The Next Few Months

– 27 November 2020 –


Janus-smallThe next few months are going to play a pivotal role in the future of the United States and, to lesser extents, the West and the state of the world as a whole.

Covid lockdowns are gearing up again, and much of the country is growing restless against a disease that just isn’t as deadly as the media portrays.

Meanwhile the media is attempting to showcase Joe Biden’s victory in the November election as a fait accompli, and to paint Trump’s efforts to challenge a clearly stolen election as the desperate death throws of a would-be tyrant.

The Establishment believes that they can create reality, that nothing is real until or unless they say it’s real. And a significant portion of the population more or less accepts whatever reality the media paints for them, be it a supposedly raging and deadly pandemic, that blacks are still a horribly oppressed people in this country, or that Joe Biden won free and fair election.

The Left-Right Farce

For decades, the Establishment has advanced a transformation of the USA, and much of the rest of the world, ever leftward and towards globalism.

By maintaining a false two-party system, and by fanning cultural polarization, the system has been able to advance an agenda that suits the interests of globalists of various stripes while paying hardly more than lip service to some of the pet issues of both right and left.

The more-or-less liberal/progressive portion of the population accepts that the prevailing authorities act responsibly and for the greater good of all. They believe that the system should take care of everyone’s material needs to the extent that it’s possible, and they support a degree of social freedom so long as it fits within their progressive/egalitarian moral order. They believe that all people are inherently the same, given that the authorities enforce a state of equality to offset historical inequalities.

Leftists who, thirty years ago, opposed globalization, foreign wars, corporate power, and censorship now support them in order to to protect their precious abortions, minority-interests, and moral licentiousness from the horrors of increasingly fed-up and angry conservatives.


The good ol’ days when the Left protested globalization and foreign wars.

During the same decades, while promoting the social aims of the Left, the Establishment has maintained a false opposition within the Republican party and much of the more conservative churches to promote their economic and foreign policy goals. They usurped and twisted the ideals that heritage Americans have of individual liberty and responsibility, Christian morality, self-reliance, a strong defense, and a government ruled by the constitution as the founding fathers intended.

Through the likes of media personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, and organizations like Fox News, the Establishment has inserted the notions of hard-working immigrants, laissez faire economics, live-and-let-live morality, that wars should be fought to impose these ideals because all people are inherently the same, given that the authorities provide everyone with a level playing field.

Conservatives who once upheld traditional Christian values have increasingly set those ideals aside to protect gun ownership, corporate power, and abusive police powers from an increasingly hysterical left.


Recently thrown on top of this left/right polarization is the psychological trauma of the Covid-19 psy-op, which has paralyzed the Americans in the middle with fear, or driven them to one side or the other, while radicalizing the most extreme elements on either side even further.

This is a recipe for civil war, whether by design or by incompetence.

Why might the Establishment actually welcome a civil war or insurrection of some sort?

More than any other force in the country, the globalist Establishment fears elements on the right wing that represent Old Order America: traditional Christians, nationalists, and white identitarians.

The globalist Establishment fears nothing more than white people united against them.

The globalist Establishment fears nothing more than white nations united against them.

Most white Americans as well as traditional Christians have grown increasingly frustrated with a system that has advanced the Leftist agenda regardless of which party controls the government. No conservative in power will take a stand for white America while very few will do more than pay lip service for the traditional Christian faith.

For better or worse, these forces of heritage America rallied around Donald Trump both in 2016 and again in 2020 because he seemed to embrace them while firmly standing up against the forces of the Left. Meanwhile, the bluster of Trump has incensed the Left into a revolutionary fervor while doing very little to advance the causes of traditional white Americans who nonetheless cling to Trump out of rage and horror at the insane Left.

Whether Trump is a sincere player or not, the Establishment obviously expended a great deal of reckless effort to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump. For those who reject the Establishment media and are paying attention, the dramatic one-sided changes in vote tallies in favor of Biden is a smoking gun that a massive fraud changed the election outcome in key swing states. And that doesn’t even address the corruption of the electronic voting machines.

The Next Few Months

While the media pretends that Joe Biden is the president-elect, Donald Trump’s lawsuits have started to nibble away at the pretense.

At this point the question that remains to be answered is whether enough elements within the government, especially the courts, will recognize Trump’s considerable evidence of election fraud last November, which is considerably more obvious than any supposed Russian meddling in favor of Trump in 2016.

If Trump’s lawsuits are thrown out and the Establishment wins, then they will have to rule over at least half of the country who sees them as totally illegitimate. If the Establishment imposes a national Covid lockdown, they will launch a mass resistance to this tyranny that will amount to some level of insurrection.

There is much that I like about the Proud Boys, though they remain civic nationalists. I do wish them well, but their sudden rise from the ashes seems a bit suspicious….

Can the powers-that-be repress these people into submission? Probably, since few if any Republican authorities will back them up. Is this a scenario that the Establishment actually wants? Maybe. It would give them the excuse to smash the most radical elements of this burgeoning right-wing movement. And then eventually they can distract and redirect the energies of the former Trumpists into a patriotic war against China/Russia.

If Donald Trump finally wins his second term, then the left will lose what’s left of their minds, as they will see this as a coup d’ tat. Radical and organized elements of the Left will move to the next stage of the Color Revolution playbook: mass riots and political terror. If this fails to unseat Trump, and assuming the compromised military will refuse to crack down on the Leftists, then the Left will likely move to the next stage, the secession of Democratic states. If Democratic state governments embrace secession, they will launch a Balkans-style ethnic/cultural war across disputed sections of the country. If the Democrats refuse to embrace secession, then it will be a key sign that Trumpism (which is really just capitalist liberalism) wins and maybe was the goal all along.

Why might the Establishment secretly have wanted a Trump victory all along?

Because Trump has fooled the very elect. Conservative Christians set aside their faith in favor of liberal politics that seemed conservative because of blowhard rhetoric and Leftist fits.

To the extent that Trump has stood up for traditionalist policies, most of his efforts have been symbolic or rhetorical. Trump accepts political homosexuality and has done nothing to hinder the transexual movement. Trump accepts mass foreign immigration so long as it’s legal and helps business. Trump has shown very little interest in “small government.” Rather than restore US economic sovereignty, Trump has pushed the mere reform of NAFTA. Trump has accepted the Covid lockdowns and mandatory mask regulations, his supporters will accept his word on a Covid vaccine, whereas they would violently resist such efforts by the liberals. Under Trump, the US military has expanded its presence on the Russian border and in the Western Pacific against China, suggesting that he is willing to push these countries into open war. While Trump’s presidency is still preferable to a leftist egalitarian state, Trumpist conservatism is essentially 1990’s Bill Clinton liberalism.

Trump isn't conservative or traditional.

Trump isn’t conservative or traditional.

In the medium term, a Trumpist America would allow the relatively smooth transition of the United States into a majority non-white, morally libertine, individualistic, pro-corporation, big-government state whose population is incapable of organized resistance and is more willing to embrace some form of globalist international order.

If that’s what the Establishment really wants in the United States, they must be getting incredibly desperate to employ such smoke and mirrors to neutralize or destory heritage America.

It seems more likely that, for whatever reason, at least the dominant portion of the ruling class opposes the presidency of Donald Trump. If the courts shoot down his lawsuits, heritage Americans will recognize the reality that we are on our own and live at the mercy of God.

Depending on the outcomes, the next few months will answer a lot of questions about the nature of the globalist Establishment.

A Few Thoughts on Tuesday’s Presidential Debate

The eagle logo says: “The Union and the Constitution Forever.” Empty slogans and hollow rhetoric, just like the debate itself.


I don’t have a lot to say about this debate. It was full of the usual rhetorical pap and political jabs about healthcare, jobs, crime, and the environment and a whole lot of political “gotchas.” On the whole, most of the dull content of the debate amounted to bread filler for the real meat of the leftist elite agenda to oust Trump and whatever elite he represents, which increasingly looks like the Likud Party of Israel.

These days presidential debates are more or less a formality, a ritual tradition that presidential candidates are simply supposed to do, much like asking the on-stage questions in a beauty pageant. The answers and content of the debates are irrelevant. What matters is how the candidates present themselves. The goal of a candidate is to avoid looking like a fool to his supporter base while making the other guy look like a fool to his own base, preferably using snappy one-liners.

In this case, Trump and Biden both managed to avoid looking stupid to their respective bases. The partisans on both sides were satisfied with their own candidate’s tepid zingers and they both had lukewarm fodder to use against their respective enemy. Both sides could claim victory because the debate was a draw. But I can’t see this debate persuading many voters to change their minds.

Concerning presentation, there is one major reason for the Dems to fear more debates: Biden looks feeble and geriatric while Trump retains most of his elder gravitas. Biden can use all the tricks to make old people seem young: the makeup and plastic surgery and the drugs and wireless communication. He can manage to speak perfectly and appear as alert and confident as he did at the age of 50, maybe. But he still looks like a feeble old man. And feeble old men don’t inspire the enthusiasm of voters.

Elders have a natural gravitas that peaks for men in their late fifties and then steadily descends into trembling frailty. Despite his age, Trump still manages to retain this gravitas and power. Biden lost his sometime since 2016, if not before.

The more times the doddering Biden appears next to the relatively virile Trump, the more reminders to the electorate that Biden is a geriatric, just like the decrepit losers Bob Dole and John McCain before him. His selection of a relatively young, female, minority running mate does nothing to offset the situation; rather, it only alienates him further from the majority of the electorate, since few average American voters, including nonwhites, are inspired to follow nonwhite women either.

If Biden wins the presidency, it’s because the election was rigged, plain and simple.

Real Men Still Exist

– 23 September 2020 –


Every now again, even today, we get an indication that somewhere in the West real men still exist in sufficient numbers to take care of business on their own. In Duncan, South Carolina it seems real men still exist.

Via Sabateur365, Via

A convicted sex offender was tackled and then detained by a group of fathers on Sunday in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel in Duncan, S.C., after a 15-year-old girl claims the man of looking under bathroom stalls in the ladies’ room, according to WSPA 7 News, Spartanburg, S.C.

The teen said she noticed something moving at her feet and realized it was a man’s head coming from the stall beside her, according to the report.

The Duncan Police Department confirmed that 53-year-old Douglas Lane of Charlotte, N.C., has been charged with voyeurism, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The girl told her father about the incident after exiting the restroom. Her father got a female employee to get the man out of the bathroom, after which the girl’s father confronted Lane at the entrance to the bathroom area of the restaurant.

A witness said, “The guy came running, sprinting out the front door with a very bloody nose.” He then tried to get away, but other fathers, aware of the situation, reportedly tackled Lane in the parking lot and restrained him until police arrived.

Such men are more endangered these days than manatees or California condors.

But for now we can still find them in rural, Appalachian South Carolina Cracker Barrels at least.

Cracker Barrels are usually built along US Interstate Highways. The Duncan, South Carolina Cracker Barrel is found along I-85 roughly halfway between the larger cities of Greenville (population about 68,000) and Spartanburg (population ~37,000.) Demographically the area appears to be about two-thirds white and one-third mostly black, but I have a feeling that the old Southern understanding between the two races still remains largely intact, especially since white men apparently have managed to keep their manhood in those parts.

Lucky for these men the pervert wasn’t black or a visible transvestite or some other member of today’s precious protected victims. I’d hate for such a lovely place to suffer the attention of our despicable elites and their garbage street protesters.

God bless the good people of northwest South Carolina and protect them in the days and years to come.

Strange Times Are Here

– 18 September 2020 –


Look at the fire! Look at the beautiful. Look at it, Omar!”


Strange times are coming
A bad wind’s blowing near
Strange times are coming round

I wanna be right here

There will be a day when the oceans boil
There will be a day when the planet spoils
There will be a day when the dead walk the earth
There will come a day of a great reverse
All will turn to dust
Pain and fire and lust

Strange times are coming
A bad wind’s blowing near
Strange times are coming round
I wanna be right here

I wanna be right here
I wanna be right here
I wanna be right here

There will be a day when the sky turns black
There will be a day when the evil’s back
There will be a day when you won’t see the sun
There will be a day when it’s all undone
Death will come to call; All your world will fall

Strange times are coming
A bad wind’s blowing near
Strange times are coming round
I wanna be right here

I wanna be right here
I wanna be right here
I wanna be right here

Strange times are coming
A bad wind’s blowing near
Strange times are coming round
I wanna be right here

Strange times are coming
A bad wind’s blowing near
Strange times are coming round
I wanna be right here

I wanna be right here

Better For a Man to Marry a Woman With Baggage Than to Marry No Woman at All

– 28 August 2020 –


Andrew Anglin, in his typical fashion, laments the fallen state of today’s women.

Via The Daily Stormer:

We now have in the West an entire class of childless women who are past the age of attractiveness or healthy childbearing who spend their lives attacking white men, all of whom they view as stand-ins for their fathers. You see, little children view their father as a godlike entity. For boys, this goes away sometime around puberty, and as you age, any anger you have toward your father for not living up to his role as a godlike deity dissipates as you start to be able to grasp what he was going through, and say, “yeah, he was dealing with some shit for sure, I can feel that.” Female humans never really grow into adults, they just grow tits. They are also completely self-centered and believe the universe revolves around them. So the woman never passes the exits of development wherein she views her father as the prime deity of her universe. Thus, it is her father’s fault that she is so unhappy. And that is the primary characteristic of these women, aside from viciousness: deep, bitter, angry unhappiness. Because every white man is her father, they all deserve to suffer, to be humiliated, to be crushed. After all, a real god would have made her happy.

These childless women are the absolute epitome of “worthless human beings,” in that the purpose of a woman is to produce children and everything else that they do was simply tolerated throughout history because they had that ability. Women who forgo that responsibility because they want to “focus on education and career” (code for “have fun running around using sexuality to exploit, manipulate and control men”) cannot possibly, in any universe, produce more than they consume. The only way a woman was ever able to produce more than she consumed was by having sex for money, whether it was through marriage or via prostitution, and these women are too old for that.

[. . .]

There is no solution to this problem.

Even if you controlled the state, there would be nothing to do with these women. In an ideal world, they would be euthanized. They are “useless eaters.” As we’ve recently seen in Belarus, which is an authoritarian state, these women will go out on the streets to attack the bad daddy. I’m certain they support every other destructive position there as well.

The best thing our society could do is prevent more of them from being created.

But how?

There is no value in the “trad thot” phenomenon, as it presupposes you can use logic to convince a woman of some line of reasoning, such as “you will be happier if you have kids.” Women are immune to reasoning, which is why their bodies are programmed with the sex urge. We recently saw that the alleged trad thot Tomi Lahren is experiencing a total freakout as she leaves the age of sexual attractiveness and enters the age of cuntiness.

From this point, Anglin’s article goes off the deep end into foolish and depraved advice involving manipulation and trickery of young women to simply create white children regardless of the quality. One should read Anglin’s articles with a grain of salt. Often he write satirically. He uses extreme rhetoric to drive the ship of society towards an opposing direction. Call it counter-programming if you will, or de-programming. Men who literally follow Anglin’s advice from this article will only saddle themselves with child support and eighteen years of dealing with a harpy madwoman, with little or no rights to influence the development of their children.

Anglin does correctly diagnose how today’s out-of-control, dysfunctional, broken women drive many of society’s present troubles. He rightly sees that the infantile mentality of modern women poses the gravest threat to our people’s survival, greater than riots and foreigners and sexual degenerates. Yet it seems like he fails to see that most of his solutions, while pragmatic, will only create greater spiritual harm to the men he addresses. Anglin still hasn’t quite figured out the spiritual side of mankind.

The simple fact of the matter is that our women are collectively messed up because our men stopped acting like men years ago. We failed to keep our women in line, and deep down women, like children, want and need structure and discipline from strong men. Women became screwed up in direct correlation to the weakness and dysfunction of men.

I’m sure that Anglin would agree with this assessment. He has spent considerable time advising men on how we should improve ourselves morally, physically, and—to a much lesser extent—spiritually.

It’s just that time is getting short. So many women are marching in the vanguard of a movement that is destroying everything our ancestors sacrificed to build. I think Anglin sees these activists as the modern female norm. Accordingly, he’s giving last-ditch advice that would cause more harm than good, both to the men and to any wretched children they produced. Anglin is overreacting.

Most white women aren’t screeching in BLM protests. Most of them are shopping, and working in useless jobs, and they’re hanging out with their equally shallow friends drinking high calorie Starbucks lattés. Maybe these women regurgitate some token Leftist tripe on social media, but they do so almost mindlessly. They’re spoiled, some worse than others. This isn’t quite the end of the world for our men to find suitable mates.

Average women don’t really care much about philosophy or politics or social movements. Most of them prefer shopping and consuming.

Most women aren’t very political. To the extent that they think politically, they are conforming to a social clique or to an emotional foundation rather than arriving at a reasoned philosophical conclusion. Women like to signal for status, and their views usually reflect this. Inherently, women tend to conform. They are hard-wired to adopt, or at least accept, the beliefs and behavior of the men in their lives and of the prevailing society around them. This is partly what makes them good help-metes in a healthy society, and what makes them such traitors in a conquered society.

Just like many young men, quite a few young women had poor upbringing, and they made foolish, indulgent mistakes in their teens and early twenties before some of them decided to settle down and seek out their roots and the meaning of their lives. As with men, such introspective and tradition-oriented women are the exception rather than the rule, but they’re out there. Sometimes their wild years created bastard children that helped them to seek out the light; sometimes they suffered abuse that scarred them for life; often they have mental problems of some sort. A lot of these women are too broken for a man to risk any kind of relationship, but some of them are quite salvageable. Sometimes the woman’s past can even inoculate her against feminist foolishness. Such women really do exist! Often they’re in churches, though they can be found elsewhere, usually in red states and away from large cities.

Average women attending a weekday church bible study. For a solid, Christian man, church might be a good place to find decent, down-to-earth women trying to improve their lives.

If tradition-minded men want to act pragmatically, rather than trick sluts into having children, it would be better for them to settle for some damaged goods and some baggage if everything else fits. The field broadens considerably if one will allow for one or two step-kids (of his own race), a checkered past, and for somewhat less-than-ideal beauty.

The most important thing for a right-wing man to look for in a woman today is whose side is she on. If she supports Leftist madness and evil, then the man should run for the hills. If the woman supports traditional values in how she lives (not just how she speaks), and she gives no support to Leftist social derangement in any fashion, then she is worthy of consideration. If she verbally opposes BLM and other “woke” nonsense, even if she doesn’t possess the most nuanced political philosophy, even if she’s just a dumb conservative, she sounds to me like a potential winner.

A right-wing man should find a woman who at the very least won’t pull in a direction away from everything he stands for. Better yet, if she will consciously support and complement him in his life’s mission and direction, he should consider her even if she made some mistakes in her past and even if her looks don’t quite meet his expectations.

Maybe he will have to look her over a little harder, maybe wait a little longer before jumping into a marriage, but in the end this might be the only chance most of today’s right-wing men will ever have at raising a decent family.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

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