Why Might Obama Want a Race War?


– 9 July 2016 –


Janus-smallObama, the leader of all that is wrong with today’s United States, talks peace and understanding over Friday’s black sniper attack on police in Dallas, but his actions behind the scenes since he took office suggest a sinister agenda against white Americans.

“There is sorrow, there is anger, there is confusion about next steps,” Mr. Obama said at the start of a news conference. “But there is unity in recognizing that this is not how we want our communities to operate. This is not who we want to be as Americans.”

The president said he would visit Dallas early next week to pay homage to the police officers who were killed there. And he said he would invite activists, police officials and others to the White House next week to seek “constructive actions that are actually going to make a difference.”

Mr. Obama acknowledged that the killings had unleashed some harsh rhetoric, and he urged people of all points of view to be careful in how they express their opinions. But he said he believed that most people were simply saddened by the lives lost.

“When we start suggesting that somehow there is this enormous polarization and we’re back to the situation in the 1960s — that’s just not true,” Mr. Obama said. “You’re not seeing riots and you’re not seeing police going after people who are protesting peacefully.”

While he pretends to care about the country’s police forces, he in fact will use this opportunity to push the narrative that the police themselves have escalated racial tensions, and he will try to meddle even further in local police affairs across the country just as his Justice Department did in Ferguson.

Uncooperative Blacks and Wary Police

Of course, police around the country increasingly refuse to deal with crime in black areas, and we see crime rates spiking in these areas because of it.  Why should the police risk their lives or their careers simply to stop ungrateful blacks from robbing and killing each other?

We also have a president who encourages groups like Black Lives Matter, a president who denounces the police whenever these incidents occur, who then meddles in internal, local affairs. The liberal media can’t help but act as a megaphone for the poor innocent victims of oppression if for no other reason than the coverage generates ratings. So the so-called president and his allies embolden the criminals and cow the police.


The experts in denial: “What’s basically happening is these cities are becoming victims of their own success,” said Professor Fox. The crime rate “can’t go to zero, and when you hit really low numbers, it can only go up.”

American blacks tend to have an uncooperative attitude towards authority, especially when confronted with non-black authority. Often they turn belligerent with little provocation. Even when American blacks aren’t outright hostile to authority, they recognize the police as an outside force whose interests don’t necessarily match their own. Even the best of black people will often resist authority through willful silence and inaction.

Police deal with this uncooperative or hostile black attitude regularly.

Combine that attitude with higher rates of black violent crime, with blacks regularly attacking the police, and situations between blacks and cops can quickly escalate, often leading to the death of an uncooperative but otherwise innocent black.

When confronted with police, the black “victim” knows in his head that he is innocent of a crime, so he doesn’t believe that he should have to cooperate with a cop who is obviously persecuting him because of his race, race, race. The victim can’t even understand how his actions would be interpreted by someone else as potentially deadly.

The cop knows that blacks, especially young and unkempt blacks, are more likely to attack him, and he proceeds with much more caution. And every cop on patrol today knows that every misstep with blacks could cost him his job or even risk his life and those of his family. In a black part of town, he might simply ignore a traffic violation or a domestic violence call-out, but he’s got to defend businesses and (especially) white suburbs and towns. But when it looks like a hostile black is going to pull a weapon, a one-second hesitation could cost the cop his life, and he’s going to kill the son of a bitch. Who wants to die at the hands of a low-life rowdy black asshole anyway?

In all reality, police do disproportionately target and ticket blacks for seemingly little or no reason. Part of the reason is that blacks are many times more likely to commit crimes, and the other part is that non-black police instinctively recognize blacks as alien to themselves and their people. There is justifiable mistrust on both sides.

This problem will only grow worse until the two nations are re-segregated, where blacks can take responsibility for their own justice system and law enforcement within their own territories.

Or until one side or the other is obliterated. . . .

Why Might Obama Want a Race War?

We have two major groups, or nations, in the United States who are so different from one another in their overall personalities that they can’t even really comprehend the thoughts and motivations of the other. They’re incompatible.

We also have an Obama administration that is fanning black hostility against the police in particular and against whites in general.

At every sensationalized case of a supposedly innocent black killed at the hands of law enforcement, Obama jumps into the story, railing against cops whether the victim was armed or not. Sometimes he involves himself or the Justice Department in the case.

If policemen are slaughtered at the hands of raging blacks, Obama usually has nothing to say. He said nothing about the Christopher Dorner shootings of police in California in 2013, for example. The Dallas case is the only black-on-police attack that I can think of where Obama has even commented. It’s quite obvious whose side Obama takes in these cases.

Why is Obama doing this?

It’s possible that he is simply incompetent. He and his Coloured administration identify with blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims, and they share a hostility against traditional white America. As a result, they simply attack traditional America whenever and wherever they can within the confines of their positions. This scenario is very possible, I suppose.

Obama has had a disproportionate number of mixed breed blacks in his administration. Prominent examples include Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson, and Valerie Jarrett.

But it’s best to assume that these people aren’t idiots. Somehow, even aided with affirmative action and mutual assistance, Obama and his Coloured appointees fought their ways into high levels of government. What if these people want to fan racial tensions rather than alleviate them? What would they gain by doing so?

It might be as simple as divide and rule. If no majority nation exists in the United States, then the government will need more power to keep the squabbling groups in line. Plus, the weakening of traditional white America on every front can only strengthen the Left-wing agenda. Eventually conservative whites will melt into political and cultural irrelevance, like those who oppose gambling or contraception. This is more likely the case, maybe even most likely.

Still, I don’t think it’s as simple as that.

Obama hates the old white America. He wants to destroy it altogether. “Revolution!” runs in Obama’s blood, not incrementalism. He worships Mao and Ho Chi Minh and Nat Turner and even Mohammad. He wants to “fundamentally transform” America.


“Oppressed peoples, unite to resolutely fight against US imperialism!” Revolution runs in Obama’s blood, not incrementalism.

He’s whipped blacks up against the police while the police allow blacks to commit more crimes. This breeds more crime and police reaction against the crime, creating more police “injustices” along with white resentment against blacks; while at the same time it breeds more frantic black anger against the police, leading to protests, rioting, and increasingly black retaliation. Police become more fearful and even resentful themselves, or more Dylan Roofs act out. Eventually, as this pendulum is pushed back and forth, the “Big One” will hit. Blacks will riot and kill a significant number of innocent whites. This will drive the angriest white patriots to act since the police won’t do anything, leading to the deaths of large numbers of angry blacks. The government will step in to restore order, but it will be too little, too late, on purpose.

In response to escalating violence and mayhem, and when the time is right, the federal government can play that dreaded card: the confiscation of all guns. We will have civil war. But the Marxists intend the war to take place on their terms. Obama spent years weeding out opposition in the military, and Leftists control the leadership of police in larger cities and other left-wing areas. Obama has imported hordes of non-white young men that he can call upon to fight against the evil racists. And once the civil war begins, Obama’s revolutionaries hope to flush out enough white patriots to mount a serious resistance but few enough patriots that they can’t possibly win. Thus, the revolutionaries can chop off the heads and fists of white America.  Accomplishing that, they can then “mop up”, or exterminate, the countryside, that bastion of conservative, Christian resistance.

And for laughs, his Marxists can turn against the surviving liberal whites, making them serve the non-whites in the very worst jobs at the worst pay as penance for the crimes of their evil white ancestors, a new race of helots for the new elite. In the 1920’s and 30’s, the soviets did this very thing to the fallen bourgeoisie.


Without whites to hold them down, brown people will finally be able to build the utopias of their noblest dreams.

In the end, Obama and his ilk will have exterminated traditional America, and the countryside can be turned into pristine national parkland. To finish whites once and for all, the revolutionaries might even castrate white men and impregnate the women, muddying the whites out of existence. Then the post-racial, post-national, post-human utopia can truly begin.

It’s even possible that Obama’s trying to provoke a war between the West and Russia in order to further wipe out the white race in another fratricidal world war.

This is just speculation on my part, of course. But I think there’s at least a gem of truth to it.

So what if Obama wants to provoke us so he can destroy us?

Let us hope that he and his half-breeds are biting off more than they can chew.

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  1. There’s theory floating around the internet that the goal is to provoke enough mayhem to justify martial law and put off the elections. Once put off, you have to figure that president Mugabe II won’t be in a hurry to put em back on!

    I think anti-colonialism is at play here. The left can’t or doesn’t distinguish between real colonialism and the sort of reverse colonialism we have here in the States. As such, they see themselves as ‘rebel freedom fighters’ throwing off the yoke of ‘colonial oppression’. Did you read the TRS article about third worldism?

    I think you’re right: Obama and the left hate traditional white America (and Europe) and want ot see it destroyed even if the what follows is much worse for themselves.

    My reading of history is empires always break up along ethnic lines and we’re looking at a Yugoslavia situation in the US because the various ethnes are don’t have their own territories. We’ll fight to drive each other out until an equilibrium is reached. In the process we’ll crash the economy with no survivors which will cause massive starvation and violence across the globe. Most likely Russia and/or China will use the opportunity to try and become the new global supper power and create a ‘Pax Rus’. It won’t work. Hilarity ensues.

    I’m watching the Wimbledon finals and typing this in between points, sorry if its disjointed.


    • Not disjointed at all.

      I’ve been in limbo lately and haven’t read much news, so I missed the TRS article. The Dallas shooting and the lead-up incidents came as a surprise to me late Friday night. I’ll check out the article shortly.

      The only thing about Obama putting off the elections that I wonder about is that he just hasn’t seemed very interested in the day-to-day functions of his office. I don’t think he likes being president, nor does Michelle like being first lady. From what I’ve heard and pieced together, Obama likes to campaign and he likes watching drone strikes, but he skips national security meetings and avoids minutiae, preferring to watch SportsCenter and play golf or basketball. Typical affirmative action hire. I imagine that Obama would love to hand the reigns to another radical like Hillary. People had thought that Bill Clinton and Bush II would find excuses to become dictators, but they didn’t. It doesn’t seem likely that Obama will either.

      If this civil war scenario plays out, it will probably take a year or two to begin at the soonest. We will almost certainly have increasing unrest through the election, but I think the election will still take place. Hell, we had an election during the first Civil War; and it’s hard to imagine things breaking down so thoroughly in a mere four months that the elections would be cancelled, which would totally undermine government legitimacy and cause too many people across the country to be willing to fight them. I really think they want to destroy the patriot fringes first. The first Civil War would have been a lot easier for the North to win if only four Southern states had seceded rather than 11.

      If Hillary wins the election, then Obama’s program can continue from the top down. If Trump wins, then the minority unrest can escalate and the liberals would fight the race war from the bottom up (where they are historically more comfortable, ‘rebel freedom fighters’ and all that). Of course, the unrest before the election could allow the PTB to manipulate events to elect a third party candidate, but this is less and less likely as we get closer to November. Events through the conventions will shed insight on how this election will proceed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t Obama is as important to the governing process as people tend to think. He’s a teleprompter reader. Valerie Jarrett or people even deeper are running the show.

        I don’t think Hillary can win, I don’t know anybody who’s not a straight ticket democrat voter who says they’ll vote for her and to me this lends credence to a suspended election.

        Did you see the shootings in Tenn, Ga and, I think, Missouri?


      • Did you see the shootings in Tenn, Ga and, I think, Missouri?

        Yes, although I haven’t studied them in detail. Makes one wonder if they weren’t coordinated somehow, though sometimes a whipped-up people starts to boil spontaneously in several places at once. Either way, we can expect more attacks to come, first against the police but later against civilian whites, particularly against Trump supporters.

        I didn’t think Obama could win reelection in 2008, but I had underestimated the combination of liberal support, Romney milquetoast weakness, and Leftist shenanigans with the votes. I still believe that 2012 was stolen somehow, but maybe it was a lack of a Palin to rally the patriotic right. I’m gritting my teeth just thinking about it.

        In any case, there are a shitload of faggified leftists out there. Ten million or so millennials can vote in this election for the first time, plus who knows how many foreigners, and ten million fewer members of the silent generation. Turnout is the key, and Trump better remember that when he listens to his professional consultants who advised every Republican since Bob Dole how to graciously lose by seeking the mild and moderate route. Frankly it makes me cringe whenever I hear Trump reading from the prompter; it’s like seeing a once-wild stallion standing placidly tacked-up with his nuts cut off. Maybe it’s necessary, but it’s hard to watch!

        So I will be a bit surprised if this election isn’t close so long as it remains a two-candidate race. It would be nice to see Trump pull another 1980 Reagan election, but I can’t get my hopes up if for no other reason than my own sanity, which was severely tested by Romney’s loss in 2008.

        Can you imagine the rioting and back-stabbing and terrorism if or when Trump wins election? (Who am I talking to? Of course you’ve imagined it!)

        A civil war of some sort seems inevitable.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ‘ though sometimes a whipped-up people starts to boil spontaneously in several places at once’

        I think this is the case unless you believe in the Manchurian candidate assassin theories.

        ‘first against the police but later against civilian whites, particularly against Trump supporters.’

        The Tenn shooter targeted random whites driving on a highway. And Trump supporters? Check out the links in the Fred Reed article if you haven’t:

        Ah turnout, the wild card in every election; along with voter fraud. If Trump wins, the globalist tears will be epic. We may need an ark!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ask Liberals why more blacks are in prison than whites, they will say it is due to racist laws

    Ask Liberals why more men are in prison than women, they will say it is because men commit more crime.

    This is all part of a broader narrative that every black American is raised with, including the pretty privileged young Obama. That they are the victims of white predation. I am skeptical that there are more sinister hidden motives for Obama himself. He just hates whites. Do others stand to massively benefit? Yes, and using the media they will stir this pot until it boils.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I disagree with you. Look at Obama’s history, his associations throughout his entire life with Left-wing, particularly Communist, radicals. Did he moderate his views just because he took the office of President?


      • Oh, I’m sure he moderated them on the surface, there is no doubt about that. But is he a hard-core communist sleeper cell ready to turn America into Cambodia? Of this I am more skeptical. He believes in black grievance, and as such his Afro-communism is probably closer to Nelson Mandela than Mao. Thats all I’m saying. He’s a spoiled Mandela.


      • I’ll buy that. It is definitely very doubtful that Obama has any desire to even stay past his term in office. He’s a very lazy president really. Spoiled, as you say.

        Your comparison of Obama with Mandela is apt. In his younger days, Mandela’s ANC had close ties with the Communists in Africa and abroad, just as Obama and his handlers did in the United States. But in both cases, that of S. Africa under Mandela and the U.S. under Obama, there was no need for violent, rapid revolution. Both already held the cultural, political, economic, and military high ground by the start of their terms without firing a shot. The revolutionaries of both countries have needed only to consolidate their power.

        Still, when these revolutionary groups inevitably ruin their economies and need to distract their supporters, or if their power bases are seriously threatened, then they are likely to employ those old-style methods of violent purges and extermination. That outcome may even be planned and hoped for.

        By the way, Mark, thank you for taking the time to visit this little old backwater site. It is a great honor.


      • Hey, keep writing!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Why Might Obama Want a Race War? | zooforyou

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