wall or Not to Build? Some Possible Scenarios for the Ongoing Government Shutdown

– 29 December 2018 –

C. F. van Niekerk:

In today’s polarized, no-compromise, crisis-directed social climate, both the Democrats and President Trump claim that they will not budge on funding new border walls across the US-Mexican border.

But one way or another, sooner or later, the impasse in congress will be settled. And it’s anyone’s guess how this will turn out.

So what are some of the possible scenarios? And how likely are any of them to pass?

The Various Players

Before presenting my vainglorious predictions, allow me to make a few cynical assumptions about the players in this scenario.

President Trump

If Trump wants to come out ahead on this shutdown, he’d better summon his inner Andrew Jackson.

The key player here is President Trump himself.

Along with the slogan “Make America Great Again,” Trump’s supporters feverishly chanted, “Build the Wall!” “And who’s gonna pay for it?” “Meh-hee-co!” Sure.

But no MAGApede cares who pays for the bastard so long as Trump gets it built!

Without a wall, Trump 2020 depends entirely on whatever black woman the Dems choose to run and how she affects the turnout.

And now that Trump’s chosen his hill and dug his trenches in this showdown, or shutdown, he’s got to fight this to the finish. Or else he looks like a pansy, losing the confidence of his supporters and emboldening his enemies.

So Trump needs to summon his inner Andy Jackson or he’s cooked. “The bank is trying to kill me, but I WILL KILL IT!”

Congressional Republicans

Worse than useless.

The next players are the House and Senate Republicans. A few die-hards stand by Trump’s side, but a lot of NeverTrumpers or Not-Very-Trumpers don’t want to seem racist, nor—more importantly—do they want to disappoint their Establishment backers.

I’d say these mushy “jobbers” aka “enhancement talent”, to use wrastling jargon, i.e. professional losers, make up the majority of Republicans in office. Many of them have played ball with Trump superficially because they know the political winds currently favor him. But, oh, they don’t like it! He’s not one of them, and his issues are hoi polloi issues, not polite, business-oriented, sophisticated elite issues. And then there are the shameless insects who sense that Trump is getting isolated and that events seem to be turning against him so they better buzz away before he gets toxic.

Congressional Democrats

Hey, Chuck and Nancy! How long do you think you can keep those frowning Negresses in the background?

Then we have the Congressional Democrats. These stand to lose just as much as Trump stands to win if the wall is funded and completed by 2020. They can’t afford to compromise much more than Trump can.

Behind-the-Scenes Oligarchs

Apart from sick Satanic rituals, the oligarchs will do whatever they can to gain more money and power.

Lurking in the murky ether behind the congressional players, the Establishment oligarchs are motivated by power and money, of course, and probably vice and contempt. These lizards will do just about anything necessary to protect their interests from outsider nuisances, like (presumably) Donald Trump. Somehow the rigged system still allowed Trump to win the presidency, and they want to take him down with a minimum disruption to their nests. They oppose Trump’s wall because they don’t want him to win approval from his drooling troglodyte base. They want his followers to turn against him so they can impeach him with less trouble.

The Engaged Portion of the American Peoples

Do whatever you want outside my cul-de-sac so long as I keep getting good deals at Target.

We also have the divided and stupid American people, God bless our foolish hearts! The active players here are the so-called liberal side that hates Donald Trump so much they can’t even think straight. And then we have the look-both-ways-“i’m-not-racist-but” conservatives who don’t care about Trump so much but really really don’t like all these homos, transvestites, criminals, and/or dark foreigners and who are tired of the hysterical liberal bullshit. Kind of in the middle are the cul-de-sac bourgeois-types who really would like everyone to get along so they can get back to watching their stock portfolios and tending to their home values. This last group may be the key to saving Donald Trump, as they may see the $5 billion as a tiny price to maintain their bubbles and they have the agency to constructively act.

Overall, the whole government shutdown scenario really boils down to how the oligarchy reacts to the overall malleable will of the people and to the will or stubbornness of Donald Trump. Are these players willing to risk some damage to the precious economy over a $5 billion dollar wall demand? Would the Establishment go so far as to sabotage the stock market or start a war to put pressure on Trump? How much do they really hate Trump? What would it take for average people to really give a damn one way or another? How these factors play out will determine the likelihood of the outcome.

The Click-Baitish Stereotypical Blog List

So here are the possible scenarios that I see. I’m sure there are some that I don’t fathom right now, and maybe I’ll look really stupid later, but that is the nature of making predictions. Anyhow:

1) The Senate Passes the December 20 House Spending Bill

The Senate could pass the December 20 House spending bill that includes $5 billion for wall funding before the new 116th Congress starts. They have to do this before January 3. I don’t see this scenario as likely, as the Establishment Republicans really don’t want Trump to win another term. The Senators don’t come back until December 31, and if they could pass this bill in four days wouldn’t these weenies have passed it already?

But it would be nice, wouldn’t it?

2) Trump Totally Capitulates

If he capitulates, Trump’s goose is cooked.

Trump might capitulate for whatever reason, possibly in exchange for some other pointless concession, like generic “border security” that explicitly forbids a wall (similar to the 2018 omnibus spending bill). He’s backed down like this in the past, though of course he chose then to avoid a shutdown that might hurt his own party in the 2018 elections.

If Trump folds now with no concessions at all, then he’s a limp dick president till impeachment or the end of his term in 2021.

With enough economic, geopolitical, civic-unrest-type pressure, Trump might lose his will, and surely this is what his opponents are expecting.

Unfortunately, this outcome is a very real possibility.

3) Congress Passes Spending Bill Over Trump’s Veto

The House and Senate could override a presidential veto on a spending bill and reopen the government themselves. It takes a two-thirds majority of both houses to do this, which is pretty damn difficult.

I’d be a little surprised if this happens because of that difficulty, but if enough real (not manufactured) public pressure grows against Trump, and if the Establishment wing really intends to destroy him, this scenario is possible.

If an override happens, it will demonstrate that the Congress has formed an anti-Trump coalition that will then move to impeach and remove their wounded foe.

4) Mexican Standoff Shutdown

Mexican wall standoff.

This scenario involves a government shutdown that drags on for months and months, possibly into the 2020 campaign season. Such a shutdown would be unprecedented. It would probably destabilize the economy and the government overall, especially as the spending bill for the rest of the government would expire, I think?, in March.

Depending on what faction sides with whom (especially in the military and in the “deep state”) one side or the other could take advantage of this instability to crush the other. But I don’t see anyone letting such a thing happen.

Beyond three months, this chaos scenario grows highly improbable, even fantastical, because the instability would grow increasingly difficult to control as people fail to get their beloved tax returns, and as two million unpaid federal workers begin leaving their jobs that keep the elderly alive and placate the brown hordes with largesse. And how well would our “professional” military react when they lose their salaries for weeks and weeks? That might lead to geopolitical chaos.

But maybe government operations could limp along well enough for the checks to keep rolling and people just get used to the shutdown after a while. Doesn’t seem likely.

5) The Military Builds the Wall Without Congress

Trump, in theory, could somehow start building the wall anyway and then approves a no-wall spending bill because he doesn’t need Congress.

Presumably this is possible with DoD money and military labor, but the Obama-approved generals have already shown themselves unlikely to cooperate. They are, after all, the Establishment’s rent-a-cops. Also, I could see the courts putting a stop to this wall as well, because the traitor charlatans have stopped everything else Trump has tried to do.

6) The Q-Anon Plan is Real

Demoted for a QAnon badge. It won’t be long before Gus feels very stupid or very vindicated. I’ve got my bets placed, Gus, and it don’t look good for vindicated.

What if the Q-Anon thing is real and this shutdown is part of some sort of plan to arrest Hillary Clinton and other previous and current government officials, including several sitting congressmen and senators?

I’ve kept up with this Q-Anon thing somewhat for the past handful of months. Certainly a lot of die-hard Trumpists pin their hopes on “The Plan.” I really would like to believe it’s real, and some gullible part of me kind of does believe it, I’m embarrassed to admit.

But how likely is it that some high-up functionary in the government is releasing cryptic messages, often in senseless code, that point to some sort of upcoming justice against our doubtlessly crooked oligarchy? What purpose could it serve?

I could see that Q-Anon gives some hope to a good many people, but that alone would not explain the reasoning if this is authentic. Maybe the messages are intended to reap fear and panic in the Washington elites? What would be the benefit of that?

Q-Anon has often seemed prescient, true, in his analysis, but he’s often failed in his predictions. When Trump fired Jeff Sessions after Q seemingly assured everyone that Sessions was an integral part of “The Plan,” a lot of people fell out, but then most of them returned. The fascinating thing about prophets: their deluded followers always end up buying the reasons why their prophecies were changed at the last minute because they so want to believe.

Is “The Plan” possible? Sure. I guess. But likely? Nah.

7) Trump and the Democrats Make a Shitty Compromise Bill With Token Wall Funding

Congress and Trump might end up passing a compromise bill, with something much less than $5 billion for a wall, maybe including other “border security” such as universal E-Verify or token immigration reform, something like that. This could happen either with open approval from Democratic leaders or clandestine permission (I can’t see any Democrats defecting without their leaders’ approval).

But for this to happen, both the President and the Democrats have to be able to save face, though no one will be happy.

I believe this is the likeliest scenario, though how long such a compromise could take is anyone’s guess. I expect a compromise wouldn’t happen before a month of shutdown, but who really knows? The longest government shutdown occurred in the winter of 1995-1996 and lasted for 21 days, with the Republicans ultimately backing down with a token compromise.


But who really knows? Time will tell. And watching the mess might get fun as the glop starts to fizzle and spark in the Washington microwave.

The Stereotypical End of Blog Ap-

Nope. I can’t do it. Not even for a bad joke.

Ancient Christmas Carol: A Carol of the Birth of Christ

– 25 December 2018 –

Barzillai “19th Century” Bozarth:

This carol is taken from Songs of the Nativity, a collection of Christmas carols published in 1864 by William Henry Husk (1814–87), a solicitor’s clerk,  amateur singer, and librarian of the Sacred Harmonic Society in London:

“This is an ancient carol of rather peculiar construction. It is contained in a manuscript written early in the sixteenth century, which is preserved in the British Museum, and in which is bears the above title. Except in a collection of Specimens of Old Christmas Carols, edited by Mr. Thomas Wright of the Percy Society, this carol has never before been printed.”

The golden time is now at hand,
The day of joy from heaven doth spring,
Salvation overflows the land,
Wherefore all faithful thus may sing,
Glory to God most high,
Aud peace on the earth continually,
And unto men rejoicing!

The birth of Christ who list to hear,
To this our song let them give ear,
Which shews the same most plainly:
The Angel Gabriel from above
Was sent by God to break His love
Unto the Virgin Mary;

Who said, “Hail, Mary, full of grace,
Blessed art thou of woman’s race,
The Lord is with the certainly,
As He hath sent thee word by me.”
When she heard this she was afraid,
And cast in hear mind what he had said;
The Angel said, “Fear not, Mary,
The Son of God doth dwell with thee.

“Lo, in thy womb thou shalt conceive,
And bear a Son whose name shall have
The glorious name of Jesus;
He shall be great in majesty,
And called the Son of God Most High,
Who still shall dwell amongst us.
The Lord for Him shall well provide
The seat of His father, David;
And He shall reign for evermore,
A safeguard still unto the poor,
Whose kingdom sure shall have no end,
But still in joys the time to spend.”
The Virgin said to th’ Angel then,
“How shall this be? I know no man.”

The Angel answered aud said,
“The Holy Ghost, be not afraid,
From heaven shall come upon thee;
And by the grace of God Most High,
Power shall overshadow thee,
I tell the truth, believe me.

And also thy cousin, Elizabeth,
So in like wise conceived hath;
Thus God can make the barren tree
To bud with fruit most pleasantly.”
Then Mary said, with one accord,
“Behold the handmaid of the Lord!
The will of God be done in me
As it shall please His majesty!”

When forty weeks were come and gone,
In Bethlehem this our Lord was born,
As Esay[1] he did prophecy;
The shepherds keeping sheep by night,
The Lord did compass them with light,
His Angel walking hard by.
The shepherds then were sore dismay’d,
The Angel said, “Be not afraid,
I bring you tidings of such joy
As Satan’s force cannot destroy.
For why? to you is born this day
The Saviour of the world, I say:
This is the sign, where you shall see
A swaddled child in manger lie.”

The shepherds straight to Bethlehem went,
As they by the Angel then were sent,
Where Joseph was with Mary;
And as the Angel to them said,
They found the child in manger laid,
Whom they did worship truly.
And spread abroad what they did see,
As the Angle told them certainly,
Rejoicing greatly at the same,
And praising God’s Most Holy Name,
For sending down His only Son
For our salvation to be born;
Which was as now this Christenmas,
Rejoice, therefore, both more and less[2].

[1] Isaiah.
[2] Great and small.

Husk, William Henry, Songs of the Nativity; Being Christmas Carols, Ancient and Modern, 10-13. London: John Camden Hotten, 1864.

Let’s Take Advantage of the System While We Can

Even if the system is corrupt, we should take advantage of it until such tactics can no longer work. And right now, the system still partially functions as the Founders intended.

– 21 December 2018 –


While I agree with the Janus post yesterday (after all, I contributed to it with Patulcius), I think that it’s prudent to clarify that it’s important that we use the political system to advance our agenda whenever it can help.

Personally, I have not lost all faith in the political/government system as my counterpart Patulcius has. I believe that we can still advance our cause, or slow down our destruction, through traditional milquetoast political action, i.e. phone calls, faxes, emails, canvassing, etc. These efforts have borne fruit throughout our history, even in the recent past, and we should use them.

For instance, I encourage every US citizen of like mind to call the White House (202-456-1111) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (202-224-2541) to encourage them to do whatever necessary to pass this continuing resolution that will partially fund the Mexican border wall. I get busy signals for the WH and no one is answering for McConnell, so I’ve written several e-mails as well. If I believed these actions to have no value, then I wouldn’t waste the time.

Conversely, if we abandon these methods, then our enemies will have a proportionately larger voice. It’s tempting to think that the entirety of the government/private sector apparatus is single-mindedly scheming against us. Don’t get me wrong, these agencies are working against us. But why? Because the Left has convinced them that the majority of good people stand behind the Leftist agenda, largely by using conventional political tactics like phone calls, emails, street protests, etc. They have made more noise than anyone. Rather than abandon this battlefield, we should make use of it even more than we do, to provide a voice of opposition. For the time being, these co-opted organizations still have to pay lip service to law and due process.

While I do agree in general that our tactics should reflect our lack of political and systemic power, we should certainly use whatever liberties our system allows to our fullest advantage. And one of these liberties is the structure of a quasi-democratic representative government, however flawed and phoney that system may be.

If nothing else, these efforts cost us little more than a small amount of time and energy, about as much as ordering carbs through the drive thru. These methods aren’t at all likely to harm us. And if nothing else they demonstrate to the oligarchy that we are getting fed up.

I still think it’s premature to lose all faith in the system. Sure, it’s corrupt and it increasingly works against us, but we can still take advantage of the dwindling portions that still work as our Founders intended.

Certainly we should not put our hope in the system; we should reserve that hope for God. But we shouldn’t prematurely give up on it either.

Rome didn’t fall in a day, and neither will our system. Use what you can.


Fair enough, Clusivius, but beware the tendency to get caught up in those methods. Many with noble goals have naively invested too much faith in the fairness of the law and due process, and the law drained them of their money while the process drained them of their will.

The Establishment isn’t so decayed that they will just fall over without a fight. The methods you’re talking about can slow them down, but these people aren’t going to lose ground without a serious fight. And they don’t fight fair. If legislation fails, they have the courts. If the courts fail, they have the bureaucracy. If those fail, they pull the strings of the economy. If all else fails, they have war.

Better to focus mainly on anti-fragile methods outside of the system, I say. Those are what will save us in the end.

Resistance Under Enemy-Occupied Territory


– 20 December 2018 –


Janus-smallMany on the Right, including myself, have deluded ourselves that we are fighting in a war for control of the levers of power. But in fact, we gradually lost that war decades ago, and no one with power or authority is seriously fighting the enemy today. To ultimately win, we should use the tactics of resistance under occupied territory.

This entry will be a bit ‘bloggier’ (that is, personal) than I would normally like, but after taking so long of a break from writing, from the news, and from the movement in general it seems germane to bring up personal issues. Normally I frown on this indulgence because, frankly, who the hell really cares, right? But in this case it’s relevant to my point.

Sure, I can blame a good part of the disengagement on a more intense work schedule, on having a couple of more kids, on greater church involvement, and increased personal responsibilities in general. But I still could have made time to write here and there.

The fact of the matter is that I allowed myself to be lulled by the presidency of Donald Trump and the seeming ascendance of the Right in general. Things seemed to be movingalbeit slowlyour way. With other people above me in charge and doing the work, it was easy to lose a sense of urgency and personal initiative. I imagine that I’m not alone in this.

And frankly it kind of sucks these days to follow outside events. Tranny kids, a faggot pope, potheads and traitors, de-platforming, et cetera, ad nauseam. The leftist rot of our civilization, rather than slackening, is accelerating, and not just on the political front, but deep on the cultural level. All of this despite our supposed rising. Who wants to be pissed off all the time at the little details when the big picture is turning our way?

And I allowed others on the Right to do my thinking for me to the point where I didn’t think and act for myself so much. It’s difficult and pointless to offer individual commentary using pre-packaged thoughts. NPC.

It took the outrageous conviction of James Fields on all charges, along with Trump’s promotion of this idiotic prison reform bill to finally slap me awake. No one with any power is fighting on the side of nationhood or morality or impartial justice.

Over the last year or so, if I had applied more thought to the larger issues, I’d have realized early on that greater events really aren’t turning towards tradition, reality, and order, not at all. They continue almost unabated towards degeneracy, insanity, and destruction. The Right is, overall, still in retreat. Donald Trump is an eddy in the rapids, and how much of a rightist is he anyhow?

So in looking around after this little nap, what’s happening to the “ascent of the Right?”

The Establishment has encircled the Trump presidency and is isolating him while they slowly tighten the noose. He will almost certainly fall in the manner of Jesse Ventura, James Traficant, or JFK. Looking back, this was almost inevitable. I knew better at first, but then fell under the spell anyway.


Trump will almost certainly fall in the manner of Jesse Ventura, James Traficant, or JFK. Looking back, this was almost inevitable.

The “alt-right” movement has withdrawn into a closed box because of outside persecution. This reaction is certainly understandable under the circumstances of lopsided legal pressure and deplatforming. But a lot of us were left in the cold because of this defensive turtling. And the “dissident right” has increasingly taken on a bitter and fractious tone at the expense of fun and unity. I think the movement will advance, but the going will get tougher.

World events continue to pointagain almost unabatedtowards global war. The United States is building up our military presence in Eastern Europe, in Syria (I’ll believe in withdrawal when I see it), in the Far East, and even the Ukraine. Again encirclement, in this case isolating Russia in particular. And we keep pushing them to strike first, like a passive-aggressive bitch.

On the cultural front, it doesn’t take a genius to see that white people grow increasingly fat, drugged-up, perverse, insane, atomized, and incompetent (not to mention old and sick and dead) while brown invaders increase in number and aggression, even within the smallest of our towns. While many of us whites are waking up (and thank God for that!), the Establishment has neutralized (and neutered) the overwhelming majority. Most white people not only accept but they even embrace the dystopia. Most of them are beyond saving.

With the enemy mopping us up on every front, it would be easy to lose heart and give up altogether, to go back to sleep. But my point here is not to “black pill.”

In my case, because of my nostalgia and attachment to our lost history, I still deep down believed that we on the traditional Right were fighting a culture war against the degenerate Left. I knew that we were losing, of course, but I still had hope that we could ultimately defeat the Left in this war if people would only rise up in time. I held hope that the fate of the system was still in play, however soul-crushing to watch!

Then, only yesterday, it finally dawned on me that I’d been thinking about this all wrong, that I was going crazy hoping for something that didn’t reflect reality.

The system is not at all in play. We cannot take it over. We in fact lost the war years and years ago, decades before any of us was born. It happened so gradually and quietly that few people even noticed.

When every power structure in society, formal and informal, national to local, public and privateevery single onereliably serves the agenda of the enemy, that is called total occupation.

If we were fighting a real war, our side would still possess its own independent power structures, and these would demand those under their authority to actively and openly fight the enemy. Clearly no such structures or situations exist, certainly not in America, anyway, my primary intended audience.

When I realized this finally, I could let my hope in the United States go. The USA that I knew is as hopelessly gone as the pierced-up lesbian with the mulatto kids.

We are living today in enemy occupied territory. And we must act accordingly.


After more than 80 years of Godless Soviet occupation, the suppressed peoples of the USSR overthrew the rotten corpse of their oppressors, and some of these peoples set to work on restoring the foundations of their nations.

The mindset and goals of a man fighting in a war are much different than a man resisting and surviving under enemy occupation.

In war, we could expect some support and orders from our own authorities. We would fight openly.

Under occupation, we do not have our own authorities because the Establishment destroys them, usually with indirect power or subterfuge. Under occupation, we must resist quietly or indirectly. To use the tactics of war is to waste resources and invite total destruction because no one will back us up.

Despite the facade of the United States government and constitution, we can expect no justice, no fairness, no due process, no recognition of our rights. Despite whatever liberties they allow us cattle within their fence, they aren’t going to tolerate the rise of anyone who poses a real threat to their power.

For us nobodies on the ground, the hope of occupation is to survive long enough, and to grow strong enough, to attack our enemy when relief finally arrives from outside circumstances. The trick is to stay under the radar as best as possible while accomplishing our goals.

While we await the opportunity to rise, our job is to assist and encourage one another in community, to protect our families and raise our children in righteousness, to enlist those few others who can join us in the fight, and to make life as difficult for the enemy without hurting ourselves as we reasonably can.

And there really is hope that the hegemony of the enemy will one day break.

Some of us are optimistic enough to have faith in our own people that we will eventually win. If that helps them to keep marching, great. But looking around, I can’t share that faith by itself. Too many trends are lined up against us.

Ultimately only one Force will come to our aid and save our inheritance. And I don’t know whether He will save us by His direct return or if He will raise up some other Earthly power. And I don’t know when. But without faith in the Lord’s promise, I personally could not go on.

If these aren’t the Last Days before Judgment, I’d like to see another set of circumstances that would make a better candidate.

From Matthew 24:

“9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”


“22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”


“32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”

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